Wardonia Fixed

You know the Wardonia? Those lovely bakelite razors which don't take regular Gillette-style blades and seem consigned to the shelves of collectors, never to shave again? Well, I have a fix!

You need to modify the blade ...

Cut off the bits marked X and you'll have something like the blade below.

Install into the razor and you'll see the blade fits well, curves as it should and will perform as intended!

YMMV, naturally :D

EDIT: Snipped, or bent

With the central circular rise, which is about 2mm in height, that presses the blade to the top of the cap there is tonnes of room in there simply to grab some needle-nosed pliers and bend the tab accordingly. After a little practice, you'll get a feel for how to bend the tabs so that the blade still fits snugly and gives an even presentation once tightened up.

This in turn saves you from the wrath of the Mrs when she discovers that the end of her curved toenail scissors now have nicks at the end :blush:
This has inspired me to bestir myself and butcher a blade or two to fit in my Wardonias.

Some time ago, I bought a set of 5 different-sized stainless scissors from somewhere like QD or B&M. I think they were a couple of quid or less. However, they are sharp enough to cut these bits off in next to no time. I did this in my workshop, as the offcuts fly to who knows where.

Now I'm going to process a few more blades, using a suitably-sized metal hole punch.
pjgh said:
Yes, a metal hole punch would be excellent!

Did you catch my edit? Bending is a damn sight easier, less messy (yes, those bits go all manner of random places don't they?) and there's room inside the head of the Wardonia to accommodate the bent parts.
Bending seems a neater way. I guess that once those "tabs" are bent up (or rather, down towards the handle) a sufficient amount allow the pegs through, then any further bending will be achieved by tightening up the head/cap.

That takes care of installing the blade. However, is it fairly easy to remove it, preferably without tools? I would imagine that under-bending those parts of the blade might make them grip the pegs like billly-oh when getting it out.

Time for some empirical testing, I think.