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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Do not send money on PayPal F&F. It is against our rules and is a rule to protect for your benefit. If you do not know the seller or buyer check out the history ie when did they last post. Ask plenty of questions, a true seller will not mind this. You can calculate PayPal fees using an online calculator, indicate in posts if fees are included or not. Sellers, take dated photos of item condition, of the address on the package and the receipt with tracking number, you will need these for any issues / disputes where evidence is required. Please PM me and bump this every time you think there is a scammer online. Cheers, T
Rules: Items for sale must have a price, this means no links to your eBay listings. New members will not be able to start a new thread in this section until after 30 days and 30 posts. Any posts not directly involved in the sale will be removed to keep things tidy. That means "GLWS, great razor, if only it was payday" etc etc . No Paypal Gifts (AKA 'Friends and Family'). This is for your protection and to comply with Paypal rules. (Calculate Paypal fees here ) If you want to make an offer or discuss pricing then do so by PM and post in the thread to that effect 'PM Sent' will suffice Use the thread prefixes: For Sale, Want to Buy, Want to Trade, PIF & Complete. Please choose the...
One for the serious collector , a NOS 1912 razor that has never seen a blade or water, a genuine NOS razor In fantastic condition. If I keep it I will end up using it and then it's just any old although in wonderful condition 1912 razor! I'm asking for a very reasonable £55.00 which includes tracked delivery to your UK address. No offers or trades please. PM me should you be interested. Thanks, Paul.
For sale my little used Asylum Shave Works RX razor with a choice of two boxes of blades, see picture. Not a mark on this razor, no rattles, as new. Will sell for £85.00 which includes tracked delivery to your UK address. No offers or trades please. Let me know by PM if interested. Thanks, Paul.
For sale , only used once, Highlander M7 tortoise shell handle with 26mm two band silvertip with matching Gillette Twist TTO DE razor with tortoise shell handle, both in great condition. Will sell together for £85.00 which includes tracked delivery to your UK address. Please No offers or trades. PM me if interested. Thanks, Paul.
Looking to add this to my little collection of intriguing razors. If you have one to move on, that's gathering dust. then please get in touch with your price etc.
Time to clear out a few things from the den as they are just not being used. Could be interested in some trades depending what you have to offer. First up soaps Wickhams 1912 Citrus Musk about 50% left £7.00 Castle Forbes Lime Shave Cream about 70-80% left £13 Fine 21st Century American Blend about 70-80% left £12 Take All 3 for £30 incl delivery 2nd class Would be interested in Mike’s Natural Soaps, Fine Classic pucks or MDC Fougere/Natural in terms of trade. Scents Fine American Blend 85% left £10 Castle Forbes Keig 75-80% left £30 Creed Neroli Sauvage 95% + left £130 ono Any questions please do PM me Thanks for looking
Wild West Brushworks "Pure" with a 26mm Synthetic Panda Knot. The knot is comparable to a boss knot and a Tuxedo. Nice comfortable feel with this brush handle. The knot has been sanitized, washed and conditioned £30 Delivered
Billy Goat Brushworks - 'Austral' one of a kind Hybrid hand poured resin and Dyed Stabilised Mallee burl, with glitter, transparent blue bottom, knotted with a Maggard 26mm 2 Band Badger. Tried to capture the level of depth of blue in this handle, the pictures don't do it any justice Lovely soft face feel, not scrithcy, fabulous flow through. The knot has been washed sanitized and conditioned. £65 delivered
1) A small sized Vintage Albright Rubberset E75 with a 20mm Maggard 2 Band Badger, Red top and cream bottom. This brush was expertly restored in the USA by Master of brush restores - Reyes Restores. Inscribed on the brush is: “Albright, Rubberset, Made in USA,, Sterilized, E75" On the base of the brush reads: 'Rubberset Trademark' 2) A medium sized Vintage Century No 3, with 24 mm Silvertip knot. Ivory cream. Another vintage brush lovingly restored. Inscribed on the brush is: “Century, USA, Set in Rubber, Sterilized, 3" The knots have been washed, sanitized and conditioned. £65 delivered
Couple frags for sale. Shaghaf oud - 80% + left (conservative estimate) Some flaking on the bottle. £16 + postage L’homme ideal cool tester 80? Out of 100ml left. See level Discontinued early this year. £35 + postage
For sale: Mühle Rocca in black. Used, one little ding on the handle (see the attached photo), otherwise in a quite good condition I'd say. £50 shipped to the UK. Barrister and Mann "Waves" soap (omnibus base), used altogether 3 times. The scent is not for me. Scent (from B&M description): a fresh, stylish blend of sea notes, lavender, geranium, and bergamot. I've also seen it described as "aquatic fougère". £12 shipped to the UK (only). SOLD
Hello everyone, I've taken a step back from the hobby a little bit but I'm still DE shaving and have haven't returned to cartridges or anything foolish like that. So I'm selling off some of my little used kit and I hope that it can go to some new, appreciative homes. First, I have a Simpson's Chubby 3 with a faux ivory handle in Best Badger. This was purchased new from Simpsons in 2020. I can tell from my shaving log (yes, sad I know!) that I've only used the brush 22 times in the last three years, and not since August 2022. I was surprised to see that the price on the Simpson’s site has not increased since 2020, which was £167.30. I am offering mine at £110*, NOW REDUCED TO £90 including RM 1st Class postage. The brush comes in the...
PAA Red Planet 369 with Holo labels soap and Splash - £30 Macduffs - Harvest Sky soap and splash £25 Levels as seen. Price includes delivery
Parker Injector with tuck of blades - never used £15 Razorocl Gamechanger .68 OC with barber pole handle £40. No box. Gem MMOC with tuck of blades -£10 or free with another purchase Price includes delivery
At the request of more members than I can remember, I am going to start offering decants for a variety of designer and niche scents - great if you want to try before you buy, or to take away with you for travel. All decants are decanted fresh (usually on day of purchase) and come in a plastic spray atomiser from a pet and smoke-free home. Some scents I may be able to do some scents in larger sizes (typically 50ml) - please ask. Note that there is a minimum order value of £12 Acqua di Gio Parfum (2023 release), 10ml EdP - £18 Acqua di Parma Colonia Futura, 10ml EdC - £14 Azzaro Pour Homme, 10ml EdT - £8 Chanel Bleu de Chanel Parfum, 10ml Pure Parfum - £18 **2019 Batch** Creed Aventus, 10ml EdP (19S01) - £32 **2015 Batch** Creed...
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