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  Halloween Theme
Posted by: ClaireGG - Today 16:41 - Replies (1)

I thought this lego stand to hold brushes & razors - might be of interest! Happy Halloween everyone! Icon_razz    

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  Shaving under the nose
Posted by: Alex7 - Today 15:02 - Replies (6)

How do you shave under the nose with a safety razor?

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  What, no espresso?
Posted by: factormax - Today 11:37 - Replies (4)

What happened to the photos of espresso coffee machines that used to appear on SOTD? Huh

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  Stopping bleeding ? ? ?
Posted by: salop sniper - 29-10-2014 17:58 - Replies (15)

Okay foks,
as I can be like a pig with a shovel at times I fugure its best to know how to stop and bleeding before I cause it......Dodgy

So whi I was in Vagas las year i went the "the art of shaving" and had a fantastic shave and loved there products, when I bought some the lady in there also gave me thing that looked like a cotton wool bud with a chemical in it which they use for any nicks. The shave was excellent and no nic`s, but I was wondering what they are called so that could buy some here in the UK or I guess I would have to look at shaving matches or alum block.

I have a styptic pencil but that comes SHARP when touched on !

So any recomendations would be good or any help in identifying these treated cotton buds would be great.



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  For those who like Turkish lemon cologne
Posted by: Oomer - 29-10-2014 02:29 - Replies (5)

Hope I'm not breaking any rules here, but village market are running a special offer on Evin limon 170ml bottle for £3.99 and £1.20 postage.
Just trying to help out nothing more.

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Posted by: irp87 - 29-10-2014 00:59 - Replies (5)

I joined the forum a few months back and invested in a beginners DE set however the issues that I have of ingrown hairs and razor burn is still an issue. It's really getting to me and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest any remedies.

I make sure my face is prepared (as well as I know how to) but nothing seems to work.


Thanks in advance!


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  Shaving Cabinet
Posted by: Nrahuf - 29-10-2014 00:33 - No Replies

Ok does anyone have any recommendations or is any member of this forum a budding cabinet maker?

My wife has finally blown her gasket at my shaving gear in the bathroom. At present it takes up a large window sill - no more she cries.

As I was checking my cigar humidor - I had a brainwave - why not get a small cabinet made to hold the gear- so looking for someone who could build something - want it to essentially have sliding racks for brushes and razors. All contained In a nice freestanding compact cabinet.

Would like to knock up a cheapish prototype then have it made in a nice characteristic wood.

Any recommendations ?

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  Cobra Classic Price?
Posted by: chriszacharek - 28-10-2014 21:04 - Replies (13)

Evening Gents,

With the Mongoose order in, I'm now thinking of moving on my much loved Cobra Classic to help fund the new purchase. Just trying to gauge opinion on what sort of price I might ask as I haven't seen too many offered for sale.
Any thoughts?


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  Witch Hazel or Bump Patrol?
Posted by: acer1986 - 28-10-2014 19:01 - Replies (16)

Guys, i currently use Bump patrol after each shave and i sometimes use either a cartridge or a DE. I sometimes get spots or i 'break out' in a couple of places.

I use TOBS sensitive cream with a badger brush.

Would i be better off using Witch Hazel?

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  Barbicide - Anyone use it ?
Posted by: salop sniper - 28-10-2014 14:42 - Replies (11)

As above really folks, does anyone have or use barbicide ?

Am thinking for cleansing razors, especally if you by a second hand razor !



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