1. kamisori

    Pils Silvertip 21mm Brush

    I'm trying to find some information about the Pils 21mm Silvertip Brush. Has anyone got some experience with it? I'm thinking density, blooming size, floppyness etc. Would you recommend it for bowl or face latering? How does it compare to other bruses? The only Silvertip Brush I have, is a...
  2. TARIK

    Ey'up from University of York

    Hey guys, Here comes another newbie! My kit consists of a Merkur Progress with Derby Premium blades, Arko classic shaving gel and an alum block. Now I'd like to give a chance to shaving creams and soaps hence I'm looking forward to hearing Black Friday offers for Kent BK8 silvertip badger brush...
  3. O

    Advice on following products

    Hi all I want to buy the following products for my first proper shaving kit. Premium Shave Cream From Gentlemans Face Care Club...
  4. wazza

    MERshaving brush *needs a knot*

    Hello A very good friend of mine, over in the states sent a custom handle made by MERshaving, as well as some amazing coffee :hotdrink: Anyways, I thought that I better show it off as its a beauty. But I'm unsure of what knot to place in it. I've tried showing how lovely it is by trying to...
  5. The Clean Shaver

    Best Shave Gear of 2016

    Here's my list of the best shave gear of 2016. What's on your list?
  6. Agent Shave

    Report from Uncle: Website Launch 25.11.16-launch codes initiating!!!!

    This is Agent L. Report from Uncle: TSR member launch codes being initiated. Website release date 25TH NOVEMBER 2016. Agents have been on mission & infiltrated the BEST shaving brands to bring to you!!!! Website is LIVE next Friday, what do you want to see???? Who are the best brands??? We...
  7. wintoid

    Shavemac D01 2-band

    After much research, I bought my first badger, which is a Shavemac regular silvertip (not D01) 2-band brush in 26mm with a 48mm loft in a fan shape. I really like the brush. I got a lot right. I like the appearance of a short loft, and I like the size. I like the way 2-band hair looks much...
  8. S

    Assistance please! Glue advice

    Dear fellow shavers, I have a a very nasty old brush with a wooden handle that has now fallen apart. However, it used no belong to my father, now exited this mortal coil. It is one of the few personal items I have from him and I have been using it as my travel brush. I thought it would be a...
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