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Proraso on the hight street?

Discussion in 'General Shaving' started by hectorsgaf, Wednesday May 16, 2018 at 16:06.

  1. Any body know where these products may be found on the High Street. Would like to try some of the other 'flavours' but samples seem illusive. Be nice to get into a few jars in the shops and have an unofficial smell at least.
  2. bagman


    An independent chemist, A E Hobbs, in Tunbridge Wells stocks Proraso as well as a good selection of GF Trumper and TOBS as well as other stuff if you are anywhere near there?
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  3. Thank you but no, nowhere near.
  4. Croydon / Sutton. South London / North Surrey
  5. If you ever head across county there is an independent chemist, James Vaughn in Farnham. They have a good range of Geo F Trumper, Tabac, Floris, etc. Don't remember seeing Proraso though. Always check opening times, they close early on a Saturday.
  6. FrankieG


    Last time I was in Piccadilly Arcade (off Piccadilly, Central London) the Carlo Anichini shop stocked Proraso. Worth checking out if you're ever that way.
  7. ...a hidden gem :)
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