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Photo of the day

Discussion in 'Photography and Photos' started by Helveticum, Tuesday October 20, 2015.

  1. Circumnavigating the Isle of Rum - looking NW over Canna to the Outer Hebrides. I RumSR.jpg
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  2. Fabulous picture, that looks like a tough yomp!
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  3. @Blademonkey - You're right. It was brutal but rewarding. It looks fluffy and lovely on a nice sunny day - the scenery is undoubtedly world class but because there is - basically - bugger all on the island - other than deer and views - you end up carrying a huge pack. You have to be totally self-sufficient. We carried rods and eat fresh fish most days - both saltwater and loch caught trout. Every day was an invitation to snap an ankle or worse - and a long way from help. I've had the privilege to have been trekking in the Indian Himalaya, Ladakh, Kashmir and the North West Frontier of Pakistan but the terrain is as brutal on Rum - in terms of what it takes out of your body. No altitude problems I guess. You don't get avalanches. Or indeed snow leopards. On the other hand you do see sea eagles - they are magnificent creatures. Like a wardrobe with wings - massive. Hard work none the less. I Rum3SR.jpg Rum2SR.jpg
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  4. Wonderful!
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  5. @Helveticum - that's a great pic - who can resist back-lit water droplets? I'm inspired to post this image after seeing yours - same idea but just done differently. Oh - it's not a double exposure. Palma Majorca - I Palma4SR.jpg
  6. Love the pictures from Rum. I had hired a camping pod over on Rum for a few nights planning to do a few walks on the island. Came down with flu so didn't go over. :(
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  7. @thegallus1 - That's a bummer. It's an amazing place - if the weather is good. Otherwise it can be grim. Bad weather can lock in for days - weeks. Also don't go in midgie season - the worst I have ever experienced. I
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  8. Heh, can't compete with that! Really nice, and very Noir.
    Damn, these conversations are giving me photography related dreams already :) Need to go shoot today somewhere.
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  9. @Helveticum - thanks for the compliment. It seems it's just you and I posting here - how could we broaden it out and get others involved and contributing? Any ideas? I like posting on this thread for several reasons. One being, it has encouraged me to re-visit my archive hard-drives - I've enjoyed remembering places I've been to, the people I met. So today's submission - landscape photography appears to be popular - a view across the upper Indus river valley in Ladakh, Indian Himalaya. If you are wondering - where is the mighty Indus? One of the world's great rivers, it is barely discernible at the bottom of the pic. It was taken in the dry season - the snow that feeds the river hadn't yet melted at this point. It was barely a foot deep. Relatively speaking - we are not that far from its source in Tibet, so even in flood it isn't that big hereabouts. IndusSR.jpg Cheers - I
  10. Stunning.......I can see a face top left! :)
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  11. Stunning, mate! Going on a trip to Himalayas is one of my dreams.
    In the meantime, I will have to counter with a landscape I took not too far from Reykjavik a few years back.

    As for getting others to participate.. I suppose some will, if the new pictures keep coming up more often. So let's just stick to updates for now :)
    I suppose we could arrange a little photo contest with a symbolic prize at some point later as well.
  12. @Helveticum - Thanks man - funnily enough I have always wanted to go to Iceland but never been. It looks like a photographer's gift. The landscape looks elemental. Mostly put off by the fact it appears terrifyingly expensive. Especially if you fancy a beer. I have been told also that - for both genders - they have one of the best looking populations in the world. All the fresh air and fresh fish - I guess? I liked your ideas about expanding the thread. Let's just keep doing it and maybe some others will join in. A competition - yes - the winner gets a tuck of Gillette Blues! Because of my browser I can't do emojis - but if I could it would be an ironic one. Cheers - I
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  13. @Helveticum - I'll get my pic of the day in early. Changing tack - from fluffy landscapes - I post the memorial in Atocha station - Madrid - for the victims of the 2004 bombing. I know this station well - I have passed through it many times - thankfully the attackers didn't get the timing right. The bombs blew up just outside the station. If the Cerciana - local train - had been in the terminus - there would been an even greater carnage. This is a picture of the extremely eloquent memorial to them. I have photographed this place many times - it never fails to move me. @Whitefiver - you've posted before - why don't you join in? All photographers welcome. I. AtochaSH.jpg
  14. @Helveticum - occasionally I do take colour pictures. Just occasionally. It must have been a Voigtlander. My Leicas are colour intolerant. Same place obviously. Atocha memorial. I Huertas1SR.jpg Cheers - I
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  15. Well, talking colour film - I don't have that many shots to post, but here's one that's quite special to me, despite being taken with a cheap camera long time ago. It's about the memories.
    Fishing near Kodiak, Alaska.
  16. @Digimonkey Sure I'll post the odd picture or two, but I'm afraid I cannot compete with the absolutely stunning landscapes that have been posted recently! Here's one from the Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas.

    Lest We Forget.jpg
  17. A great photograph of a wonderful thought provoking sculpture .
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