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What are the three shaving items that you purchased in 2017 that were a hit and which were a miss?

Discussion in 'General Shaving' started by Merkurologist, Sunday November 12, 2017.

  1. Benz3ne


    You sunk my battleship.

    #1 - Parker Variant
    Why? It is the razor I would be able to see myself using every day without issue. I've recently found fondness for the Rockwell 6C as well, but the Parker has the off-the-cuff adjustability and is more aesthetically pleasing (subjective). Both have given great shaves, however. Great build quality for the price, especially as they're starting to show up in BST threads these days. Early iterations did have some plating issues but I've seen none of that with mine and the issue appears to have been entirely rectified.

    #2 - Maseto 30mm 2-band finest
    Why? Although I have sold mine on, it really did offer a value for money approach to trying out a good badger brush. As I'm relatively new to the 'game', I didn't want to fork out anything substantial only to forego the hobby. It doesn't hog lather, smells okay out of the box, is well made and soft to boot. I will revisit Maseto brushes, but probably a 24mm Silvertip next time... perhaps soon.

    #3 - OSP Bay Rum
    Why? Well, this one took the most deliberation. Do I choose a blade for #3 spot? Or an aftershave splash? Or the coveted BBA PSB? As soaps are an (almost) definite requirement for shaves (yes, you could use 'shave butter', or 'shaving oil' or canned goo...), I wondered which I would be able to use daily and why. The OSP offering is relatively inexpensive for its performance. It's easy to lather and gives great properties, including post-shave feel. It's scent could be used year-round, being exotic enough for the summer and spicy-warm for the winter.

    There we go! Of course there are many an honourable mention - BBA PSB, Extro Splashes, Fine Soaps, Gillette Nacet blades, Rockwell 6C, Yaqi brushes, RazoRock Hawk... the list goes on! I think my approach isn't a bad one, to envisage one's self using the chosen items. I feel I could use only the above 3, with a variety of blades, without the need for a post-shave on a daily basis without issue.

    Go fish...

    #1 - Rockwell 6S
    Why? Must seem strange as I've mentioned the 6C favourably above... I was fortunate enough to be loaned this razor before thinking of buying one and I'm glad I took that opportunity. This razor was a hefty, well-finished beast. I love the look of it, but really struggled to get a decent shave at any of the settings. With the 6C, it was a case of 'Load up, plate #5 and away to go'. The shaving feel wasn't too dissimilar but the 6C was far, far smoother and seemed to give me more feedback. I'm sure with more time I might have gotten on with this razor, but for the price vs the 6C, the decision is a no-brainer.

    #2 - Fiore & Frutta Mandorla Amara
    Why? This soap and I simply didn't see eye to eye. I couldn't get a meaningful lather out of it. This is probably a testament to my ability to produce a lather but I've managed fine with other soaps for less effort. The scent, however, was pretty good.

    #3 - S.V. Cosmo Splash
    Why? Okay, I'm clutching at straws a bit here. If I had to be really pedantic to choose a third it'd be this. I've had some good fortune with shaving stuff over this last year but this one came across marginally sub-par. It was slightly sticky after use, had a strange 'oriental spicy' scent, not dissimilar to curry powder, when first applied and I had just hoped it smelled as good as the soap. I'm wondering whether the witch hazel was marginally too high a proportion to give the strange smell as I didn't notice it with the Manna di Sicilia (MdS) set I also had the fortune of trying. The MdS didn't come across sticky after use, either.

    There we have it, guys! My 3 hits and 3 misses for the year!
  2. Ferrum


    Hits - Colonial stainless, Giles bowl, Blackland Sabre

    Misses - Centwin blades (thought I'd try them, but blunt as b*****y), Canadian Old Spice (nothing like, but I still haven't managed to get the stuff now produced in India).

    Plenty of other Hits (mainly SEs), but these are the Top 3.
  3. Hits:

    1. 1940s super speed. An amazing all round experience.
    2. Big Bruce Razorock Brush. Hard to justify buying any more brushes
    3. OSP soaps (Bay Rum & Neroli). These bring joy to shaving - very complete in terms of scent, labels, performance and even the tub size is perfect for loading up.

    1. ER 1912's. Not so much a miss as a drift away. After initial enthusiasm, I'm just not finding it as enjoyable as good DE shaving. I will shortly be offloading a British made 1912, a USA made 1912, and an unopened pack of 100 GEM blades as a result.
    2. Floid Mentolado Vigoroso - bright orange, rather chemical, and not my style.
  4. donnie_arko


    Misses - I tried a fair number of soaps and unfortunately a large percentage of those irritated my skin.

    Hits - For Soaps I've really enjoyed using the Italian croaps - Cella, Vitos Green & Red, & for splashes one of the cheapest things I have bought but Ben's Bay Rum works really well with my skin for post shave feel.
  5. Hits:
    • Rockwell 6S Razor - Ok it resembles like something out of a plumber's tool bag and has the ultimate utilitarian look but it performs so well. I prefer an aggressive razor but at plate#2 it provides an easy smooth shave a lot closer than I expect. The idea of the choice of 6 plates is ingenious; even if you only ever use one you get to choose which is best for you. Top ranking as it exceeded expectations.
    • Timeless 0.95mm Razor - At a very high price this had a lot to live up to... but it did! Slightly aggressive so I tend to use a smoother blade. In fact it's the only razor that I can get decent shave with a Derby Premium blade.
    • Dr. Jon's - Anne Bonny shaving soap. Large sized tin so easy to load from, great scent and fantastic performance. Always makes me feel happy using it.
    • Derby Premium DE blades - Hoped that they would be a great improvement over regular Derby blades (which is not a big ask) but I found them scratchy and dulled fast. Can only use them in the Timeless, weirdly.
    • MS Extra Density 2 Band Finest Badger Brush - A bit controversial but I had high expectations for this finally to be my answer for a badger brush. It's ok but I still prefer all my synthetics over this one. I guess I'm not really a badger person.
  6. So true.
  7. So many people are rating the Rockwell 6 razors that I am getting an itchy trigger finger.
  8. I was just like you not so long ago but I'm really glad that I got one now. It's not as nicely built as ATT but the price tag reflects that very well I think.
  9. Missoni


    Hits: Weber PH; Olaf Rasmussen SP; Omega Pro...102

    Misses: Maseto 24 2b (Great value and nothing wrong with it per se; but at the moment its boars for me); a gaggle of Yaqi and RR Synthetics; SV MdS (I feel the absence of tallow :) ... great scent though).
  10. Boru62


    It's a funny game this, the British 1912 opened up the world of SEs to me, and I now prefer them to DEs.
    Also Vigoroso, great scent and skinfeel*.
    No wonder there is so much shaving hardware and software.
    *Is this a made-up word?
  11. Rufus


    My big hit was a custom SearsSabini Alibaba shaving brush in antique ivory stuffed with Lee's exquisite 3-band silvertip. My other 2 hits were a bottle of M&S aftershave splash and a tub of Trumper GFT shaving cream. My only miss was a bottle of Boots' aftershave splash; it does the job, but the scent disappears very quickly, even for a budget splash.
  12. Blackmass


    May I ask which M&S splashes?
  13. Rufus


    It's Original Woodspice Gentlemen Aftershave. It feels great on my face and smells nice.
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  14. Blackmass


    Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated. :)
  15. TomG



    Australian Private Reserve soaps;
    Merkur Futur (picked it up by a lucky coincidence, and it works brilliantly for me);
    Valobra Glyerlanolina pre-shave soap


    Saponificio Varesino soap - everything about it screams quality, but I just can’t get a good shave with it;
    Voskhod blades - just don’t suit my skin
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  16. Blackmass


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  17. Nisse


    a handful of vintage straight razors
    3 m lapping film
    Vitos green soap mixed with pieces of Erika Benke soap

    27 mm badger knot from Ace Shaving
    the fabric part on my hanging strop probably from a pair of Chinese fake Levis factory rejects
    Last edited: Saturday November 18, 2017 at 12:20
  18. Hits:
    Maseto 30mm finest - fantastic brush

    OSP soap.
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  19. TomG


    I was kind of expecting you to pull me up on that one, Rob. ;)
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  20. Blackmass


    Laffin!:D I couldn't resist.

    I can't judge you or anyone. It's not as though I've gone against the general consensus on......well anything.:oops:
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