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  Razor Acquisition Regret
Posted by: ajh101 - Yesterday 12:40 - Replies (5)

Does rar exist? I have just received my recently acquired Injector but am tempted to pass it straight on.

I own a Merkur 38c and a Parker 31r ss shavette which are great. Is the Schick m39 so very different from what I already have?

Not sure I can even be bothered to buy some blades for it. Or maybe I will put it away for a time when I am feeling differently!

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  Too much shaving stuff
Posted by: pgachapman - 30-07-2014 23:56 - Replies (28)

Does any one like me reckon they have too much shaving gear.

I think I do. Its giong to take years to get through all my soap and cream collection and I just keep wanting more to try.

So I thought id share with all you lot and show you all I own.

The black boots bowl contains grated palmolive sticks

The blue wilkinson sword bowl contains grated Derby sticks

The see through tub contains an Erasmic stick which I might grate or bin as its rubbish.

The 2 smaller metal tins at the bottom are samples of TOBS Mr Taylor and St James collection creams.

So do I have too much or not enough

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  Shave mug
Posted by: Oomer - 30-07-2014 21:06 - Replies (5)

Hi guys! anyone got one of these. I picked it up from a car boot sale, fab condition and looks old.

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  Acquisitions Mon 28-Jul to Sun 03-Aug
Posted by: fancontroller - 29-07-2014 19:49 - Replies (13)

Another dish for holding soap from eBay, this time bone china and full size (same size as MWF).
Now just got to think which of my soaps gets the deluxe treatment.

[Image: Acquire20140729-1_zps57a36da0.jpg]

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  Ultrasonic Cleaner Recommendations?
Posted by: ajh101 - 29-07-2014 07:19 - Replies (10)

Are these a worthwhile purchase? What sort of money do I need to spend to get one that will last? What would people recommend for general household use, as well as a couple of razors obviously! :-)

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  Roller Guard Razor test drive
Posted by: dodgy - 28-07-2014 21:32 - Replies (4)


So recently I saw and bought a Roller Guard Razor, made in Chicago with a 1929 patent. Ball end type handle with a two piece head. The 'safety bars' actually revolve in a smooth and effective way. I had seen one in a store years ago but didn't wanna spend the cash on something that might not fit me.

I also acquired an extra bottom plate without the top cap, hoping it might fit a Gillette in my arsenal. Looked like an Old Type cap might work. Both plates are in good shape with the rollers moving smoothly and easily.

Nice heavy head that's kinda like the Stahly in that way. Screwed it off the stock handle and onto a Weber Classic one and went to shaving. One thing I was smart enough to do was watch the gap as the head was tightening. Easy to fix if you see it....heh.

This head was a pleasure to use. Not aggressive, but with an open comb feel to it on my face. Fun, actually. Rollers are noticeable for sure because of the deep knurling but not in a bad way. Heh, no squeaking during the shave.....very smooth action.

Used this twice so far and man, its a treat. On the mild side that leaves my face smoother than usual. Pretty surprising.

Turns out this was some sort of after market item aimed at Gillette owners. It took the place of those nasty little vampire teeth in the Old Type heads. Yep, it was meant to be used to tame things down and it worked! Interesting seeing how it was marketed. Popped an Old Type cap on that thing and done deal. Not as thick as the Roller Guard cap but a perfect fit.

Hell, I have a bunch of Old Types never being used. This invention opens up some opportunities.

I will include some pics that aren't mine, Done by big forum members Evargasny and tri33, and gratefully borrowed. There is an interesting thread on that site that's easy to find.

Anyway, here:

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  Hostility to old school shaving ??
Posted by: Shemen Zait - 28-07-2014 19:26 - Replies (23)

Came across a thread regarding DE on the HUKD forum , the subject was EJ89 for £18, what follow down the thread was a campaign of few members calling our way of life a waste of time. Must I say I never ever got even one single negative comment from any body regarding my man grooming preferences.

I thought everyone liked us, as we are cleaned shaved and smells nice (not sure about the veg tho).

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  lathering help for newbie
Posted by: irish1759 - 28-07-2014 15:08 - Replies (18)

So have just ordered my first DE and shavette, nothing to exciting as wanting to try wet shaving first to see if it's for me.
While I am waiting for them to arrive, i picked up some shaving soap and brush up from Asda while I was shopping today. They are both wilkinson sword. I had a little practice at lathering it up, but it wasn't great. I had the brush soak in hot water for few minutes but only get a small amount in a bowl no matter how long I try. Nothing like the Vids on YouTube.
Is it that they are just rubbish supplies or should I got the pamolive cream instead. I didn't want to go buy some good brushes and cream just yet.

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  In the zone...
Posted by: StephenShave - 28-07-2014 08:05 - Replies (1)

Have you guys even been 'in the zone'? Where everything for a great shave just goes right? This morning, it happened to me.

1st of all, there was lashings of steamy hot water available as I managed to get to it before it was used for my fiancée's morning bath! I then had a great face wash using my newly purchased Kiehls oil eliminator cleanser.

I then applied a rich, creamy coating of my new Prof Blighty vanilla shaving soap. Just a few swirl/dabs with my Simpsons brush, created a beautiful lather. Then, an uneventful, 3 x pass shave using my Muhle R41, with a Rhino blade on it's second outing.

Result - a really smooth BBS shave, with no drama whatsoever. A light coating of Kiehls Ultimate aftershave balm, and a splash of my favourite Bodyshop White Musk AS left me virtually skipping from the bathroom!

Yes indeed, I was definitely in the zone...

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Question Travel Shave Recommendations
Posted by: longplay - 27-07-2014 16:20 - Replies (10)

With an overseas holiday on the horizon (check me out), thoughts of what to do with regards to shaving have been popping into my mind (any excuse to buy more stuff).

I've got some sticks/creams that will probably do the job (although any recommendations welcome). Not too sure about brushless.

What do people do, just take their standard razor?

Is a travel brush worth the investment?

Share your experience. Cheers.

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