silvertip shaving brushes

  1. kamisori

    Pils Silvertip 21mm Brush

    I'm trying to find some information about the Pils 21mm Silvertip Brush. Has anyone got some experience with it? I'm thinking density, blooming size, floppyness etc. Would you recommend it for bowl or face latering? How does it compare to other bruses? The only Silvertip Brush I have, is a...
  2. Executive Shaving

    Big Jock Shaving Brushes Silvertip, Best, real & faux horn

    Choose from real horn in Silvertip or Best or faux horn in Silvertip. Sensational quality and as we have bought in large volumes we have hammered the price right down so you guys can grab a superb brush at a really low price. Read more HERE Get 10% off. Your The Shaving Room Discount Code is...
  3. Executive Shaving

    Real Horn Shaving Brushes in Synthetic & Silvertip

    Stunning real horn handles, choose from 'Generation 2' synthetic fibre or high quality Silvertip badger hair. The handles were lathe turned and polished individually, expect slight variances in size and shape. The colours on each handle vary from pale blonde to black, each handle is unique. The...
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