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UK meteorology

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by chrisbell, Saturday November 19, 2016.

  1. Warning from Malcolm that the ECM is showing possible explosive cyclogenesis (at least 24mB drop for a low pressure in 24 hours):

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  2. Today's post from Malcolm:
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  3. I'm just above sea level and have just experienced a hail storm with hail stones the size of marbles. Quick though , passed through and back to sunshine! P.
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  4. I think wintry types of precipitation are going to be fairly widepread until early next week, when temperatures are likely to increase slightly.
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  5. This evening's view:
  6. Today's post:
  7. He has since posted this, discussing the rest of today using up-to-date output charts and the latest FAX:
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  8. I presume those who are interested in doing so are clicking on the thumbnail images within the posts I'm quoting in order to examine them at full size?
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  9. When you have eyesight like mine there is no other way :) P.
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  10. I can't see anything useful from the images unless I expand them either!:D
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  11. With Malcolm, we get post on a Sunday:p:
  12. pjgh


    Well, last night's winds were worse than the so-called/named storms we've had so far this year.
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  13. Naming criteria are complex, it isn't purely based on windspeed but also on calcilated impact. That said, there has already been a deep low this season so far that "bombed" over the UK but which wasn't named as the forecasts all indicated that it wouldn't deepen that rapidly until it was over the North Sea. Forecasting is incredibly difficult and there will always be mistakes as the complexity of the interactions between various drivers and influences over even 24 hours mean that, though the overall set up is fairly predictable, trying to determine whether something will happen over the UK or in the North Sea can come down to 20 miles either way, which to the layman seems quite a generous margin for error, but, with current data and computing power is a very narrow margin.
  14. Met Office warning overnight covering Wales, SW England and the Midlands:
    Also, for tomorrow affecting N. Wales, N. Ireland, NW England and N. and W. Scotland:
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  15. Geofnay


    Wednesday is looking windy too :(
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  16. Today's post from Malcolm on the Netweather forum:
  17. Yup huge winds at mine too, absolutely howling up the valley.
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  18. This morning's thoughts, including what would normallly have been yesterday evening's anomaly post (my notes in bold):
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  19. Quick early evening update from Malcolm, with indications becoming more likely (though not yet certain) that the weekend will be dry and comparatively mild, at least away from the far north-west (though Johnny will no doubt be interested to hear that even his area should be dry on Saturday!:eek::cool::p:D)

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