SOTD : Saturday 12th May - Friday 18th May 2018.

@Blademonkey P. - otters - no go - protected species in Europe - much like badgers - what about seal or penguin tallow? There are loads of them - we might have marketing issues though? The public - are for some reason - a bit squeamish about the animals that are killed in their name. Never understood why. What about walrus? There is a load of blubber going on there? Again marketing problems. Or maybe not? - we could all do it together - do a crowd funding thing - the honest shaving soap tallow company - who's with me? - ha ha - I.
...I did wonder about Panda brushes!

Brush - Yaqi Fan Tux
Soap - Lea Tallow stick
Razor - Old Type
Blade - Shark Super Chrome (3)
Post - Witch Hazel/Nivea Balm
AS - Brut Oceans

Even though my technique with OC razors has improved greatly, I still struggle to coax out a comfortable shave with an Old Type - there just seems to be too much blade feel on the face and irrespective of blade choice the shave always seems to lack the smoothness & efficiency of other OC razors in my rotation.
Wednesday 16th May

Olive Oil Soap
Proraso Red Pre Shave Cream
Wickhams 1912 Scottish Heather Soap
Yaqi Fan 2 Band Badger Brush
Yaqi DOC on a Windrose Brass Handle. BIC Chrome Platinum
Alum Block and Rinse
Naissance Rosehip Oil
Forest Fresh AS
Worth pour Homme EDT

A post Night Shift shave ....and everything performed as it should.
3 passes and a touch up for a lovely smooth, fragrant and close shave:)
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Prep ~ Shower, Valbora tallow soap
Razor ~ Cobra Classic
Blade ~ Schick Proline P-30
Soap ~ Vitos Original (Green)
Brush ~Anbbas Boar
Post ~ Vitos Tobacco Aftershave
Scent ~ Guerlain Santal Royal EDP

Just under a year ago I was kindly lent a Cobra Classic by @culcreuch to road test for a while, ever since I have been trying to secure one for myself because the shaves I had from it were fantastic.
That day came a short while ago and today it was delivered to me. I had not shaved for a couple of days knowing it was comming so I had a bit to shave off.
After a quick inspection of the razor with a jewellers loup I was satisfied that all was well and it was time for a shave!
I fitted a proline blade because I found this to be the most comfortable blade the last time I used one in a Cobra and the shave began, the first pass took just about all my stubble off and very smoothly too and a second pass plus a little clean up was all that was required to achieve a BBS finnish. Im Proper pleased with my purchase and look forward to many more shaves with it.

Thank you B. for introducing me to the Cobra, it left a lasting impression. :) P.
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3 passes with the Pipe Razor last night. Had to send it back to the CrOx before this shave as it was becoming dull. Much better now - did get my chin once though. Went for an aftershave lotion and a balm for its moisturing qualities, which i usually don't do.

Omega Pro49
OSP Barbershop soap
Geo. Wostenholm and Sons Pipe Razor
A little alum
Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm, and
Pinaud Clubman After shave lotion

Have a great day
Wed 16th May

Omega 11137
Tabac Stick
Mongoose B3
Schick Proline [ 10]
Tabac A/S lotion

Another good Shave with an AC/SE, this time with a shiny Mongoose B3. Mainly I use them with a Schick Proline, and that seem to deliver trouble free Shaves every time. The bonus of course is that finished Shave quality tends to be top notch too. Must give the Feather Pro more of a chance as I acquired a few before the Schick blade came on the scene.

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Glycerine Soap
Grapeseed Shaving Oil with additional EO's
Plissoft Brush
Feather Professional Artist Club DX
Kai Protouch MG
Gillette Mach3
Witch Hazel lotion
Speick AS
S3 Agua de Colonia Frescor Natural

Touched up and finished off with the Mach3.

There are pro's and con's with the Kai Protouch MG's. They were not as close as the Feather ProGuard's. However, they also didn't make my face feel as it had been dermaplaned and would need to rest my face for a few days :)...
...I did wonder about Panda brushes!
Nice idea - High Mountain Panda, Two band Panda, Best Panda - I'd pay top dollar for that - although I can hear the PETA jihad being prepared as I type. Next thing you know David Attenborough is throwing red gloss paint over your front door. You don't want to mess with your iconic species. What about Polar bear? - I.

Schick J 1 injector razor
Chinese Schick blade (#1)
Haslinger Sandalwood soap (old tallow version)
Brisk generic AS
RazoRock 24mm black fiber brush

I had loaned this injector to a buddy loaded with a new "Chick" blade, but he never used it. Fantastic shave, but I think I have to give the nod to the modern Personna blade in the later model injector razors with the "Chick" working better in earlier more aggressive ones. YMMV.