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If you want to buy an item on the B/S/T please keep in mind that most members on here will list an item at a good price or as we like to say "Mates Rates" If you want to make an offer, please make it realistic, as offering a really low price is a little insulting to the seller, as some of the items that are sold here do cost a considerable amount if bought new. Thanks
Anyone buying here needs to verify the bona fides of the seller to their own satisfaction. All disputes will be exclusively between the buyer & seller - The Shaving Room will only facilitate contact, not mediation. Treat sales here as you would from the small ads in your local newspaper - a one-to-one transaction unless the seller indicates that it's a transaction being carried out through a legitimate business entity
I'm noticing a trend - when I say I'm going to keep a soap, it normally ends up in the BST the next day. Also a chance for me to try the cool new BST setup. American Blend soap in the new 21st Century formula. Used twice. Smells incredible but I'm more likely to reach for the CaD. I also can't sell any of my PAA soaps as they're the central tower of my collection and provide some structural stability to the parfum shelf above them in the den. Back on to the topic at hand. £13 delivered in...
A PIF for the fine members of TSR. A Boots For Men hard soap in a tub and Esteem Defiant soap - both used once. LEA Classic shaving cream used three times. I'll draw this on either Thursday or Friday depending on interest. I'll cover postage in the UK. Overseas members welcome to join if you're happy to cover the difference. If you'd like to enter, add your name to a numbered list below. I'm lazy - I won't be adding your name so make sure you do it.
Hello, I have this strop for a while, but it doesn’t get much use since the draw on it is a bit heavy. I prefer the lighter draw and use my other strops. There are couple of super tiny nicks on the tail end at the right hand side that you can see on the third photo. It has an upgraded linen component as secondary and I will include the original thick cotton secondary. Price is 55€ shipped, Paypal please.
I'm after A&E Spartacus soap + aftershave combo If anyone is willing to sell one, send me a PM! Anything above 50% of contents will be considered. Thanks! Simon
Nice condition, works perfectly, a few small marks and a couple of scratches on the screen, which only show up with a black background. I’ve been told this will polish out, but I’ve not had a go for fear of screwing it up. Including unused earbuds and charging cable, SIM poking thingy, unused film screen protector. 32gb memory, but expandable with a memory card, up to an extra 200gb, I had a 128gb in it and never even got close to filling it even with shed loads of Flacs and photos. Oh...
Hi. Looking to sell the following two soaps as a bundle. I'd say that Sorrento is around 90% full and the Oatcake is maybe at 60-65% conservatively . How about £14 for both delivered?
Hi All, “Let it go, let it go...” Inspired by Marie Kondo I’m thinning the herd. Next up on the chopping block is my N2 (second quarter of 1968) Gillette Slim adjustable. As you can see from the pics it’s a nice, clean, used razor. The click stops are all nice and positive. I can’t be doing with the hassle of ebay so hopefully the £50 UK posted that I’m asking will see someone here with a “better than ebay” good deal and me with one less razor that I don’t use. NOW £45 I’ll put...
Hi All (but not @TobyC - this is your trigger warning), Up for grabs is my Gillette New OC in its tin with a carbon fibre handle using the original Gillette ends. Having found my shaving nirvana I’m thinning the herd with ruthless efficiency. It’s a great razor but I have my New keeper so this one has to go. Let me know if you need more details or pics. I’d like £25 UK posted. I’ll put a blade sampler together for you if you’d like any too.
Hi, I am after a Vintage Gillette Ball End Tech Brass Safety Razor. I thought I would try on here before looking elsewhere for it, must have no aluminium parts and be closed comb.
Wanting to trade my Brass Blackbird for a Rex Ambassador, Used twice ,Gives a lovely shave as they do but I have ss version and really miss my Ambassador, Would also consider ss Timeless .68
£170. Rex Ambassador. Fantastic razor, great knurling and fully adjustable. 04 code which is 4th quarter 2019. UK next day guaranteed delivery postage included. Overseas postage extra. Also listed elsewhere.
Simpsons Persian Jar 3 "Best Badger" 26x54mm knot. Sticker wants to fall off but otherwise mint condition with original box. £50 delivered. Vintage 2008 Geo. F. Trumper Violet shaving soap in bowl. Good formula from before they buggered it up, used once. £13 delivered. Geo. F. Trumper shaving creams. Rose & Violet scents, both same level remaining 142/200g (just under 3/4 full) calculated using digital scales and knowing how much an empty pot weighs. £17 delivered for the pair.
Payment by PayPal please. Prices include postage to UK addresses. Discount available for multiple purchases. Listed elsewhere. B&M Terror Balm - used twice - £13 posted - SOLD. Stirling Obsidian Glacial Splash - used twice - £14 posted. Stirling Lemon Chill Glacial Splash - used twice - £14 posted - SOLD. Stirling Wintergreen Glacial Witch Hazel - use twice - £10.50 posted - SOLD Razorock Super Knurl handle - new & unused - £14 posted.
Hi, For sale two Laugar soaps. Hulderheim (unscented) used once and Skogsrä (Juniper) unused. £39.00 for both including postage within the UK only. Will be for sale elsewhere.
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