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Treet 7 Days Platinum blade review

Discussion in 'DE Blades' started by Goatywoaty, Monday October 9, 2017.

  1. Hi Chaps

    I was excited to try these Treet 7 Days blades as I LOVE the Treet Durasharp (a carbon steel blade with a ptfe coating - it is crazy sharp! Doesn't rust as easy as you think either due to that coating!). These 7 Days blades are Stainless with a "Platinum sputtered edge", and it looks like they are marketed at the same premium market as the Gillette "7 O'clock". Sputtered edge sounds interesting, but

    Packaging - I love the green, yellow and orange tones, look very retro. They are double wrapped, the inner paper being waxed. NO WAX dots to clog up the razor, or to stick the wrapper to the blade causing you to slice off the end of your finger, bonus!

    Well, first shave was fantastic, very sharp, there was no dragging and lovely and smooth on all passes. Buffing was a pleasure, no irritation, BBS.

    When I get BBS, I can still mostly see the visible hairs, unless I use a feather and buff which is where I can get rid of most of the visible stubble (but this does come at the expense of quite a bit of irritation). With this blade, it didn't match the feather, but it was a closer BBS than I get with other decent blades, so i'm very happy with it. The Feather gives the closest BBS, but it comes with irritation, this 7 Days jobbie isn't quite as close, but i'm not getting the irritation with it. Maybe it should be called "Happy Days" :)

    I've just had another shave with it, and it seems even better, not sure if that's because i've used it once before, or if it's now been broken in. By better, it's just as sharp, but it seemed to glide even better.

    I'm not too bothered about blade longevity as blades are cheap, but I've been reading many threads about how blades get better with use. I think i'll give this one a good bashing seeing as it has given me two cracking shaves, and it could be one of the best blades i've ever used! Will post back on this thread when I've used it some more.

    Anyone else love them?! Never see anything about them on the forums, so some other views would be fun to read!

    Over and out! 7days.jpg
  2. I love the carbon stuff from this maker, smoothness is off the scale in the Krona and EJ
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  3. Geofnay


    I'm a fan of the Durasharp too ...
  4. Yey fellow Durasharp lovers! :) I've not tried the black beauties, as i'm guessing they are the same as the Durasharps, but without the coating, can anyone confirm?

    Had my third shave with this 7 Days blade today, and it was the best one yet. I was relatively rushed as I was late to work, but had a very nice shave indeed. I'm faceturbating as we speak, not BBS anymore, but downwards and sideways is silky smooth. Less sting from the alum after today's shave compared to the other two, no idea why!
  5. vassili


    Ok, so I bought a pack of these after reading this post.
    I tried them for the first time this evening, popped one in a slim Gillette which is generally a safe razor to try an unknown blade.
    First impression was yep it's sharp! It took of most of the stubble with a wtg, then went for a atg, at this point felt a bit of irritation, decided to press on and go for a bit of buffing. Unfortunately quite a bit of irritation and a couple of weepers.
    Now if I had used this blade in the Rockwell it would probably have been a lot better, but I wanted to go with a real world test. I won't write them off yet, but we will see.
  6. Let us know how you get on with a second shave. I'm due a shave today, but i'm busy browsing fancy razors, soaps and all other tempting products! I haven't had any irritation with this blade, and found it got better with shaves on it. Good luck :)
  7. Had a couple more shaves on this blade and the same results as before. It got smoother and stayed that way, lovely! Not had any more as I got bored and wanted to try another blade lol. I didn't chuck it though, will pop it back in for my next shave I think!

    How did you get on Vassili?
  8. Oomer


    +1 I bought 100 treet dura sharp after trying one and love them. I have just bought the treet super platinum too, very impressed with Treet.
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  9. They are very good blades, have you tried these 7 Day blades? Better than the Super Platinums I think, much sharper. They aren't quite as sharp as the Dura sharps, but very sharp nevertheless and much smoother :)
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  10. matteob


    I have the black beauties and I like them. Only good for 2-3 shaves though and always spray with alcohol afterwards. I tried the Premium Platinum Treets though (stainless) and they were rough as old larry. I will have to try the coated carbons.


    Just got some Durasharps and agree with you: one of my best shaves in the Parker 24c. I can see these being a mainstay.
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