Synthetic Shaving Brush - Feedback Thread

Are you still using your SS15062?

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Long term test.

Having had this brush for a while now I thought I'd give some long term feedback.

One of the first things I found was hat the brush tended to flick a bit of soap around while I was using it. Either I have adapted to it or the brush has broken in as I longer seem to have this issue.

In fact this is now a firm favourite especially on hard soaps where it works really well. While it does have a strong backbone the tips are lovely and soft. It must also be one of the easiest to clean brushes I have ever owned. A good rinse and all the soap residue is gone, a few flicks and a towel dry and, not that I would, it's ready to use again. ( I always use a different brush each day giving plenty of drying time ).

All in I love it and it would be replaced with the same if I ever need to.
Anyone done a write up of brushes with different styles of synthetic fibres I really like my inexpensive Men-U synthetic but have no idea how it would be described if compared to Plissoft, Plissong, Black Fibre, Ubersoft something fibre if possible with colour info included because I like my synthetic fibre black or any colour really except faux badger.
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