Yeti Snot Shaving Soap

Another through the review mill:

I wasn’t aware of this soap before I tried it — it was bought as a gift alongside a bunch of others. The name should have given it away but it was a little bit of a shock when the menthol hit me on the first use.

It describes itself as an “ultra menthol shave soap” and it more than lives up to that. Easily, and by far, the coldest soap I have tried. I’ve tried a few that are supposed to include a good amount of menthol, but this is what I expected from those wimpy things. This has a teeth-chattering cooling effect.

Their own description makes it clear that any fragrance was sacrificed on the altar of menthol. That became apparent in use. I was only able to pick up the occasional whiff of menthol.

I should also mention that the chunks of soap were very hard to press into a container and kept coming unstuck so they moved around (which may account for some of my loading issues), and they dissolved in water, so soaking it is not advised.

I had some inconsistencies in use, especially in generating lather. The tip seems to be that you shouldn’t bloom it or scrimp on the amount. Do that and you should get plenty of lather.

Slickness didn’t feel great, but I rarely picked up any nicks, so it was obviously sufficient. Post shave feel was lacking, with my face often left pretty dry.

For all that, aside from one average shave, I typically got good results. So not a bad performer.

The big selling point of this is the coldness, due to all the menthol, but that would be pointless if the soap didn’t perform, and it’s capable of doing just that.

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