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  Christmas wishes
Posted by: longplay - Today 13:17 - Replies (5)

Come on then, who's hoping for what from ol' St Nick this year?

I started my journey into DE shaving with a present last year (razor, blades, brush, soap, the whole nine) and haven't looked back.

Not expecting anything this year (as I have a ton of stuff already), but I do maintain a shaving wishlist in case anyone wants to dip into it (especially for the more expensive stuff, a puck of Penhaligon's would be very welcome).

I guess the other question is who is giving wet shaving gifts (to convert others if nothing else)?

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  S.O.T.D. Saturday 20th December to Friday 26th December 2014
Posted by: Norfolkdick - Yesterday 10:49 - Replies (35)


Saturday 20th December 2014
Prep: Shower
Razor: Cobra Classic
Blade: Feather Proguard
Brush: Semogue OC 2012 SE Mixed
Soap: Speick Stick Grated
Aftershave: Astral Cream (light)
EDT: Terre D'Hermes

Another immaculate shave, super close but one small weeper entirely down to me.

I suppose that the closeness of a shave can be measured, at least in part, by how long it lasts. I did notice that at 1900hrs last night some ten hours after my morning shave my face was smooth enough to have gone out to a posh dinner without any need for another shave or even a 'touch up' (not that I go out for many posh dinners these days!) This is the longest lasting shave I have had.

Whilst I have no sensation of soreness or of being scraped I feel I am right on the limit of what my face can stand I suspect that the Feather Pro's may when I try them in a day or so might prove too much for me.

I will report back tomorrow but I suspect that this mornings shave will be the closest I have ever had, whether or not it is the best shave I do not know, comfort and ease of shave must play a part and being retired, do I need a shave that will last ten hours plus?

A fascinating experience.


[Image: DSC05778.JPG]

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  Shaving Memories- before the Cartridge.
Posted by: mpf9ret - 19-12-2014 12:12 - Replies (7)

As a lad I shaved with DE razor, from memory i favoured a Gilette TTO. In those days choice of Creams/Soaps very limited.
I was luckily introduced to Yardley products,and the Wilkinson blade from Sheffield.

The use of pre shave products was unheard of, and After Shaves were quite rare, Old Spice was an ideal Xmas Gift.

I joined HMF ,and between 1969-1974 served in quite out of the way places.[ The Gilberts & Solomon Islands and Nepal ]
as you may imagine cold water shaving was the norm. I stocked up with Yardley Black Label soap & A/S. My sister re supplied the
blades wherever I was.

When I returned to UK, i took the wrong course, and started to use Cartridges. In later years started to get discomfort and rashes.
Returned to DE in Oct 2013.Now no more problems,apart from a few nicks when re-started.

I now love to shave. Am dabbling with with SE- and it is fun,but I also like my cache of DE razors. Not tempted by exotic soaps
or Cologne, and have now discovered some low costs Spanish shave products. I even use my old Pure Bristle
brushes , which i kept over the Years.

A Merry Xmas to all TSR members, and Happy Shaving in 2015.
Mike B

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  More Vegas Finds
Posted by: Roy_Drage - 19-12-2014 04:17 - Replies (4)

Out and about again today and came across some items. I've never seem stuff like it.



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  What's the difference between cream & a soap.
Posted by: TonyC - 19-12-2014 00:05 - Replies (15)

I'm pretty new to all this but I'm wondering the pro's and con's off both soaps and creams?
Thanks in advance .

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  Why is it always the second shave...
Posted by: DPTC - 18-12-2014 22:58 - Replies (7)

That brings the best one in a cycle of 3-5 out of a blade? The first one is not as smooth as the second, its usually the second one for me on DE razor.

Anyone else get this too?

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  Thank you gentlemen
Posted by: Dave Q - 18-12-2014 15:54 - No Replies

I want to thank anyone who has given me help or tips over the year. I am still fairly new to this, less than a year in. So no doubt have asked dumb questions.

I also wish to thank anyone with whom I have done a BST. And of course thank you to all those with those who have been on the end of one of my PIF's

Thanks gentlemen your kindness has helped me come into this hobby and made it an enjoyable time, I look forward to more in 2015.

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  So I said I was the orange man
Posted by: @WindsorCitrus - 18-12-2014 00:18 - Replies (6)

I said I was the orange man so I thought I would give you my opinions on the orange products I have tried. These products are ones that say they contain orange as a main ingredient or just have qualities similar to orange. I will post my thoughts one or two a day so not to overwhelm you. Please discuss your thoughts on these products and your perceptions on the scents or make ups that make them so great or not so.

To kick us off...

RazoRock Don Marco Soap - Sunshine in a tub, a great orange scent, fruity and sweet. It combines my love of sweet scents and oranges. I don't need to comment on performance as we all know how good RazoRock soaps are.

RazoRock Don Marco Aftershave Milk - Matches the scent of the soap but something in this one cancels out some of the sweetness. Still a fab scented aftershave milk. A must have if you enjoy the soap.

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  Ladysea Creations
Posted by: Alex7 - 17-12-2014 15:38 - Replies (2)

Anybody use these mugs or bowls? I want to order a shaving mug with 3.75" in inner diameter and 2" to 2.5" deep http://ladysea.net/pottery/shaving/mug_ex1.jpg. Is a mug with these dimensions easy to hold in the hand?

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  Proposal shave
Posted by: Nishy - 17-12-2014 12:40 - Replies (38)

Hi guys I'm all set to propose to my lovely girlfriend on her 30th birthday, in four days. Scenario is, Iceland, under the northern lights whilst in a geothermal spa. I wrote a poem (romance isn't dead) and have a structure in my head as to proceedings.

But my shave. I want this to be one to remember so I'm taking my Filarmonica sub-cero along with my westholme strop (kanayama is too precious). Software wise I need a suggestion for an aftershave/cologne. I'll be in duty free and have today free too. Any suggestions? She likes A&F Fierce and Aqua Di Gio so something on those lines please. Any help would be most appreciated. Originally I was going to buy some Tom Ford but she didn't quite like the scent last time round.

Many thanks for all the advice given in the past I trust in TSR!

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