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  Making an old razor a little smoother...
Posted by: papman - Today 10:16 - Replies (3)

Is it my imagination or did I read somewhere that you soak old razors in baby oil \olive oil to help lube them? Or was that some weird fantasy...?

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  Ladies Shavers
Posted by: eillio - Today 09:46 - Replies (1)

If I had a lot of spare cash I would be collecting vintage Ladies Shavers, I know they are electric but the effort they went to to design very appealing shavers, I don't think it happens in today's market - this particular Shaver is currently only $12 BIN - but it is the shipping cost that prevents me from snapping it up!

[Image: j965qd.jpg]

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  Any more takers
Posted by: chappers - Yesterday 14:15 - No Replies

For those who don't frequent the AS section, any more takers before it gets posted.
Penhaligons scent library pass around
atb Paul

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  Shaving conundrum - help desperately needed
Posted by: dante - Yesterday 10:11 - Replies (26)

Dear Gentlemen,
For the last 5 years or so I have been using Panasonic electric shaver. It has brought me lots of happiness, as it delivered a quick dry shave (average 2 min) and it enabled me to shave in all sorts of environments, including on the top of Kilimanjaro.

However - it has delivered a shave which is far from perfect. Moreover, I have found it creating significant razor burns on my neck. The idea of applying pre-shaving oil I received was terrible - it led to even worse quality of shaving.

Thus, I need help with deciding which course to pursue.

I have thus a choice:
(1) Change to some other (e.g. wet) electric razor
(2) Change to another system
-----(1) Safety razor;
-----(2) Modern razor, e.g. Gillette Fusion ProGlide

My biggest limitation - shaving time. I know that a safety razor will give the best results (second only to cut throat razor, which I refuse to use). However, I am told that the whole routine can take 10-30 minutes to shave properly. That is more than I would be happy to dedicate. I would say I can spend max. 5 minutes shaving daily.

What would you recommend? Do you know some really good electric shaver (maybe one with gel applicator), or is it a lost cause?

In summary: what gives the highest quality/time ratio?

Thank you all for your help!


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  The travel razor concept that gone too far..
Posted by: Shemen Zait - 19-08-2014 20:50 - Replies (5)

Look what I see on ebay:

[Image: $_57.JPG]

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  So the hairs just all came out of the handle on my brush...
Posted by: QWERTYOP - 19-08-2014 17:58 - Replies (9)

Er...Yeah. Help? It would seem as though they were perhaps glued in in some way & perhaps that glue has warn away & the circular piece holding the hairs just came away from the handle mid-application. I only bought the brush in January! It's this one - http://www.traditionalshaving.co.uk/trad...h-100.html

Is there a way for me to repair it? I do hope so. I really don't want to have to replace a 50 quid brush that I only bought in January.

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  Shaving shops in liverpool
Posted by: pgachapman - 19-08-2014 15:51 - Replies (6)

Hi guys

I might be visiting Liverpool for a few days in the next few weeks.

Just looking to know if there are any good shaving shops there who sell a variety of top branded gear or do wetshaves etc.


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  My ****ing trip to ****ing Holland
Posted by: Rev-O - 19-08-2014 10:11 - Replies (9)

So, off we go to the Netherlands -- where I lived for several years until 2000.

Immediately I see a gents' barbers near the flat where we're staying -- and what a collection of razors he has in his window!

Cased rockets (including a gold-plated aluminium one) and a pile of TTO's including a gold Fat Boy and a Toggle! Does he want to sell them I enquire in my best Dutch? No, but we then have a great chap about what he's got. Have look for yourselves:

[Image: IMG_2216.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2221.jpg]

He showed me, among other things, a black Bakelite Tech Cased Set that was issued to the American GI's in WW1 -- very rare, he says, they are always in brown and this is the only black one he's ever seen. (He also told me that shaving was a standing order not just because of regulations but to ensure a close fit from the rubber seal of gasmask around the face.)

We parted as friends - and he gave me a SuperSpeed as a gift. Top stuff!

Then I found a few straights in a second hand shop. Now, I know very little about them but could see that the horn-handled one was 45 Euros and one with some sort of gold inlay was 60 Euros. But then I spotted a nice simple looking one: black scales (cellulose? bakelite?) and a very heavy blade -- really thick slab of steel. Complete with cardboard slipcase. Woo hoo! :-)

It was 5 Euros so I bought it and grabbed a few photos to send to Jamie (pugh-the-special-one).

[Image: IMG_2241.jpg]

The blade said "Real Ring" + Sheffield Wheatsheaf" on it. After a quick Google I find that the Wheatsheaf brand is a trademark of Wheatley Bros, Sheffield.

Like this one: http://www.strazors.com/index.php?id=566...sheffield_

Now for the reason behind the "****ing" part of the thread title: I only went and packed it in my ****ing hand luggage like the ****ing idiot that I am.

There was NO WAY they were letting that baby on the plane with me. And the hold luggage had been checked in an hour earlier. So it's gone. Confiscated. :-(

What an idiot! I feel very stupid and not a little cross. Still, 5 Euros. It could have been a lot worse.

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  G'Day Mate Calming Aftershave Balm
Posted by: Newcomer - 18-08-2014 23:57 - Replies (2)


I saw this in Savers, today in Luton for £2.99: http://www.gdmate.co.uk/index/calming-aftershave-balm

Has anyone come across it, or used it? I cannot seem to find any reviews about the product anywhere.


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  What razor of any kind gives you the closest shave?
Posted by: mr..bean - 18-08-2014 21:55 - Replies (16)

For me, it's definitely my Feather AC-SS with the proguard blades. I truly have no idea why you would need any of the more aggressive blades?!

This is the only razor that guarantees BBS all over my face and I guess is a testament to my straight shaving skills which have come along a treat!

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