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Pre-Shave Minefield

Discussion in 'Pre Shave' started by dave79, Saturday December 30, 2017.

  1. dave79


    At the opposite end of things to the 'Post Shave Minefield' topic I started recently, I have started to think more about what happens pre-shave, which I gather can be near enough as important as the shave itself. Given that I have sensitive / easily irritated skin, anything I can do to better prepare my skin for a shave will help me a lot.

    Aside from your hot shower / bath, what else (if anything) do you do to your face before applying your soap / cream? I am interested to see what combination of the following people have found to work for them:

    Face wash
    Face scrub
    Pre shave lotion
    Pre shave oil

    I've just used a sample of Edwin Jagger Hydrating Pre-Shave Lotion which came with my DE89 and I was quite impressed with the results, though couldn't quite make up my mind if I like my face feeling like I'm in the arctic due to the menthol in it.

    It was also my first DE89 shave though, so perhaps introducing another variable at the same time was a bit silly. The shave was superb but until I do it without the lotion I suppose I won't know how much of a difference it made or if it was simply the change to the DE89 itself that made the shave so good.
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  2. Everyone is different so what may be good for me may not be what's best for you but I always shower and use soap, not always the same soap before I shave. Soap can strip your skin of too much natural oils, so to combat this I apply a small amount of oil to my skin as soon as I'm out of the shower, by the time I'm ready to lather up most if not all of the oil has been absorbed into my skin and it feels soft and hydrated. This works for me and I feel it is of some benefit.
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  3. A face wash and scrub are an essential part of my pre-shave routine and my recommendations go again in the direction of BBA.
    Their Face Wash is formulated to be a mask, an exfoliating scrub and a face wash depending on the amount of water you add.
    Their Shave Oil is second to none, in my opinion, equalled only by Executive Shaving's pre-shave, which has a great "wake-up smell", and has an added advantage of being water-soluble which leaves no residue on brushes or sink.
    Although the BBA Shave oil is not advertised as being water-soluble it also appears to break down easily, leaving no residue.
    Also after an evening exfoliating wash rubbing a few drops of BBA SO into my face an hour before retiring, to allow to soak in, as recommended by @Emma C. from BBA, leaves my skin feeling great and improves the next morning's shave.
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  4. ajc347


    My routine is glycerin soap followed by a good quality pre-shave oil. I've found this to really improve the quality of the shave itself (to the extent that almost all of my shaves are now irritation and nick free).

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  5. SeanC


    As is often the case we are all different and there are many variables at play when it comes to skin. I get great results just using a simple glycerine soap and warm (not hot) water. I do however prefer shaving soaps which are very slick, so this potentially balances things out.

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  6. Mbarn


    My shaves are without a doubt worse post shower. The hair is softer, but my skin is more prone to irritation. It goes completely against the usual advice. I do like to be different/awkward

    I shave on an evening, after washing my face. It’s a good wind down before bed, and no time constraints causing me to rush.

    Proraso Pre-shave is good, BBA oil is excellent. Proraso is cheap, BBA is expensive, but it’s due to the cost and quality of ingredients.

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  7. JayGee


    I've just started this new régime, before showering wash face with a glycerine soap, any will do (sainsburys tea tree cleansing bar is very good), then with my face still wet I massage a pea sized amount of proraso pre-shave into the fizzog. Then I shower.

    I read that proraso works by stripping off the oils surrounding the hair allowing the water to penetrate & soften further, I think this may be so.

    It seems to really work used like this.
    Prior I'd use proraso just before the shave after a shower & it was a nice menthol wake-up, hard to say if it made any difference at all.
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  8. pjgh


    I do as little as I can - a simple wash with soap and hot water, pat dry, perhaps a dab of Prep if I'm feeling irritable. Less is more, for me, having tried all manner of products, stuff and witchcraft.

    Soap-wise, I'm enjoying either Birch Tar soap or Charcoal soap, which is lightly abrasive and good for scratching out all those potential ingrowers if I've left it a day or so. Both from EcoCalm on eBay.
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  9. I hate to go against everyone’s way of doing things but I don’t do any prep. I was my face in cold water, face lather and get on with my cold water shave. Cutting a stiff whisker is easier than a soft limp one. If you pardon the choice of words. I do use witch hazel and moisturiser post though, but not before having my shower. I always shave before a shower. Everyone is different. There are no rules so just do what works for you

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  10. This. I like to shower first but all I do in terms of prep is wash my face while I'm in there.
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  11. Rufus


    KISS. Just a pre-shave shower and a re-wetting of my face prior to lathering. No pre-shave oils or other crud that clog my razor and deplete my wallet. Not much of a minefield for me; just the opposite.
  12. TomG


    Pre-shave is important for me - I proved this with some A/B comparisons.
    I have some "steel wire" whiskers on my neck and chin that require softening prior to applying lather.
    I've tried quite a few routines and products. What works best for me is:
    • Hot water face soak or hot shower
    • Face wash with Valobra Glycerolanolina soap
    • Massage in Myrsol Emulsion
    I've recently been using Castle Forbes "The Pre-shave" instead of Myrsol Emulsion, and it also works well for me.
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