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Posted by: mpf9ret - Today 09:31 - Replies (5)

In years gone by, I had to shave daily-sometimes twice a day whilst in the Services. this was using DE razor.

I did change to Cartridge razor in the 70`s, and shaved daily, with touch up with Electric razor
if going out somewhere special. In recent years I developed face rashes,and less than a year ago,
saw THE LIGHT and tried DE shaving again- no more rashes.

In order to look presentable, without the Designer Stubble Look [ probably started
off by Cart users, who needed a break from shaving ] , I do shave Daily- and actually
enjoy it.

Started back with my old 70`s razor, got a Parker TTO [Ok isn], got a Futur and Progress.
Both very nice, and recently got EJ 89 to try modern straight bar razor.Like it a lot,
very good for travel,especially when using water in different locations.
I like Lab Blue, Rapira Swede, and Polsilver Si, having sampled a few others.

Just wondered how many of you out there, do really need to SHAVE DAILY ?

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  Acquisitions - Monday 1st September to Sunday 7th September
Posted by: pjgh - Yesterday 18:16 - Replies (7)

I had a custom handle made by a chap here for my lather catcher. He made a superb job of it! Thanks, pal Big Grin

[Image: IMG_6648.JPG]

[Image: IMG_6649.JPG]

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  What the hell happened
Posted by: Jpshaver - 31-08-2014 16:26 - Replies (7)

Used my new ATT R2 plated today for the first time paired with a Rapira blade which is one of my stable go to's.

Started off well, nice, comfortable shave as I was expecting from the reviews, maybe a tad more aggressive than I was prepared for on the R Plate but nice balance and fantastic build quality

But then......OUCH!

Worst slice and dice for ages, even with straights (Robert Williams Purist aside; we're still not speaking)

Nice 2cm gash on my left cheek. Took "nick" control gel to stem the flow

Feeling a bit faint now but when I have replenished my blood count I will need to assess what the hell happened. Luckily SWMBO is out otherwise there may have been an ambulance waiting.

Any other ATT mishaps or was I just unlucky/ careless/ stupid/ A.O.T.A?

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  Best bargain you found?
Posted by: dantheman1 - 30-08-2014 17:03 - Replies (25)

Hi guys,

Just wondering what the best shaving related bargain you've gotten yourselves is?

I've got my eye on a few potential bargains on the bay and it got me thinking!


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  Newbie - thick hair problems
Posted by: dante - 30-08-2014 14:40 - Replies (25)

Dear gentlemen,
Following your advice, I acquired a safety razor and started wet shaving. The first shave was really bad (took me ages, the whole neck was irritated and it was a worse shave than with my electric razor). The second was better but...

The problem I have (and I always had with traditional razors) is that when I shave my chin, the razor stops - it gets caught in the hair which it pulls. I have the thickest hair on the chin, so that probably is one of the main problems... Also, the hair there stick almost vertically out - which means that every direction is against the grain.

The question is - what is the best solution? Get a sharper blade? (I tried first with Astra SP, then with Gillette 7 o'clock - maybe I should just use the Feathers?) Start using pre-shave oil, hoping that it will help the razor slide through? Something else?

Having read and watched lots of tutorials here and there, I think my routine seems quite alright - I shave after a hot shower (don't dry the face), then steam the face a bit with a hot towel, then prepare and apply cream-base lather...

Thank you all for help!

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  Subscription and sample services
Posted by: longplay - 30-08-2014 12:20 - Replies (2)

Interested to get people's opinions on testing new blades and software.

I recently posted that I was surprised no one offered a subscription service to send out four random packs of blades and four sample size creams/soaps each month.

It looks like a US company does something similar, but not quite, and is pricey.

Creams and soaps aren't that expensive, and some companies do offer sample sizes, but it's something I'd like to see more of, if nothing else so you can try scents without commiting to an amount that would last most of us months (I know you can sell on, but it's a PITA). It would also be a good way to try some of the pricier options.

A pack of five blades isn't so bad, but I see another US company offers the option to buy individually, or a sampler of 69 blades! I know some on here supply sample packs, so maybe that area is better covered.

Any of the store owners interested in taking up this idea (assuming there's some demand)?

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  S.O.T.D. Saturday 30th August to Friday 5th September 2014
Posted by: Norfolkdick - 30-08-2014 08:43 - Replies (72)


Saturday 30th August 2014
Prep: Shower
Razor: GEM Clog-pruf
Blade: GEM Stainless Coated
Brush: Semogue 620 Boar
Soap: Tabac Stick Grated
Aftershave: Astral cream (light)


[Image: IMG_0610.JPG]

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  Help identifying a razor.
Posted by: Kravocks - 29-08-2014 19:17 - Replies (4)


I would someone to help me so i can know what i have here. I bought a Gillette New OC on ebay, but i don't know if its the long or short comb head.

This is my razor

[Image: 27e51e03-490e-4b4f-9163-1b085b48afa5_zps7a74d095.jpg]
[Image: 28d9ca67-33eb-4382-9fec-be1bc1a019b1_zpscb9fabf4.jpg][Image: 98a9dd40-d430-41de-9a96-74716d83bb07_zps815deecd.jpg]

Can someone help me? Thanks.

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  What happened to Bestshave?
Posted by: LeeBot - 29-08-2014 10:17 - Replies (2)

I've had a couple of very nice packages from BestShave over the last few months but when I logged on a couple of weeks ago there were no prices listed and now the website is down completely.

Does anyone know what's going on? I've emailed but no reply so far - which isn't necessarily unusual as prompt email replies were never really a strong point for Bestshave!

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  Message for Steve (Fly3k)
Posted by: chris.hale - 28-08-2014 13:05 - Replies (2)

Your PM box is full mate.

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