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The magic blade?

Discussion in 'DE Blades' started by Satanfriendly, Friday January 5, 2018.

  1. I have had quite a few disappointments with some Feather blades recently due to inconsistent quality.

    Then unexpectidly I find a blade which gives me the best shave I have ever had and just wish it would go on forever. A kind of magic blade in an otherwise duff box.

    Anyone else or am alone and just being stupid?

    Ps. I can live with stupid......or so my wife tells me
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  2. I don't use feather blades very much as I have found them rough although sharp but if I was a regular user of these blades it would drive me mad if the quality was so inconsistent, not knowing if I was to be getting a good shave or maybe the chance of getting lucky. If you have had so many duff blades a normal one would seem magical and knowing that the next one may be a duff one it's no wonder you would want this " magical blade " to go on forever! :)
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  3. I can certainly see the logic in you reply. May be time to try something else.

    Any alternatives where magic is a regular experience?
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  4. Not cheap but my DE blade of choice is the Polsilver from the old Lodz factory in Poland, no longer in production but you can still buy them from Shaving ie, wonderful blades! :) I can send you a couple to try if you like. Paul.
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  5. Thank you very much for your kind offer which I would like to take up.

    I did try a Polsilver (Israel if I remember correctly) and had to quit after a few strokes. I do recall though folk mentioning they were very dependent upon where they were manufactured.

    Thanks again and PM sent
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  6. Bogeyman


    IMO, the mythical "duff" blade with few exceptions is simply user error which can be lain at the feet of poor prep or an inferior soap/cream and/or faulty technique. The optical systems employed by QC as well as random testing is phenomenal. In other words, it's the Indian and not the arrow.
  7. JohnnyO


    When I use one of my DEs it's Feathers I use SF, however my stock of blades goes back a few years, so it's possible standards have changed now. I don't honestly recall the last time I encountered a bad one.

    JohnnyO. o/
  8. Paul L

    Paul L

    Astra SP's
    I've never had a duff one

    Personna Blue
    Consistent quality

    Never let you down

    Ask 100 people and you'll likely get 80+ different recommendations
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  9. bozz4fun


    Astra SP
    Polsilver Super Iridium
  10. Jel999


    Couldn't agree more on the 80+ different recommendations.

    After colognes, blades are the most subjective items in the shaving world.
    For me, Gillette Rubies are the absolute best blade. They feel like i'm shaving with silk.
    Polsilvers & Gillette Silver Blue come a close 2nd equal. Notice that they're all made in the same factory in St Petersburg.
    Conversly, anything made in the factory in Moscow is as rough as anything. I've tried Rapira SSS & Platinum Lux and Voskhods - all awful.
    We're all different & that's what makes all this so interesting.
    Happy shaving.
  11. Bogeyman


    I can use the Rapira Swedish Supersteel made in the Moscow factory as it's the best of their lot IMO, but certainly not up to Gillette standards.
  12. Thanks to a very kind Blademonkey I received from a number of blades through the post while I was away. So many thanks.

    After one shave I really have to admit that the Lodz Polsilver is an amazingly wonderful performer. Smooth as a very smooth thing, no cut, no nicks and no nothing else other than a perfect shave. Used on my 'reach for standard' R89 on a Colossus handle. Still relishing the closeness here the next day.

    I did meet a more mythical blade the other day. 'Wow, this is as smooth as it comes experience'. It certainly helps if there was a blade in the razor in the first instance. The mythical 'no blade'
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