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  Acquisitions, 25th May - 31st May 2015
Posted by: NotTheStig - Today 12:01 - No Replies

Can't find a thread for this week (can that really be right - it's Thursday!!)...
[Image: DSC00285_zpsekn97nn0.jpg]

... and one from last week I hadn't posted on the forum:
[Image: DSC00284_zps8t4um1sz.jpg]

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  Super Pared Down Travel Kit
Posted by: jds - Today 11:53 - Replies (1)

I'm off to France for a (literally) flying 1 night business trip and to save money & time travelling with only carry-on baggage.

So I bought a two - pack Super Max 3 blade disposable from Tescos' for £1. Will use Somerset's Shave Oil and also the mini Shaving Foam that came with my Feather FII Neo, sample of Muhle ASB, travel Alum deodorant stick for multi purposes, a mini bottle of Thayer's and a sample of Cologne. Most of that will be chucked after a single use so more room for a cheeky bottle of wine (or even a tub of Monsavon) if I have the time to pop into a supermarche!

Nice for a change....

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  TSR survey virus warning!!!
Posted by: Bechet45 - Today 09:02 - Replies (5)

Mervyn has asked me to post the following for him -

Carl is been a bloody nightmare of a day to say the least! now on wifes laptop I will read your post once I have explained, to day was checking emails and messages via forums and facebook while i was looking on the shaving room a popup survey came up on feedback of the shaving room I filled in the form thinking it was from the admin guys....NO I WAS WRONG...VIRUS....SPAM....AND ADWARE TOTALY SCREWED MYSYSTEM 4 hours later with an engineer , still not sorted total reformat is needed with transfer of all data...BIG HEADACHE...NOT HAPPY!

i WILL POST A TOPIC to warn guys not to do this form thing it will mess up peoples PC

I can make your brush as we talked about with the farthing in the base of the brush.
not a problem Carl I wll look after you on this one matey, would you do me a great favour Carl and post this for me waning guys not to touch any popups just tell them to close it down staight away, as you can imagine I'm on a a note-pad and responding to questions on this this device is not good.

Best regards Mervyn

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  Unscented Post Shave Balm
Posted by: Fish - Yesterday 17:05 - Replies (14)

I'm looking for recommendations for some unscented post-shave balm. What you got?


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  Some questions
Posted by: Alex7 - 26-05-2015 22:18 - Replies (13)

How do you take care of a safety razor and a DE blade after a shave? My current routine: After every shave I switch the blade in the razor. After every 5'th shave I replace the blade and I scrub the safety razor with a toothbrush and toothpaste. I don't leave the razor overnight in rubbing alcohol and I don't use alcohol to clean the safety razor or blade. That's all I do.
How do I clean and generally care for my shaving brush? My current routine: After each shave I squeeze out the lather,rinse it under warm and then cold water, squeeze the excess water,shake it a few times,lather it on a towel and then finally store it on a stand. I don't use borax, dish detergent or brush cleaning soaps to clean it.

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Posted by: ajh101 - 26-05-2015 21:15 - Replies (1)

Any opinions? Experience? Alternatives? Thanks

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  The makeshift shave!
Posted by: DPTC - 26-05-2015 16:40 - Replies (5)

This morning I faced a dilemma. As there's no hot water supply due to a problem with the tank and pumps, I was forced to find a different way to have my shave.

So, boiling the kettle in the kitchen I carefully put this on a tray along with a bowl, and proceeded to walk upstairs slowly. Pouring the hot water in the bowl and mixing it with the cold water from the tap I got it at a good warm temperature. Used the Proraso green which helped cool things down on a sunny day! Esp when rinsing off with the cold tap water!

Here's hoping the hot water can get up and running tonight, having showers is proving tricky, again with having to boil cold water from the tap and go upstairs to pour it in the bathtub.

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  Do we all agree on anything?
Posted by: Nishy - 25-05-2015 23:19 - Replies (24)

What do we all agree on if anything?
Remember some folks like Derbys Wink

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  Ooh! New Toys!
Posted by: pjgh - 25-05-2015 10:44 - Replies (6)

Popped by my son's yesterday to inspect his new workshop ... he's dried out his cellar, painted it all out and installed a couple of new tools:

[Image: IMG_1160.JPG]

[Image: IMG_1161.jpg]

Big Grin

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  Bits & Pieces Giveaway
Posted by: Electrif - 24-05-2015 21:36 - Replies (11)

OK, I have a few items up for grabs, anyone interested please post, Winner picked at random next Sunday 9pm.

Vulfix 28 Boar brush - used 5 times. Has shed a few hairs, tried it, but never really got on with it.
A used puck of unknown GF Trumpers that has been PIF'd at least twice. Alan (alancrab) and I both found it a bugger in the lathering dept. YMMV.
A frankenrazor - Riemi head & Lord handle the 'Remord'. Originally PIF'd by alancrab. A very capable razor, used it a number of times only the handle's a bit too long for me.
A new stick of palmolive.
A tube of Nivea originals cream about 80% remaining.
I'll also include a couple of packets of blades.

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