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  cat food bowl soap dish...
Posted by: BigBoar - 16-09-2014 17:11 - Replies (10)

Anybody else done this?! I have several hard soaps, and I keep them in stainless steel cat food bowls. The puck fits lovely and the lip round the top provides brilliant grip for lathering. And for a 2 quid it doesn't matter how many pucks I have.

(Is this just me being super tight?)


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  End of the beard?
Posted by: Fox - 15-09-2014 20:55 - Replies (19)

I was contacted last week by GQ asking if Wickham Soap's Super Smooth wanted to be included in a feature titled "The end of the beard".

I was surprised at the title but made a note to remind myself to search what was trending when it comes to beards. I have spent all of 10 minutes and it seems that GQ are a little late to the party, but can it really be the end of the beard?

Interesting read though, worthy of sharing, enjoy!

Menswear Style - "The end of the beard"

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  Anyone on here a professional barber?
Posted by: mr..bean - 15-09-2014 20:40 - Replies (2)

How did you end up in your profession? Do you enjoy it? What sort of training was involved?

Plus what blades do you use to shave (assuming you do shaves)?!?!

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  Something for the bathroom wall
Posted by: Brianpilman - 14-09-2014 19:39 - Replies (5)

Just been searching around etsy for some unique artwork for my hallway and came across this


The wife I know would not allow this in our bathroom but I'm sure there's plenty of you who may be interested

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  S.O.T.D - Saturday 13th September to Friday 19th September
Posted by: Burgundy - 13-09-2014 12:51 - Replies (123)

Feather AC RG / ProGuard
Thäter 4125/1 2-band
Wickham Super Smooth
Lucky Tiger Face Tonic
Diptyque Tam Dao edt

I can't just able to pick up the Feather ACs and expect a good shave. At the same time, I'm not interested in dedicating the consecutive shaves to it I need to be proficient. Ho hum. Maybe the Mongoose will get me going again.

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  Last of the DEs?
Posted by: pjgh - 12-09-2014 22:46 - Replies (4)

With my collection of DEs now severely dwindled, I thought it fun to get creative on a Friday night and present what's left ...

[Image: IMG_6718-001.JPG]

Left to right: Gillette New Standard AKA The Silent Assassin, 'Good Humor' Bakelite AKA Straight & Narrow, unbranded Bakelite AKA The Vampire, Famex AKA The Kino Runner, Golf AKA My Man in the GDR, Gillette Slim Adjustable Black Beauty AKA James Bond 007 & Muhle R41 AKA The Sledgehammer (on custom handle).

So, an interested set it could be said ... for when the DE fancy takes me.

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  Not quite a year long no buy but.....
Posted by: John0612 - 12-09-2014 20:40 - Replies (2)

Realizing or remembering that I've only bought a couple of semogues and a custom handle this year I can't actually think of anything else I've bought.

Not like it used to be, I think I can say I'm happy with my lot and I genuinely don't feel the need to get that must have artisan soap, blade,new razor etc, don't get me wrong I've been there lol.

Moving house helped Confused I had less room in the bathroom and I had to prioritise, with that I've used my favourites more and titanic'd my all time fav jermyn st , I've got about 3shaves left on my tub of 1805 and finished my goto balm of bulldog sensitive.
I even filled a shoe box full of tubes and tubs and was getting ready to sell on here but for whatever reason I've stalled with that Angel

I guess I don't over think the shave now, just use the old favs.

Shaving has got less complicated, one thing though that I'm seriously thinking about is trying a straight razor (never tried a proper one) bad experience with a shavette has scarred me. The stropping and all the work that goes with it really puts me off.

Shave on chaps. Icon_razz

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  Shaved with a disposable HERESY?
Posted by: Squidge - 12-09-2014 19:19 - Replies (10)

We'll, I own up I shaved using my previous to DE world, gillette slalom disposable complete with blue gloppy strip. It was bloody fantastic. I used to use these razors with some supermarket generic canned goo. Using a good prep, some pre shave oil and my trusted proraso white Croap I got a great comfortable and snag free shave, it was a real eye opener.

Is this Heresy? I will still use The DE but I have decided that my previous discontent with my shaving was not down to the razor. It was down to the prep and products and I will most definitely use these disposables regularly again.

What do you guys think, am I excommunicated?

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  My 500th DE shave...
Posted by: StephenShave - 12-09-2014 11:39 - Replies (6)

Firstly, how can I be sure it's my 500th? Well, I've still got the receipt from my EJ DE89, which was my 1st DE razor, and I shave every day, so a simple maths sum!

For face preparation, I used some Keihls Oil Eliminator Cleanser, great clean feeling and beard softener.

I selected my recently acquired Braveheart head coupled with an EJ 'barley' handle. It was loaded with a Rhino blade. To celebrate the milestone, I used my brand new (to me) brush, a beautiful chunky, Frank Shaving Pur-Tech, which is the largest brush I've personally ever seen! I did a thorough face lather using my regular Proraso Red shaving cream.

After the shave, I used some Kiehls blue astringent to sooth down an up & coming spot, some Kiehls moisturiser, and a splash of some old fashioned, traditional Old Spice.

Over the last 500 shaves, I've accumulated about a dozen razors, including my birthday Gillette slim, a Fatboy, Gillette silver tip, Merkur 37c Slant, Muhle R41 (2013) and a couple of truly fabulous 1912 SE razors. I've also got a growing selection of soaps, creams, blades, moisturisers & smells. The initial motif for moving to DE, a saving in money, has long since been forgotten. Also, joining this forum has been a DE sword in itself. Many amazing people, great advice, and the biggest enabler of buying stuff you never knew you wanted, never mind existed...

Looking forward to the next 500.

[Image: 500thshave.jpg]

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  Wow! what a good shave I had today!
Posted by: Shemen Zait - 12-09-2014 09:30 - Replies (11)

Not a competition to SOTD, just a thread for when you had a very special shave, not an everyday shave something exceptional.

So today I used a combination I never used befor and had that Wow moment:

Blade: Lab Blue (1)
Cream:TOBS shaving shop
Brush: Semogue 1800
AS: Skin Bracer
Moisturiser:Arko Nem

Fooowaaa! where is the blade? 2 passes wtg/atg.

I feel it will be a while before this happen again SmileIcon_razz

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