Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic review

I got this brush a couple of weeks ago along with another brush and it is absolutely superb.
Unbelievably soft, very dense knot of fibres, and has the perfect amount of backbone for lathering soaps. I have been using this brush for bowl lathering and it does a outstanding job. Has I mentioned on my previous review on the Razorock Big Bruce, I'm astonished at how soft the fibre tips are, the Simpson feels so nice on the face, despite it having only a 27mm knot (but that is still a pretty big knot in the scale of shaving brushes).

I have used this brush with Proraso soaps and also Taylors Of Old Bond Street tub cream and it performs outstandingly.

The brush does not splay easily, but personally I don’t see the need to do it with any shaving brush and instead use a back and forth brushing motion. You can get it to splay if you really want to, although its not as easy as other brushes. Word of warning though, that Simpson DO NOT recommend you splay the brush, and instead use a back and forth “paint brushing” motion.

It holds tons of lather and still has a heap left in it after three passes, and has enough left so that can I squeeze it out of the brush and rub it around my face.

The brush is really comfortable in the hand, and is perfect and comfortable to grip thanks to the Chubby's excellent ridged handle and remains so even when wet etc. I’m so pleased I went with the synthetic version as I can wet the brush and its ready to go (no soaking required I find) and it dries quickly, albeit not as quickly as the Razorock Big Bruce. But I think the reason is, Simpson have managed to pack an insane amount of fibres into the knot. But in a warm bathroom, the brush would be dry by late on in the day.

And lastly, the brush looks stunning on the shelf, I really love the classic olde worlde appearance of the Simpson Chubby brushes and loved the look of them the first time I saw one. I promised myself a Simpson brush when I first started DE shaving and I’m so pleased I got one, and couldn't be happier that I went with the synthetic version.

Although this brush is probably one of the most expensive synthetic brushes, I find it is really well made, unbelievably soft, and I would expect to get many years of happy shaving with it, and for that, I feel it's worth it's asking price.

Any questions guys, please ask :)

I have the same brush and it’s one of my favourites. Some synthetic knots can have a touch of prickle but there’s none here. Interestingly while synthetics don’t really break in, I’ve found that with this one the knot did seem to relax a bit after several uses and splay more easily. It’s great for face lathering and hard soaps.

That’s it, using mine for my next shave. :)
I had one until the knot disintegrated after 3 just months! While it worked it was the best brush I'd ever used. After my refund I went for a XL Edwin Jagger synthetic, which comes very close to the Simpson.

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