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Pass Around: Rocnel SE-G (GEM/FHS blade) razor

Discussion in 'Lending Pool' started by riverrun, Friday June 9, 2017.

  1. Not at all Paul. I just don't think it's for me at the mo. Still learning my trade, so to speak.
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  2. Well that's ok then , I would not want to be the person who put someone off trying something new. :)
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  3. From what I have seen, you are more likely to encourage someone to try something new. :)
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  4. Luckypip


    Could you remove me from the list please Andreas
    Reading up on the feedback, I don't think I would find it suitable for me !
    Many thanks
  5. @MPH would you please PM me, you are next in line for the Rocnel SE-G , I just need your name and addresss and I will post out to you on Tuesday to arrive Wednesday.
    Many thanks,

    Last edited: Saturday August 12, 2017
  6. ajc347


    @riverrun - would it be possible to be added to this pass-around as well please Andreas?
  7. riverrun


    You win some, you lose some.... :D
    1. sɐǝɹpu∀ / riverrun (ATG/TSR)
    2. Looney12345 (ATG/TSR)
    3. Mikey J (ATG)
    4. Mr_Smartepants (ATG/TSR)
    5. Mr Bigmem (ATG/TSR)
    6. p.b (ATG/TSR)
    7. Blademonkey (TSR)
    8. Barry Giddens (TSR)
    9. Luckypip (TSR)
    10. MPH (ATG/TSR)
    11. Bizzyberry (ATG/TSR)
    12. AndyMc133 (TSR)
    13. The Geordie Shaver (TSR)
    14. Glenn_Lee (TSR)
    15. shevsky (TSR)
    16. Burgundy (ATG)
    17. ManicDee (ATG)
    18. ajc347 (TSR)
    19. You?
    The list is open.
    Legend: Waiting, Currently with, Completed Dropped out
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  8. I have been in contact with @MPH and I will be posting the razor on Wednesday to arrive on Thursday. Tracking details to be Given when posted.
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  9. image.jpg image.jpg I was prepairing a feather blade to use with the Rocnel tomorrow, now as you can see from the bottom image the Feather blade is deeper than the Gem so I thought this is going to be even more aggressive with that extra blade exposure, however when I put an used de spined Gem blade next to a un doctored Gem blade as seen in the second image you can see the back of the blade does not go all the way to the back of the spine, so when I put a spine on the Feather and pushed the blade all the way to the back of the spine as can be seen in the first blade image what you end up with is a shallower blade than the origanal Gem. Less exposure may give a less aggressive shave, as you can also see I have taken the corners off the cutting edge that were causing me problems whilst shaving by digging in and scratching or even cutting my skin. The blade fits in the razor and there is less blade exposure , so I will see how that goes tomorrow. ( the 009 RD spine is from my spent Pal Super carbon blade) the image at the very top is the razor fitted out with the Feather blade and there is a reduction of around 1mm of blade, will it shave? I will find out tomorrow and report back. :) P. image.jpg image.jpg
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  10. riverrun


    Good luck - shaving any stubble off.
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  11. If these things are not tested we will never know, I will know tomorrow morning. :)
  12. riverrun


    I didn't say you shouldn't have a go - by all means.
    Feel free to try the Rocnel SE-G slant afterwards (last image)

    The problem I had convincing myself that I should try a Feather blade in the Rocnel is that I think the Feather blades are crap anyway. I use them in Valet Autostrop razors because no other modern blade fits. I've never had one stay sharp for a full two shaves in any razor. They are not the reason why Feather is famous for making blades...
    I'm looking forward to reading your report tomorrow!
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  13. @riverrun , you were quite correct 1mm shallower was too much and made the razor far too mild so I reset the blade 0.5mm shallower than the Gem blade and got a great shave from it and my skin is feeling good, who would have thought that 0.5mm could change what I considered to be an overly agressive razor into one that I felt comfortable using, it took five shaves to work it out but work it out I did. There was no chance of the razor turning into a slant, not with a spine secured to the back of the blade, I tried, and it would not do it.
    If I was stuck with this razor I would simply reset the Gem blades by 0.5mm and reclamp the spine and then I would have a blade that would last more than a couple of shaves but be set at the correct hight for Me .YMMV! I will be writing up a detailed report soon to post on here soon , this has been my last shave with this razor, a 1912 tomorrow I think! :) P.
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  14. The razor has been posted to @MPH and he will receive tomorrow .

    My end report regarding my time with this razor to follow soon.

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  15. My end report for the Rocnel SE-G....I covered the lengthy blade loading procedure in my first report along with my opinion on its looks so no need to dwell on any of that.
    I feel this razor is flawed in its design, many people and not just myself have been scratched or worse, I still have two scars on my cheek to remind me, the blade bed is not wide enough or blade stops should have been used to cover the exposed corners of the blade.
    I see the ATT do not use blade stops on their new Gem razor but the blade bed looks wider and should keep the corners from digging in whist shaving, I rounded the corners of the blades I used and I did not get any more problems, I should not have to do this on a razor that I assume has been tested before being manufactured and put on the market.
    I personally found the razor to be very aggressive but that is just a personal thing and I can't find fault because of that.
    The balance of the razor is way off, it is too head heavy in my opinion, maybe a longer handle would sort this.
    I gave the razor a fair go and after five shaves with it I had made up my mind it was not for me, however on my last shave I played around with the blade exposure by using one of the feather blades with a spine and found if the blade was .5 of a mm shorter it changed the complete feel of the razor and it was almost a joy to use, so maybe another design change for the next one to make it less aggressive and more useable.
    Would I buy , not this one, if some of what I concluded to be problematic were addressed I may try again.
    I would like to thank @Paul for making this pass around possible and thank you to @riverrun for his tireless administration with these pass arounds, it is very much appreciated.

    Paul. :)
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