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Pass Around: Tatara Masamune Razor

Discussion in 'Lending Pool' started by riverrun, Sunday December 17, 2017.

  1. First shave with a Vokshod wasn’t very good, patchy with some irritation. Very patchy actually with no efficiency.
    Second shave this morning with a Feather as recommended to me @Wayne
    That’s more like it. Not a bad two pass shave at all. No buffing needed. Not very long lasting though
    That’s it for me.
    I think with a Feather you could probably get some real good shaves, unusually for a Feather it never felt like it was going to nick me.
    But it’s not an ideal blade, expensive to buy and naff after the second use.
    It’s well built and clamps the blade firmly but not for me quite as nice as Timeless etc
    Love the box!
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  2. The razor landed safely today. I look forward to giving it a go on Saturday morning. Thanks to @Paul for making the razor available for the pass around, and to @riverrun for his organisational skills.
  3. riverrun


    Thank you. Not too many places left on the list....
    1. sɐǝɹpu∀/riverrun (ATG/TSR)
    2. Blademonkey (TSR)
    3. carbold (ATG/TSR)
    4. Rowlers (ATG)
    5. Salv (ATG)
    6. Holyzeus (ATG)
    7. Barry Giddens (TSR)
    8. ajc347 (ATG)
    9. p.b (ATG)
    10. Mikey J (ATG)
    11. Tomhstorey (ATG)
    12. Wayne Pritchard/2hot 2trot (TSR/ATG)
    13. Boru62 (ATG)
    14. ManicDee (ATG)
    15. Andymc133 (ATG)
    16. bagman (TSR)
    17. Celar36 (ATG)
    18. Nosdoh (TSR)
    19. Benz3ne (TSR)
    20. fixedwheel (TSR)
    21. nolisco (TSR)
    The list is open.
    Legend: Waiting, Currently with, Completed [/s]Pulled out[/s]

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