1. Michael cushion

    New to this

    Hello I recently managed to get a few razors from an antique store that require a bit of work which if like to try myself. Ive been researching and watching videos and think i could do it okay but i have a few questions to ask the pros. Firstly in the uk wheres best to get the materials? Ie...
  2. J

    Shaving brush repairs in the UK

    Hi all: I have acquired an old (1940s) men's shaving/toilet set in a leather case. It's not in tip-top condition but I would like to repair and restore two of the shaving components: a badger travel brush (stored inside the metal handle and then screwed into said handle for use); and a rusted...
  3. S

    Assistance please! Glue advice

    Dear fellow shavers, I have a a very nasty old brush with a wooden handle that has now fallen apart. However, it used no belong to my father, now exited this mortal coil. It is one of the few personal items I have from him and I have been using it as my travel brush. I thought it would be a...
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