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  Stirling soap
Posted by: DaveTheHead - Yesterday 23:30 - No Replies

Can any one describe Stirling soaps sharp dressed man?

It doesn't describe the scent on the website and could do with a little insight.

Been offered some too.

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  Throwing Money Away?
Posted by: ajh101 - Yesterday 14:59 - Replies (10)

I have been recommended a WS classic de razor and brush but have seen mixed reviews. Are they a reasonable purchase or am I throwing money away? I do not like cheap but do do like inexpensive! Thanks

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  Acquisitions - Monday 21/04/14 - Sunday 27/04/14
Posted by: Lb1 - 22-04-2014 19:11 - Replies (21)

My Semogue BC Cerda showed up today

[Image: image.jpg]

Size in comparison to my SOC and 1305

[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]

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  Day moisturiser
Posted by: DPTC - 22-04-2014 14:49 - Replies (30)

Didn't know where to put this, but what is everyone using for their daytime moisturiser? I have combination skin, get the t-zone thing going on sometimes and dry around the cheeks and chin.

Have always used Nivea's Q10 but it doesn't hydrate my skin enough. Switched to the Q10 day cream with an SPF15 and its alright but quite greasy.

Put in an order for Lab Series for Men daily defence lotion SPF15, see how I get on with that.

What's the best ones on the market these days? Have heard good things about Jack Black, Clinique and Anthony Logistics.

One with a built in SPF would be good as well.

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  Can't get consistent lather at all
Posted by: Dave Q - 20-04-2014 18:20 - Replies (17)

Okay this may seem a dumb question. I can never seem to get a consistent lather, or even a decent one. I soak my badger brush for about 3 minutes in hot water while I brush my teeth. Give it a couple or three flicks. Then coat the tips of the brush in the cream.
This is where it seems to fall apart for me. I run the brush round the bowl for sometimes three or four minutes, and still it hasn't built a good lather. I do add drops of water in to help it, and still no dice.
When it goes on my face by the time I get to my chin/nose area the lather has either evaporated or you can see the skin beneath. Help! Where am I making a huge error. I know I am I just can't see where.
I have tried face lathering, and still get the same issue by the time I get to chin/nose.

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  Time Changes Everything
Posted by: ChillBill - 20-04-2014 00:20 - Replies (5)

Hi Folks,

I've noticed recently that some of the products I initially didn't care for have been finding their way into my rotation and I'm actually starting to really like them.

I've been using the Futur for at least 50% of my shaves in the last 6 months. When I first used it I didn't really see why it had so many fans. Slowly but surely though, it has become one of my favourite razors.

Similarly, the Proraso AS didn't inspire much enthusiasm the first half dozen times I used it, then one day I caught some of the scent and thought 'this is actually pretty decent stuff!'.

The list goes on and on, Velobra shaving soap/putty, Rapira blades, the Vie Long brush, etc. etc.

I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience to me on their shaving journey.



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  First Shave Cobra Classic
Posted by: chriszacharek - 19-04-2014 21:10 - Replies (22)

Had my first shave earlier today with my new Cobra Classic razor, purchased from a seller on eBay who I believe is also a member here. I loaded it up with a Feather Proguard blade and proceeded with caution given the reputation these razors have, and what I have read and heard about them. The plan had been to just have a quick first pass on the cheeks just to see what it was like, then finish up the rest with the Schick L1 which I also got the other day. After a few careful strokes I found the razor very easy to use and completed 2 full passes, WTG and XTG plus a touch up. No cuts etc and I found it very easy to pick up the general feel for using this razor. The result was very smooth, easily as good as, if not a little better than any other razor I have including my R41. Probably one of the best shaves I have ever had, and that's on my first attempt so hopefully things may get even better once I get used to it properly. Will probably have a few more shaves using the Proguard then switch to the other blades I have, Professional Light or something like that.
All in all, after my first shave with this beautiful razor I am impressed and very pleased with it. Could this be the one I have been looking for?.....


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  Razor burn? Razor bumps? Ingrowing hair?
Posted by: lewisr010 - 19-04-2014 14:31 - Replies (9)

Sorry, don't know if this is in the wrong section!

Hi there, shaving has been a nightmare for me during my late teens so I thought I would finally seek some guidance.

Since I can't post links, I have uploaded the pictures as attachments![attachment=10232]

I haven't shaved for just over 1 and half weeks and the redness has got worse as the hair has grown. As you can see I have quite curly hair although it isn't very dense! It's difficult trying to see if it is ingrowing hair or not. I used to use a Gillette fusion (5 blade) razor but very recently I have turned to a Wilkinson Sword DE razor. I have feather blades, cheap generic shaving foam and a badger brush.
In terms of how I shaved, I usually shaved downwards on the face and then upwards on the neck region.

Therefore it would be great if someone could give me some pointers to what direction I should be shaving with hair like mine and what could be causing the redness.

Thanks for your time!

Attached File(s) Thumbnail(s)
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  Razor Box / Case
Posted by: Mr OCD - 19-04-2014 11:32 - Replies (19)

I am looking for a nice razor case / box that doesn't cost the earth ... It's for a present to my old man to fit his Gillette Superspeed.

Any ideas / suggestions?

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  SotD: Saturday 19th April to Friday 25th April 2014
Posted by: jds - 19-04-2014 08:22 - Replies (136)

Saturday ixx April, 2014

Prep: Shower, Dove Men+Care Sensitive Face Wash
Pre: Tepid water splash
Brush: Omega 31064 Boar
Soap: Jabonman Neroli-Menta-Pomelo
Razor: Digress HD
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium #1
Post: Myrsol Agua Limon, Trumpers Lime Skin Food

[Image: P1050240_zps0259d80b.jpg]

Result: Very nice. A citrus based shaved for spring time.

All the best,


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