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What's the advantage ?

Discussion in 'Single Edge (SE) Razors & Blades' started by Roy, Saturday August 12, 2017.

  1. Roy


    I was wondering why a SE razor over a DE razor. For a start, it seems that the blade choice is not so big.
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  2. SE blades are thicker than DE blades, far more rigid and have a great cutting edge that will outlast most DE blades, you not only have the Gem bladed SE razors but also the AC type wide SE razors and although there is not as much choice in blades as DEs there is still a wide choice of these AC style SE blades and not to forget injector razors that are of course SE razors, again a thicker more rigid blade that can give around 10 or more shaves before they need changing.
    A lot of SE razors that are vintage can use the even thicker NOS hollow ground blades that can be stropped between shaves and last for a very long time and even when stropping fails to give a good enough edge the old hollow ground blades can be honed back to life. There is the Rolls Razor that has a really thick hollow ground blade that has its own honing stone and strop within its box..... Never any need to buy a blade again! A fantastic bit of kit. SE razors are in my opinion better than DE razors because the blades are better and again in my opinion give a far better shave, give one a go and see what you think :)
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  3. JohnnyO


    For me, because they shave closer, easier, more comfortably with no weepers or nicks. They are also very kind to my very easily irritated skin. For me since the GEMs perform just fine I don't really need an assortment of blades to confuddle my easily wandered olde brain. Just as long as the blades I have are easily obtainable and work well.

    JohnnyO. o/
  4. There is Only One Choice of Blade with a DE Razor..A DE Blade..SE Razors & Injectors Offer an Array of Various Blades..Plus..Injectors in Particular are Just Superior Razors..:D:D

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  5. Boru62


    I like both SE and DE razors but my three favourite razors to date are all SE.
    I find them more efficient and smoother but I do miss a DE if I haven't used one for a while.
    As they say, variety is the spice of life.
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  6. riverrun


    SE razors are much easier to use. No need to endlessly wonder which side of the razor to use for the next stroke while the lather slowly but surely collapses into nothingness... I'm sure there are other advantages as well...
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  7. Roy


    Do you need to keep the razor at a particular angle was with a de razor?

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