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Smile DE shaving is a painful chore.
Posted by: Ruthers - Yesterday 23:20 - Replies (2)

Hi this is my first post on this site and the purpose was to improve my shave quality. Every time I shave I always cut my face to bits, mainly my neck chin and upper lip. It's really painful and my face looks a mess after. I've been DE shaving for over a year and it hasn't improved. Hopefully someone can help.

My shave technique is I will soak my brush and razor in hot water whilst I wash/press my face with a hot face cloth. I would then take a bit of cream and mix a lather. Lather my face. Shave with the grain and then against the grain. Just going with the grain doesn't provide a close shave. If I try to go with, side to side and then against the grain the side to side passes irritate my face more. New or used blades don't make any difference? Maybe my technique is all wrong? I'm sure the angle is right and I'm not pressing down.

merkur 34c
Taylor of old bond street cream (grapefruit)
Unsure what brush.
Used derby and feather blades

I know it was lengthy but i wanted to give as much information as possible. Thanks in advance.

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Smile I've finished dating, I'm now going 'steady'!
Posted by: StephenShave - Yesterday 12:32 - Replies (8)

When I first started this proper shaving malarchy, I was swapping razors, blades, creams etc all the time. Wanted to try everything and this forum was a huge enabler (thanks guys!)

However, in the last 3 weeks, I've found a combination I just love, and haven't changed a thing. It consists of a Muhle R41, Rhino blades (Chinese), Proraso Red, & a Simpsons special brush.

Every morning I get a clean, reliable BBS shave which makes me feel good. It's so close now I don't have any desire at all to try anything else to better it.

So, have you ever stopped dating and gone steady? Icon_smile

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  Two Tix history
Posted by: Shemen Zait - Yesterday 09:21 - Replies (6)

Yesterday I spent £2 on a pair of grooming kits I came across at the local church Easter jumble sale, apparently given to them by one of the old members (who passed away since) as it was given to him as presents in the past which he didn't use but wasn't brave enough to dispose of it all these years.

I see the name Two Tix on these kits which for some reason never came across before, thought I will look it up on the web, to my surprise nothing meaningful came up. Does anyone here has any idea who Two Tix were?

Inside the kits there are chrome brushes, soap stick containers of different sizes, two razors and other small nail tools. The razors according to what I can see on Mr razor are a 1946 four piece G. Tech travel and a 1973 Aluminium Tech, not sure what to do with these razors TBH but the containers look handy for the soggy Palmolive stick.

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  First Injector Shave...
Posted by: chriszacharek - 17-04-2014 12:25 - Replies (7)

Oh no...
Just had my first go with an injector, a Schick L1, and I rather liked it.
Here we go again...

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  Pick a razor ... any razor ...
Posted by: pjgh - 17-04-2014 12:01 - Replies (17)

Okay, clear your mind ... this is not about picking a favourite, it's simply about instinct.

Now, pick a razor ... any razor ...

3 ...

2 ...


What was it?

For me, it's a 1912. Not necessarily my favourite razor or one which I'd call my 'desert island' razor, but it gives a shave that I long for.

What was yours?

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  Thayers Witch Hazel After Shave discontinued!!
Posted by: mr..bean - 16-04-2014 18:50 - Replies (10)

Tell me it's not true!

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  little does he know!
Posted by: dendass - 16-04-2014 16:25 - Replies (5)

on the bbc website there is a story about beards and the attractiveness of them, and how evolution may be responsible for them coming in and out of fashion..... I just happened to opened up the comments and came across this one!

4 Minutes ago
As far as know,nobody enjoys shaving, I only do it every other day.

It's a weird one, when you're a kid the ability to grow facial hair is something of a rite of passage, but within a few months you realise that shaving is nothing but a constant pain in the face.
How little he knows!

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  Shave in your T-Shirt?
Posted by: jb74 - 16-04-2014 15:40 - Replies (17)

Do you shave in your t-shirt?

I've noticed that all these chaps doing shave videos are always kitted out in their t-shirt. Is that just the PC thing to do... cover up those beer bellies and man boobs?

I'm going to get a great laugh some day when a chappie shows up in his Walter White Cotton Y-Fronts or bollock naked straight out of the shower.

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  Acquisitions - Monday 14/04/14 - Sunday 20/04/14
Posted by: chriszacharek - 16-04-2014 12:11 - Replies (38)

These arrived this morning, very excited...


Cobra Classic, two packs of blades. One of my best eBay purchases in a while!
Schick L1 with some blades, purchased from a kind fellow member.
A vial of Eucris donated by another kind member.

Couldn't find the acquisitions section for this week so started this one, hope that's ok...

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  Did the postie have a go?
Posted by: Nishy - 15-04-2014 22:17 - Replies (1)

Got my blades from LTB this afternoon went to pick it up and thought what the hell !? It seems the postie himself had a go! Couldn't stop laughing. Great blades and service from LTB again. . (no blades missing)

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