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Second shave with Tatra today. Set out to tame it so lots of signature soap, well lathered up, and put the blade in my lovely mild Timeless 68 scalloped.
Better - and a close shave, but still not a smooth experience.
Ferrum above describes it perfectly when he says it leaves the face “smarting”.
Will keep trying
Silly Suffolk
I dialled down my Rex razor to about 2, and persevered with the Tatra blade. After 3 days of it, I can't say that it improved the experience in any way. It certainly gets the whiskers off well enough, but always felt as rough as the proverbial bear's a**e. It reminds me in some ways of the Croma Diamant blades, with which I could not get on.

When I took the blade out this morning, I gave the edge a tentative feel, and it seemed a lot blunter than many other 3-day-used makes.

I suppose it could be something to do with the Rex, but that razor has hitherto behaved impeccably with every variety of blade I've used in it, and at any setting.

Next up will be a Tiger blade, but I'm torn between a Standard and another adjustable, a Black Beauty.
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