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  So today I went to a Turkish Barber...
Posted by: mikebrownington - Today 17:07 - No Replies

There's a newish Turkish Barber opened in Montrose so thought since I had a day off, needed a haircut and had 2-3days growth I'd treat myself and combine the two.

Walked in and sat down, asked for a shave and a haircut and was met with the reply 'shave?' in a tone that suggested I'd asked if I could eat his first born son, he then stroked my beard and said 'sorry sir, two days'. Most bizarre, I did get a good haircut and a nice spray of lemon cologne however so not all bad.

Have had a few Turkish/other barber straight shaves before and they've whacked many more days growth off with aplomb so who knows what the story was!

Came home and gave myself a rather tremendous ARKO based shave to finish the Turkish experience...

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  Platinum Shave
Posted by: jds - Today 15:42 - Replies (6)

Today I completed my 75th shave this calendar year. All recorded and logged on my Shave Log spreadsheet. Sad I know, but there we are.

So the scores on the doors are:


Mongoose B2 Satin - 49
Digress HD - 17
Feather FII Neo - 6
Gillette Flexball Silver - 3


Omega 31064 - 11
Invisible Edge Horn - 9
Rod Neep Elm Burl - 8
New Forest Tubby 2 - 7
Rubberset 400/3 - 7
Vulfix Bodger - 6
L'Occitane Plisson - 6
Thäter 4125/2 - 4
Vulfix Brute - 4
TSN 2014 LE Simpson's M6 - 3
Others - 10


Wickham Southsea Spray - 12
TFS Tabacco Verde Intenso - 10
Mama Bear's Rosemary & Mint - 8
Acqua di parma Collezione Barbiere - 7
Fitjar Slåtterøy Shave Stick - 7
MdC Fougère - 7
Ortigia Bergamotto Shaving Gel - 7
Saponificio Varesino Felce Aromatica - 5
Others - 12


Kai Captain SE - 17
Kamisori SE - 15
Kai Captain Titan Mild SE - 10
Festher Pro Super SE- 7
Feather FII Neo Cart - 6
Kai Stainless DE - 4
Personna Med Prep DE - 4
Others - 12

SE shaving leading the field by a fair way. Here's to the next 75 this year.....



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  DE Head
Posted by: rowlers - Yesterday 22:20 - Replies (14)

Due to my abundance of handles I need to try out, I fancy a new DE head to try them on.
ATT is a little out of league. Is there anything else more affordable?
Not sure if I fancy a braveheart as I've read the finish can be poor.

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  Best starter kit?
Posted by: AlexNoodles - Yesterday 21:52 - Replies (6)

In the process of failing to get my mate a birthyear razor for his 30th, I now am going to plan B: Best starter kit

Razor - ????
This I cannot answer as I took some weird steps early in and have yet to experience the merkur/muhle/jagger kit that people think are win?

Brush : omega/proraso brush, I have this and love it and think it'll suit him.

Soap : Proraso green supported by some of my soap samples.

Blades : Large mixed tester pack from my stock.

Aluin blok Smile

So bare minimums, I just need feedback on the razor choice mostly, I think???
thanks for any input!


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  Still no blood...
Posted by: Steve. B - Yesterday 18:26 - Replies (2)

Hello all, only my third post on these boards ( other posts in introductions ) as I said in my introduction I have been wet shaving one way or another for forty years and recently made the transition to straights ... Something I should have done years ago ...I purchased a dovo 6/8 and a boker 4/8 both new and got on well with them, so the next step was to see how I could get on with buying a vintage straight then cleaning polishing and honing ready for shaving.
So I have just cleaned and polished this Kropp made and ground in Sheffield the next job was to hone it ready for shaving ( didn't think it would be a problem as I have been honing my plane irons, chisels and wood turning gouges for decades ) so I got a good bevel with a 1000 grit stone followed by 4000 then 8000 after which it got 01 diamond paste on a paddle strop then a polish on a leather hanging strop...

Result...nice clean shave after 2 passes and a big smile....oh yeah and many shaves later ..and still no real blood drawn.

[Image: image.jpg1_zpsrpaefr9i.jpg]

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  Would anyone in their right mind buy this.
Posted by: mrjackoboy - 24-03-2015 15:51 - Replies (6)

Some people really try it on.


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Posted by: Omp - 24-03-2015 15:04 - Replies (1)

My shiny new '55 A2 Diplomat.
Had a very good shave with it this morning. Much milder than I expected bit very nimble with what I perceived as a lighter head to handle ratio than I am used to.

[Image: 4f028b8ecc655e8d4e1580a0c2f91f42.jpg]

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  Speick in Germany
Posted by: jds - 24-03-2015 09:49 - Replies (6)

Morning all,

Quick question. Can anyone comment on the general availability of Speick products in Germany? Are they stocked in supermarkets or pharmacies or only in the more specialist shops?



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  Do you suffer Beard Envy?
Posted by: alanywiseman - 24-03-2015 08:36 - Replies (20)

So are you a sufferer?

I have a goatee, not out of choice but more because is the only part of my face where my hair it thick enough to grow a beard. I am jealous of those men that can grow mountain men beards to keep there jowls warm or suddenly switch it to a set of chops if the feeling takes them.

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  Acquisitions Mon 23rd - Sun 29th March
Posted by: p.b - 23-03-2015 18:48 - Replies (33)

Pitralon Swiss
Speick ASL
Alt-Innsbruck ASL

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