XPEC, who is stocking it?

When I emailed them a couple of years back XPEC said Suffolk Supplies (who run Connaught) were the "new stockist in the UK" so if they don't have it you may need to look overseas -- even then only a few random US stores claim to have it in.

Might be worth dropping Connaught a note to see if they know when it'll be back in.

There's one on eBay currently. Description says original, image is of unscented.
Foresters still own the original aloe formula, not sure why they haven't released it under another brand. May be they just took XPEC to court on principle. Don't know who makes it now but hopefully XPEC now own the formula as well as the scent.
There is still a problem with supply, the XPEC name is owned but someone other than the Italian maker & the distributor, no stock is available to purchase.