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Pre-Shave Wash Important

Discussion in 'Pre Shave' started by Bogeyman, Saturday December 9, 2017.

  1. Bogeyman


    I personally believe that many a wet shaver has bemoaned a blade or a shave soap/cream when possibly a greater factor was what they used to wash their face with before the shave. I say this after using a popular men's face cleaner, L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Charcoal Face Wash, which is better used for a face wash at night before bed as it completely strips all oils from the face leaving it dry as a desert. When used before a shave there is far greater tugging and just generally results in a piss poor shave. :(

    When using one of my two usual face washes, Barbasol Pre-Shave or Phisoderm Face Scrub, the shaves are light years better. One can deduce that a pre-shave wash needs to add some lubricity to the hairs, or at least not completely denude them of everything.

    I have determined this by using different pre-shave washes while using the exact same shave tackle. However, perhaps a true test of a shave soap/cream would be to just prep with water to eliminate extraneous factors. ;)
  2. I just rince my face in cold water to tighten up my skin and face lather and get on with my cold water shave. No pre shave, no soap or anything else. All done before my shower. Great close shave every time

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  3. Roy


    I use a very thin, watery lather to wash my face using the brush. Rinse then shave as normal.
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  4. FrankieG


    I use the same routine with great results.
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  5. ajc347


    I agree that pre-shave preparation is important. I find that I get significantly better results using a glycerine-based soap (such as MR GLO or Wickhams) followed by a thorough drying of my face and application of a pre-shave oil. This has been the biggest factor in enabling me to now use razors that once gave too rough a shave (such as an ATT R1) and more aggressive razors (such as the Rocnel SE-G) without problem. This routine may not work for everyone, but it certainly works for me.
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  6. Benz3ne


    I'm another one in the 'rinse and get on with it' category. I did used to try the whole warm damp towel on face + pre-shave oil lark, as well as trying Wickham's glycerin soaps (which I highly rate) but found that, although there was better performance, the effort and additional time required didn't work for me personally. I'm happier just lathering up on a freshly-wetted face as I know I don't have to rely on something additional for the shave. As a result, travelling is lighter as I'm packing less stuff.

    What I will say is that for beginners, using something to aid slickness will almost certainly help them along with the process of learning to SR/DE shave (or at least, stray away from carts if required). Where a substandard lather might be present, the affect of pre-shave oils/soaps will likely be greater.

    I'd also say that the additional slickness from a glycerin soap would probably help with SR shaving to a greater degree than DE shaving, where I found additional slickness to be the main factor in positively assisting my shaves.
  7. I've never rinsed with something else than water before starting my shave. Works for me. But everyone is different.

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  8. Greetings

    I have tried over several years, all manner of Pre shave washes soaps etc and I can honestly say that none of them have (for me) seemed to make a blind bit of difference, but, to be quite fair I always shower before I shave and use Sanex shower gel so I expect my experiences were not exactly scientific or that meaningful!

  9. Boru62


    Thanks to @mpf9ret, I've found that Neutrogena face soap bar gently cleanses the skin without completely stripping it of natural oils, perfect for a pre-shave wash.
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  10. +1 sir
  11. I shower before I shave and I use soap, to combat any over drying of my skin I apply a small amount of oil on my face as soon as I'm out of the shower. By the time I'm ready to lather up the oil has been absorbed and has done its job. It works for me and where I'm concerned that's what's important. :)
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  12. Sabre


    I find that a good glycerine soap such as Waitrose glycerine soap improves my shave.
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  13. JayGee


    I find a shower is the best prep & then a splash of bloom water to start off face lathering.

    A glycerine soap prewash did help when the soap isn't the slickest, with a good soap it doesn't matter. If I'm using a cream I sometimes use a dab of cream as a prewash leaving my face wet in place of the bloom water.
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  14. Ferry-shave


    My feelings, and I appreciate that YMMV, is that a pre-shave face wash is an essential part of the routine, in terms of comfort and efficiency.

    The wetter the face/stubble, the easier the physical cutting of the hair will be - from memory, the more water the hair absorbs, the easier the cut as the stubble will be further raised from the skin?

    I think if the face is clean, then there is less debris for the blade/razor to pass through, which also aids the shave. I remember shaving after a sauna/steam room (back in my hotel room) and it was one of the best shaves I ever had. I put that down to all the gunk and dead skin cells having been exfoliated / removed from the skin.

    I also find that after a face scrub I get amazing shaves - although I do not do that that often.

    As ever, YMMV.
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  15. Mbarn


    I always wash my face first, and usually shave on an evening. I tried shaving mid-afternoon on Saturday, with nothing more than a warm water splash as prep. I could definitely tell the difference in my shave quality, and irritation on my neck.

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  16. TomG


    Pre-shave products work for some; for others it makes little or no difference.
    I am in the former camp; they make an appreciable difference to the quality of my shave. I should preface that by stating that I have sensitive skin; I cannot use alcohol-based post-shave products in the first few hours after shaving, although I love to use alcohol aftershaves as fresheners during the day or on days between shaving.
    What works best for me, after a hot shower, is a face wash with a glycerine/lanolin facial soap (Valobra Glycerlanolina), followed by a quick massage of the face and neck with either Myrsol Emulsion or Castle Forbes Pre-shave gel. The key difference for me is that this overall process softens the whiskers in my "problem" areas, thus allowing a much cleaner cut without irritation in said areas.
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  17. I rinse with warm water a teatree soap (50p from Sainsbury) that's it.
    Sometimes, when I have more than a day's growth I use a little proraso preshave.
    I do use bloomed water when I can.
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  18. I'm also a fan of Neutragena I work it into my face with my fingers then rinse most of it off with warmish water. I do have some Musgo Real Glycerine soap which I use occasionally but it seems to leave a bit of a greasy deposit especially if my beard is longer, which doesn't feel great.

    Saying that when out and about a quick dash of warm water then crack on usually suffices.
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