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Photo of the day

Discussion in 'Photography and Photos' started by Helveticum, Tuesday October 20, 2015.

  1. Fascinating! Would this have been 'officially' sanctioned? Or is it more of a 'Banksy' with a chisel...?
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  2. It's set up in a disused quarry as a art center for stone sculptures.
  3. Excellent!
  4. Good, it's always courteous to ask for permission and it can still be natrual as you can see in my artist picture, he just carried on as he was doing before, you can just take shots of people without their permission but in this day and age people tend to get suspicious of people taking photographs of them if you get spotted! :)
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  5. @Helveticum - Great picture. The side and back-streets are where you might learn about a city I've often found - with it's skirts' raised. The Spanish do graffiti very well and it's a given as the backdrop for a picture. I've followed with interest the various comments and contributions today about the idea of photographing strangers - what's the etiquette? - if that's a way of putting it. A subject of interest to me as a photographer. It's changed over the years and entirely depends on the culture you are in - in my experience. Cheers - I
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  6. Atocha2SR.jpg

    Inspired by @Helveticum - street photography - with frank apologies to Edward Hopper. Around Atocha station in Madrid. Middle of the night. I
  7. Thanks!
    As for the etiquette - so what's your current stance on this? Are you willing to "lose" a great shot if you feel like someone might get agitated?
    Also, I've also traveled a little bit (just over 30 countries), so would be curious to hear/compare - what countries do you think are more reserved in that manner, and where you wouldn't feel comfortable shooting openly without permission?
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  8. Also, a little announcement (more of a kind request) since activity seems to have picked up a bit.
    Could members posting here also write down what they'd taken the picture with? Camera (or phone), lens, and film (if that's the case) and whether it's post processed, no need to go deeper than that.
    I believe at least some of us will find this interesting.
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  9. @Helveticum - I'll think about this and post later when I have the time. You ask some pertinent questions. Cheers - I
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  10. Dreamy Romanian morning
    Shot with a phone (LG G4s)
    PP: Instagram
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  11. wooky114


    Probably the last time I had my own camera out...


    I photograph most days but that's work stuff...
  12. Alicante15-4-SR.jpg

    @Helveticum - still thinking about street photography. Rules of engagement and protocol. Alicante. Cheers - I.

    Sorry - forgot -

    Camera - rangefinder - definitely - either a Leica or Voigtlander
    Lens - not sure - 35 or 50 to my eye
    Film - Possibly FP4
    Filters - Yellow 1
    Post-production - minimal, I have a rule that I don't use Photoshop to do anything I can't do with my hands in a darkroom.
  13. Can't figure out - double exposure or reflection? Excellent shot, needless to say.
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  14. Quick snap using the phone on the way to guides, cropped. Rainbow and sunset (I'm facing SE ish) blushing the clouds/haze. The sunset got more amazing as time went on but was over by the time the Dad Taxi came to rest :(

  15. Superb! Again - this could well make a cover of a book!
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  16. Thankyou :)
  17. @Helveticum - reflection. Thank you. Cheers - I
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  18. Malaga11-14SR.jpg

    @Helveticum - reflections can be a good friend to the street photographer. Malaga. Cheers - I - Oh - same gear as before - I'm pretty sure this was shot on Pan-F. Looks like it.

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  19. Stunning work. :)

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