What made your day a crap one??

Thanks. The storm, which started Saturday is still with us. It’s now a mix of rain, ice and snow; we had a month’s worth of rain yesterday. Relief is not expected until Wednesday. Most schools are closed today. I’m schedule to have the winter tyres on SWMBO’s SUV changed over to all-season tyres this morning...hmmmo_O
Best keep those winter tyres on for a while longer :eek: P.
I just bought a very rare razor to find they don't ship to the UK. Hopefully I can get the seller to change their policies.
If you bought it on eBay I'm sure the seller will change his / her policy to keep the sale but may have you over a barrel on the postal cost's.. Find out what the going rate is for a small tracked parcel from wherever it is and suggest that figure to them. P.
So someone has reversed down my drive into the hedge and smashed a hole in it, ripping various bits of fairly ancient hawthorne out of the ground or snapping them.
No idea who could have done it...except there is resurfacing going on down the Lane at the moment and a line of tar splashes next to the wheel marks on my drive..hmm!