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Photo of the day

Discussion in 'Photography and Photos' started by Helveticum, Tuesday October 20, 2015.

  1. Marvellous Iain. I think I would recognise your photos anywhere. You have a very distinctive style.
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  2. Thank you sincerely for sharing these shots with us Iain.

    You have a remarkable eye .
    It is a skill that only a few have.

    I remember years ago a keen photographer saying to me that when you are ready to take your photograph, pause and look at your capture at a different angle or move to your left or right, up or down and see the difference it will make.

    Finding the subjects you see and create is on another level.
    Superb my friend and "keep um coming" as they say. :D
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  3. Some stunning shots Iain, you have used the fact you were shooting in colour to great effect. Paul.
  4. Digimonkey


    More Madrid - from last week.

    The Kraken awakes - well this is self-evidently an octopus - generally the Kraken of legend is a giant squid but the word comes to English from Norwegian - meaning 'something twisted,' see English cognates - 'crook' and 'crank.' In modern German 'Kraken' means octopus. Generally 'pulpo' - in Spanish - is something that is going to be part of your lunch, not a threat to ships. Busking with images because I haven't finished the psycho-geography project yet.




    Nikon D700 - 18-35mm - Lavapies barrio - yours - I.

    Oh - incidentally - most guide books to Madrid will tell you not to go to this barrio - it is certainly a bit rough but it is the real thing - totally un-reconstructed - where normal people live - 'los gatos' - it has defied all attempts to gentrify it. Which is fine - it reminds me of where I live in Glasgow - Govanhill. It is the traditional 'entre port' - to Madrid. Refugees, illegals - 'los clandestinos,' in Spanish. 'Los de abajos,' - literally, those that live underneath. All the better for it. As I say - reminds me of home.

    @Helveticum @Barry Giddens @Blademonkey @Wayne Pritchard
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  5. Stunning work Iain.
    I am really looking forward to your forthcoming pics.

    Now that is a place I would like to visit.
    I enjoy going to places that the books forbid. :D
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  6. Digimonkey


    Thanks Wayne - should you find yourself there - start off at Tirso de Molina - where myself and my partner had an apartment last week - follow Calle de Lavapies down hill for several blocks - you'll come to the main square - which isn't actually a square - more a triangle - where the underground station 'Lavapies' is - then take the right fork into the 'Trabajeros' area - the workers barrio. Even more hardcore. Definitely off guide book. Not for the faint hearted. There is a church there that has the bullet holes preserved from when it was one the last places to have held out against Franco. Because of Orwell everybody thinks of Barcelona - but Madrid was the last to fall. Republican to the last. You should go to Madrid - it's a fantastic city. Home of shaving porn - if nothing else. _ I.
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  7. It’s a great city. ‘No Pasaran’ - La Pasionaria.
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  8. Digimonkey


  9. pjgh


    Moody snap taken on my iPhone on Anglesey a couple of days ago:


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