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  Acquisitions Mon 26th Jan - Sun 1st Feb
Posted by: pjgh - Today 10:07 - Replies (5)

Granted, I bought this razor some time ago but I asked hippo to replate it and it's just come back to me - I think he outdid himself here:

[Image: DSC08073.JPG]

[Image: DSC08074.JPG]

[Image: DSC08075.JPG]

[Image: DSC08076.JPG]

... and my Wilkinson Sword Roller Safety Shaver (c.1903):

[Image: DSC08078.JPG]

[Image: DSC08079.JPG]

[Image: DSC08081.JPG]

[Image: DSC08077.JPG]

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  My Undoing
Posted by: Captain Bb - Yesterday 21:24 - Replies (9)

Well, I started 2015 on a self-imposed (read "foolhardy") sabatical but my good intensions have already been dashed on the rocks of life, less than a month in.

The reason? Wickham Soaps!

Face lathered the Sheridan this morning and I was Sooooo impressed I threw caution (plus any last remnants of self respect) to the wind and ordered a few more flavours of Wickham.

I'm wracked with guilt but looking forward to the incomming prospect greatly!

It was a stoopid New Year's resolution anyway. Icon_rolleyes

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  kai or feather
Posted by: george - Yesterday 17:50 - Replies (4)

Just like to know if there is a lot of difference in the two and which one you would buy kai captain, feather ss or the rg. All help and I opinions will be helpful. Does one stand out more than the other and what are the best blade's. I know its all subjective and everybody's taste is different but a problem shared and all that.

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  Parker vs feather
Posted by: george - 27-01-2015 23:50 - Replies (2)

Hello to all I have a Parker shavette and getting on alright with it a bit of blood loss but OK.
But I do like the look of the feather ac line I would just like to now are they miles apart or basically the same thing. Is the feather a better shave easier to use or the same thing just more expensive. I would appreciate your opinions.

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  Kai Captain Excelia folding razor
Posted by: wingman - 27-01-2015 16:15 - Replies (9)

Hi All,
Anyone using or have used the Kai Captain Excel folding as opposed to the Feather Artists.
Is the handle metal or plastic made to look like metal. Its a lot of wedge to pay for plastic if it is.
Cheers ... Jim

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  eBay question
Posted by: george - 27-01-2015 14:24 - Replies (13)

Hello all hope someone can help.
If I buy a feather ss from Japan will I get any extra costs. Want one but can't afford prices in UK.

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  Keeping it Simple - Works for Me
Posted by: mpf9ret - 27-01-2015 11:01 - Replies (6)

Since my return to Shaving { non Cart }, after a silly period of buying Blades, have
identified a few that suited me. Razors purchases {RAD a Bit } 4, 3 worked out good.

From the outset, I have tried to keep it simple- using my old brushes { 2 }, and a selection of
inexpensive creams & A/S Balm/Lotion. Did buy a Vulfix 404, whips up a good lather in no time, as
i am fairly generous with the Cream. Don't think I needexpensive Brushes, as mine work well, and
rotation is not complicated.

This Policy has really paid off, as I have embarked on an excursion into SE shaving.
ER/GEM. By using familiar kit- have managed to get good Shaves from all the Razors
tried, even the !924.

Think , I have enough SE razors to satisfy my Requirements, as I do not want to
turn into an avid collector. Do get pleasure from looking at the pictures
of SOTD, And Acquisitions. Keep it up Chaps.

Mike B
PS Forgot need to buy MMOC

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  Advice on Beard Trimming
Posted by: alanywiseman - 26-01-2015 21:25 - Replies (3)

I have been having a great experience wet shaving after finding TSR but I now have a question I can't find the answer to. I have a goatee and will trim it about 1-2 times a week. After showering I have been lathering and shaving before trimming my beard. To keep the hair soft I have been using lather and just applying it to my beard.

Is there something better I could be doing to keep the beard hair soft while I shave or should j trim my beard then shave? What do you do/think?

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  Gillette Bostonian
Posted by: Omp - 25-01-2015 21:26 - Replies (11)

[Image: 8067ffe46ed245e3145b62ac671e6b9d.jpg]

Was picking my daughter up from a sleep over at her friends this morning and got chatting to her Dad. It somehow got onto the subject of shaving and he told me he had a couple of vintage razors.
He proceeded to bring out a cased slim and a Cased Bostonian, told me he couldn't get a decent shave out of them and promptly gave them to me.
The slim looked in great condition, just a bit dirty but the Bostonian was very discoloured and I feared it might not clean up. How wrong was I! A couple of cycles in the ultrasonic and a lot of elbow grease with the Peek polish and it is like new.

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  1 Month In
Posted by: Celtic67 - 25-01-2015 19:26 - Replies (15)

So I got a cheap little kit for Christmas, Baili razor & blades, jaguar brush, and a little metal bowl. I seem to have gone a little bit mad.

[Image: IMAG0538_zps65930c06.jpg]

I've had to clear out a load of old t-shirts today to make space for that lot.

I've got a nice selection of blades to try thanks to some very generous people on here, a little OC razor that was also PIF'd here, an Astra razor, a Weck shaper, a Le Grelot straight and a cheap strop to practice on.

I've ordered a Vulfix brush, but other than maybe some hones later on, I reckon this lot'll last me years. Just have to stop buying now.

And yes, I do seem to have hoarded a bit of Palmolive thanks to the great scare.

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