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SOTD : Saturday 10th March - Friday 16th March 2018

Discussion in 'Shave of the Day' started by SpeedyPC, Saturday March 10, 2018.

  1. Greetings

    Tuesday 13th March 2018
    Prep: Shower
    Razor: Muhle R41 (2013)
    Blade: Bolzano
    Brush: L'Occitane Plisson
    Soap: Tabac
    Aftershave: Simple Moisteriser
    EDT: Van Cleef and Arpels Tsar


  2. image.jpg ~SOTD~

    Prep ~ Shower, Valobra tallow bath soap
    Razor ~ Ever-Ready 1912
    Blade ~ Gem SS Coated
    Soap ~ Cyril R Salter Solid soap (Tallow)
    Brush ~ Omega boar
    Post ~ Bart's Balm Aftershave lotion (Lavender oil)
    Scent ~ Agua Lavanda Cologne by Antonio Puig

    A lovely shave from the 1912 and the wonderful Salter shave soap, I was left as smooth as velvet.
    My first proper use of Bart's Balm AS Lotion and it was fab, it was absorbed into my skin leaving it feeling supple and nourished and didn't leave an oily residue, fantastic, a great Lavender scent too!
    I finnished off with a cologne that has been around since 1940, the Agua Lavanda cologne is refreshing and smells just wonderful, perfect for a bright spring day.


    Have a nice day people.....:) P.
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  3. Very pleasant SOTD
    Rockwell 6c #4
    Brush WildWestBrushworks with 24mm Cashmere Knot

  4. SOTD 20180313.


    Cadman / finest.
    Ach Brito Lavanda shaving cream.
    RazoRock "Hawk" V1.
    Schick Proline P-30 (15).
    Ach Brito Lavanda EdC.
  5. Great set up Paul.

    Is your kit sitting on an old tractor seat?
    I am intrigued to know. :)
  6. culcreuch


    SOTD 10th of March to Monday12th March

    KOS Shaving Oil as preshave
    Arko Shave Stick
    Unbranded Chinese Synthetic Brush
    Feather Portable with a Shark Blade
    Alum Block and Rinse
    Boots ASB
    4711 EDC

    In Northern Ireland for the weekend on recce for my Wedding later in the year, so I used the basic Kit I keep at my mother's to negate the need to take much over. Was also nice to be home for Mother's Day for a change. Three passes each day for super smooth shaves although my skin was drying out a little with continued use of Arko. The Icing on the cake was being able to see a Game of Thrones shoot....even though it was from a distance and with some optical assistance. GOT had set up camp and were filming on farmland close to my sister's house! Massive security. Signs everywhere. No Trespassing. No Photography, No Drones allowed.

    Tuesday 13th March

    Olive Oil Soap and RSC Facial scrub
    Vitos Pre Shave cream
    Omega 10029 Boar Brush
    OSP Barbershop Soap
    Muhle R41 (2013) with a Gillette Yellow Blade
    Alum Block and Rinse
    Barts Peppermint Balm
    Alcolada Glacial AS

    I have at long last had the opportunity to try an R41 in 2013 format thanks to @Wayne Pritchard . This is completely different from the 2011 version which I already own. They really are 2 different I don't know why they continued with the R41 label. The 2013 version is heavier, and a different geometry with much less blade exposure. It was a pleasure to shave with and required a lot less concentration for an excellent 'bloodless' result! It will be interesting to see how it compares with my Ikon 104 which I have still to use.

    3 passes for a fantastic BBS Shave:)
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  7. Really interesting to read your thoughts Brian.
    Enjoy! :)
  8. mr. smith

    mr. smith

    SOTD 13MAR18.JPG
    #SOTD 13MAR18
    Razor: Wolfman .67 WR1 | WRH2
    Blade: GSB (1)
    Brush: Wolf Whiskers 'Bishop'
    Soap: Scheermonnik 'Soek'​
  9. Clint64


    March 13, 2018
    Wolfman Ti OC (0.74mm) with Hempel Ti
    Wild West Brushworks with 30mm Tuxedo
    MdC Fougere
    Myrsol Agua Balsamica

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  10. nolisco



    Maseto Memphis
    Schick Repeating Razor
    Schick Proline B-20 (1)
    d'Ardenne, Short & Bell Kyoto
    Thayers Rose, Nivea Balm & Issey Miyake L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme

    This razor cleaned up a treat, could do with a bit more cleaning but very happy with it. Once you find the handle it shaves quite nicely, no issues at all, no cuts or irritation. My chin could do with a touch up but that's just me being fussy. Mechanism works well, loads the blade as intended with no problem. A little heavy so the weight and shape of the handle takes some getting used to. So far so good, I think it's a keeper.
  11. Tuesday AM 2018-03-13

    Georgetown Pottery G12 scuttle (Hamada & Persimmon)
    Rooney 1/2 Faux Horn Finest #2 (24/52)
    Ralph Lauren Safari shaving soap (vintage)
    Delta Echo Ink Edition Feather AS-D2/UFO Colibri
    Wilkinson Light Brigade (11)
    Ralph Lauren Safari aftershave (vintage)

    Safari, a favorite fragrance and an underrated shaving soap.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Pre; Clinique for men exfoliating face scrub + bloom water
    Muhle R41 with Stork titanium Consul handle / Polsilver SI (3)
    Wolf Whiskers fluted pi day / Shavemac D01 2 band 'flat top'
    P&B Spitfire
    Post; Thayers cucumber / Myrsol Plastic shave / L'Occitane Cedrat after shave cream gel

    5 days growth to mow down, so I opted for the ever so efficient R41, one of my fave razors. Once you master it, it can be super smooth and extremely efficient. An excellent shave all round.
  13. slantman


    Asylum Polished SE
    Schick Proline (3rd day)
    Asylum Aloe Shave Cream
    Asylum Scanlon Synthetic
    Paul Sebastian Balm
    PAA Atmotic After Shave
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  14. Rohleder



    Big thanks to @Burgundy for the Thäter, love it. German themed shave required a relevant background image, I had to make a difficult choice between beautiful scenery or a couple of broads... The choice was obvious :D
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  15. Thank you Wayne, yes it's an old tractor seat, well spotted! :)
  16. udrako


    SR: EJDE89Lbl
    Blade: Derby Extra
    Brush: Semogue 620
    Cream: BIC Sensitive
    ASL: Jovan Musk
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  17. SOTD: 130318
    SOTD 130318.jpg

    Blade: Gem SS #4
    Razor: Gem MMOC
    Soap: P&B Volupta
    Brush: Black Anvil 24mm HMW Custom
    POST: Thayers With Hazel
    EDT: Ferrari Bright Neroli

    The sun is out so I jumped at the chance to use the Volupta soap.
    Outstanding performance and the scent is divine.

    My 3rd use of the High Mountain White and I must say I am over the moon with it. The tips are cloud soft and the flow through is superb while retaining sufficient backbone.

    The Gem Micro-Matic is my favourite Open Comb razor to date and never fails to give me a super smooth, irritation free shave.

    Finished with some Witch hazel and a generous helping of the glorious Ferrari.

    Enjoy your shaves! :)
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  18. donnie_arko



    Brush - Omega 80265
    Soap - Palmolive Stick
    Razor - Lord L6
    Blade - Voskhod
    AS - Superdrug Forest Fresh
    Post - Nivea Balm

    I used the Vosk in a Yaqi DOC yesterday which didn't work as well as the blade in the Lord L6. Yesterday's shave was the first time I had used a Vosk in for a while, and I forgot they are blades that are very sensitive to shaving angle and seem to be quite tuggy for the first pass but produce great results nonetheless.
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  19. JR SHAVE


    FIRST SHAVE with the unused 1965 Old Spice mug and Soap. It was looking at me for 2 months just asking to be used. Not much of a scent but still performed well.

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  20. [​IMG]

    • Safety Razor: Blackland - Blackbird SB
    • Blade: Polsilver - Super Iridium
    • Shaving Brush: Dogwood Handcrafts - 26mm Abyss (Silvertip Badger)
    • Shaving Soap: PannaCrema - Nuàvia Nera
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