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  So slow
Posted by: rolatruck - Yesterday 22:09 - Replies (10)

Not sure if my computer is giving up the ghost, but just lately, the website here takes an age to load and sometimes doesnt. Anyone else having this issue?

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  What is the smell of Albany by Boots?
Posted by: Shemen Zait - 04-03-2015 22:47 - Replies (1)

There is a set on ebay with this scent, what is it smells like?


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  NOS Blades
Posted by: mosh - 04-03-2015 21:12 - Replies (9)

Good evening chaps,

I have just had some nos blades delivered from the bay, brand new still in their boxes and dispensers.

They look to be still in good nick.

Just wondering if its worth trying them or just keeping them with the rest of the collection?


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  I f*ckin' love wet shaving!
Posted by: Helveticum - 03-03-2015 21:39 - Replies (4)

Yes. Just came to this realisation once again - over five years from when I'd started. It just keeps getting better, and I keep rediscovering old tools and products I've long discarded - like a yesterday's glorious shave with an old tube of Proraso Red and my Hoffy, finished with a splash of Speick I'd just brought from a skiing trip to Innsbruck. Damn was that good!

So thought I'd log in to say hi and see ya again, ol' geezers, and say I miss you a bit sometimes, with all your unbeatable irony with a touch of snobbishness Icon_razz
Take care, and keep up the spirit!

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  Bloggers on Youtube
Posted by: Miles853 - 03-03-2015 19:29 - Replies (10)

Anyone else enjoy watching bloggers on YouTube reviewing shaving products
My favourites are

The Shaving Evangelist (TSE)

Worthy of a mention-

Ray Pope
Anthony Esposito

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  Just an fyi re: Truefitt & Hill
Posted by: AlexNoodles - 03-03-2015 18:16 - Replies (1)

Something I found out recently and fellow new guys might be interested in this. Truefitt & Hill do sample packs for soap/ASB and colognes!
Think the 5ml soap samples will be good for at least two shaves so it looks like a great and cheap way to try some of them out!

Scroll to the bottom of the page

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  First shave with feather blades
Posted by: hozhed - 03-03-2015 16:12 - Replies (5)

Tried the feather blades for the first time. Probably the best shave I have ever had. No cuts , no nicks, no runs and no errors. The sharpness of these blades is for sure, not open to debate. One thing: The blades were independently wrapped , which is a pain in the arse. Almost cut myself just trying to get that damn sticky paper off!Confused

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  Stress Relief
Posted by: Blakec911 - 03-03-2015 16:06 - Replies (23)

Does anyone else (i'm sure there are plenty) who find shaving very therapeutic and a great stress reliever?

Had a tough day yesterday and hadn't had a shave for over a week. Feeling pretty run down and grubby so decided to get in a quick shave and it totally made me feel so much better, not only state of mind but in myself too. Nice a clean and fresh.

Who else finds this?.

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  Starter Kit PIF
Posted by: Celtic67 - 03-03-2015 00:38 - Replies (11)

I've got a few basic things that I thought I'd throw together as a starter PIF. As such, I'd prefer it to go to a new member, but if any established members want to try to persuade someone to switch to DE, add your name in.

I'm not sure how long it'll take to generate any interest, so I won't put a closing date yet, I'll add that later.

The stuff is:

Ying JiLi razor. Used a couple of times, got a decent shave from it, but I find it too mild. This type.
Wilkinson Sword brush. I had this for years and didn't use it when I occasionally bothered with a cartridge shave. It's in decent enough condition.
Blade selection. Not totally decided yet, but there'll be 5 Sharks, 5 Swedish Supersteel, 5 Voskhods and probably a few others.
Bowl. The one to the right in this post.
Palmolive Stick.
Tube of Real Shaving Company cream, with around half left.
Nuage Shaving Oil. Quite a bit still left, decent menthol hit.
Nivea Cool Kick balm. It just isn't for me.
Aftershave. I've got a small plastic bottle that I'll fill with your choice of either Benjamins Bay Rum or Florida Water. Not a big bottle, but there'll be enough for you to decide if you like it.

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  Thayers Witch hazel?
Posted by: Ringwraith - 02-03-2015 21:42 - Replies (7)

I've been looking at ways to reduce irritation. My alum block doesn't seen to agree with me, so I've slapped on some cheap distilled Witch hazel from Boots which seems to work better and leaves a nice feel and sheen on my chops.

As a result I'm looking acquiring some Thayers Witch hazel. Three questions;

1. How do people rate it?
2. Which sent is best?
3. Where can I get some (cheap)?

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