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  Shaving with a bacon slicer
Posted by: Bechet45 - Yesterday 20:03 - No Replies

It went pretty well until I changed grimace just as the slicer was passing over that bit - got enough for breakfast. Only the top layer of skin went but boy! did it bleed! Shylock stood no chance, now did he? Neither did I!

Diabetics with noticeably low blood sugar levels should not rush a shave in order to get to breakfast sooner - free bacon or not!

It was a Standard slicer fitted with a NOS Wilkie - very efficient.

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  Gillette Toggle D1 for sale, and it's cheap!!
Posted by: StephenShave - Yesterday 09:41 - Replies (10)

The Toggles I've seen have always gone for big money usually up to and over £1000. This on is on Ebay for a BIN price of $275 (roughly £170) - have I missed something?

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  Benjamin bay rum PIF
Posted by: alancrab - Yesterday 03:26 - Replies (7)

One for the night owls or early birds. Bought a bottle of this after following the "cheap smellies" thread and it,s certainly not 1 for me. I'll stick a cake of unknown Trumpers that I was kindly puffed in as well ( bit of a bugger to lather ). And as a special treat - the other half to my fave frankenrazor , head from a Remei with a Lord L6 handle ( I love the lord head on the Chinese handle). First PM gets it

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  Ebay Madness
Posted by: Miles853 - 25-04-2015 22:31 - Replies (5)

Is this guy really selling this
cardboard Packaging for Razor blades- minus the Razor blades for the pricely sum of £16
Erm - Don't think I'll bid


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  Case For Feather Artst Club
Posted by: ajh101 - 25-04-2015 14:04 - Replies (4)

For the non folding variety, would you just use the same case as for an ordinary straight?

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  SOTD Saturday 25th April to Friday 1st May 2015
Posted by: Burgundy - 25-04-2015 09:32 - Replies (45)

[Image: 1zchjyv.jpg]

Mongoose B2
Plisson synthetic
Palmolive soap
Pitralon Swiss
Guerlain Vetiver

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  Alphy and Becs heads up
Posted by: mand - 24-04-2015 19:28 - Replies (1)

20% off with code 'spring2015' just for this weekend

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  Damged razor through bad packaging
Posted by: Fergiebilly - 24-04-2015 14:19 - Replies (20)

The Courier arrived yesterday with my Schick G Type from a USA EBay Seller........

I always cringe when I get a razor delivered in a Jiffy Bag and I knew it was just a matter of time before I got one that was damaged through thoughtless packaging.....Angry

The razor had been thrown in to the Jiffy Bag with no other wrapping or protection and when I took it out it was quite bent.........I did manage to straighten it out with a bit of tender care and attention, but I was so miffed that I gave the Seller a Neutral Feed Back and I explained why.......Confused

I received this EMail from the Seller ten minutes ago.......Confused

"What the hell was wrong with the item, did it break or anything? enjoy ur feedback u piece of"......

My response .....Confused
The razor was extremely bent when it arrived in the post......I did manage to straighten it, however, with a bit of care......A delicate razor like this is safe in a jIffy bag when its wrapped in a piece of cardboard tube and serotype .......I was wee bit miffed when an otherwise lovely item was damaged

Sellers response....Confused
did u take any pics? u r blocked as a buyer, bye bye

I checked my feed back from the seller..Confused.

Slow to pay ? What a load of lies......The Item was a buy it now job......

Would love to pay this guy a friendly visit.....Angry

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  Orders From Japan
Posted by: ajh101 - 24-04-2015 14:00 - Replies (15)

Do we have to pay duties or fees if ordering from Amazon when the shop is based in Japan?

I am looking at Feather Artist Club non folding and the best price seems to be for stock in Japan.


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  Suehiro Gokumyo 10k, Chosera 10k or Yaginoshima Asagi?
Posted by: rmihai - 23-04-2015 22:37 - Replies (2)

Hello all,

I need your help.

I do not know which one to choose:

Suehiro Gokumyo 10k
Chosera 10k
Yaginoshima Asagi

Please advise.

Thank you

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