What Watch Are You Wearing Today?

I have in my possession (sorry unable to post photo) of a Tiara watch 25 jewels automatic it has a date “window “.I wonder if any of you good people have any info on these watches ( there’s not much on’t tinternet), it is a decent looking old fashioned watch which I do like.
No pic because I don't have a smart phone & have no idea where my camera is but i'm wearing my trusty Traser stainless which replaced a £30 Casio which in turn replaced the crappiest watch i've ever owned - A Rolex GMT Master with the Pepsi bezel, bought new by myself from a Rolex main dealer. Complete & utter crap. I sent it back to Rolex within a month as it was gaining 8 seconds a day. They kept it for a fortnight & adjusted it. ( making all their marketing bollocks about the stringent testing that they go through look exactly that - bollocks. ) On its return it was still gaining 5 seconds a day so it got sent straight back again with a "must try harder" message attached. Another fortnight passed then it returned with an attached letter saying that they couldn't get it 100% accurate because it wasn't quartz ! ( I wish i'd kept this letter & sent it to the ASA.) A couple of months later, the triangular pointer at the end of the red hand fell off, jamming the second hand against the minute hand. Back again it went for repair. After about a year, every time I clenched my fist, the strap pinged open. The Rolex dealer was no use, just wanting more money for a strap with an extra clasp on it. He also recommended that I got it serviced. What a load of shit - a watch that not only couldn't tell the time but fell apart & wouldn't stay on my wrist AND needed servicing after only a year. I sold the fucking pile of junk & bought a cheap plastic Casio which beat it in every measurable way. This Rolex cost me over £1800 in 1988. Obviously I was unlucky because plenty of fellas on here love theirs. Shouldn't boil down to luck though, not at those rip-off prices.