1. Ferrum

    Hone 15A wear

    It doesn't bother me from the "looks" aspect, nor does it affect the way the razor shaves, but, on hauling out my aluminium 15A to load it up, I noticed that each corner of the baseplate has the black coating worn back to a white crescent substrate. This is circled red in the attached...
  2. Ben Hunt

    Charnley Forest hones

    I end up buying a Charnley Forest off eBay. Don't have it in hand yet, what are good techniques/tips for CFs? Water or oil? &c?
  3. wintoid

    Honing hollow ground SE (wedge) blades

    I have a Heljestrand SE on the way, with a 7-day set of blades and an autostropper. It feels like there's a LOT to learn. One thing I've just realised is that occasionally those blades are going to need to be honed. From reading about straights, some people say about 6 months between hones...
  4. D

    Hone Service?

    Hi guys, I'm new correct me if I posted in the wrong place. Is there anyone in the UK that give some hone service on my straight razors? Thanks, Antonio
  5. riverrun

    Closed Pass Around: Hone Type 15 - Completed

    Thanks to Andrew from hone-shaving.com we can offer a pass around of the Hone Type 15 razor: We have discussed the razor in this thread and more information can be found on this web site. Please read and agree to the following rules and remarks before joining the list: The pass around is...
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