1. naughtilus

    Shaving crutches

    After eliminating any pre-shave prep and product from my routine last summer, this winter I made a change by not using alum and I don't really feel anything missing. I even noticed my skin feeling better, not as tight, less irritated and less dry. So I took it one step further and stopped using...
  2. AiKz

    Never used an actual aftershave - should I?

    Hi all, So I've been reading through the forum and I've been hit with the realisation that I've never used an aftershave splash as such. (I'm from a generation haunted by Kevin McCallisters look of terror after applying his dads aftershave haha). I do currently use Thayers Witch Hazel 0%...
  3. Z

    Can aftershave balms be used as a daily face cream

    I messaged the marker of Barts Balm he says we can use the aftershave balm he makes as an regular face cream as it has many similar ingredients to a face cream. What's your take on it I belive its all about how effective it is keeping the skin smooth and hydrated not just after shaving if it...
  4. Shaving Station

    NEW : Le Pere Lucien Aftershaves

    Ladies and Gents, Just arrived from LPL a superb range of Aftershaves to compliment their range of shaving soaps, plus a very special, limited edition Bay Rum only available via ourselves in the UK! Newly listed are the Cedar & Patchouli, Apricot and OUD Santal with the ever popular Rose du...
  5. Agent Shave

    PAA aftershave & cologne now available at Agent Shave

    Agents! Great news! We are now stocking Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements aftershave & cologne. Available in CaD, Harvest Moon & Cavendish. Dont forget to use your discount! Over. Agent L
  6. fancontroller

    4711 EdC as AS

    I have enjoyed using Muelhens 4711 aftershave but my bottle ran out a long time ago. I do have a large bottle of 4711 cologne though (I think I got it very cheap from TKMax). The EdC is nice but has a very short lived scent; so I thought I'd try using it as an AS. To my surprise it works very...
  7. Agent Shave

    Report from Uncle: Website Launch 25.11.16-launch codes initiating!!!!

    This is Agent L. Report from Uncle: TSR member launch codes being initiated. Website release date 25TH NOVEMBER 2016. Agents have been on mission & infiltrated the BEST shaving brands to bring to you!!!! Website is LIVE next Friday, what do you want to see???? Who are the best brands??? We...
  8. James_1872

    Wickham 1912 Russian Leather.......

    Well what can i say i purchased this little gem to try and wow. What an amazing ASL it really has everything you could ask for. Scent is beautiful and long lasting, skin feel is out of this world and very soothing also. I must admit i was doubtful of this but by jings did it blow me away i think...
  9. Mr Bigmem

    Aqua Velva vs Mennen Grand vs Pitralon Swiss Aftershave

    Ok so not so much of a face off review by me, but more of a request for recommendations. So I've just tried Mennen Grand Large today for the first time and I was blown away by the scent and post feel really lovely stuff and I can't stop feeling my face and then smelling my hand lol for an AS...
  10. James_1872

    It has arrived!!.....

    iv been waiting for this all week been really looking forward to trying it. Floid vigoroso aftershave and balm.
  11. PhilD

    Aftershave in checked-in luggage ?

    Can anyone advise what the situation is regarding carrying alcoholic aftershave in aircraft hold luggage within the EU, pls? i.e. is it allowed, and if so, is there a volume or % alcohol limit? Thanks.
  12. L

    Clip razors/ clippers really worse than shaving with straight or double ?

    Well, after trying like everything, normal razors, double-edge safety razors, straight razors, I must say that electric clip razors ( the ones you usually use to cut your hear off in the army ) are kind of an " allrounder ". I am shaving my head and also my beard off using an electric razor and...
  13. Alham

    Shaving & Grooming Subscription Box - Advice

    Hello Gents, My name is Alham and I've recently launched a subscription box called TOPPBOX, check it out and let me know what you think. Our top seller is the Shaving Box, which is only £5 and you get free delivery. The Shaving Box includes a Luxury Wooden Handle, a Gillette Mach 3 Razor, a...