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Palmolive Stick VS Arko Stick?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Desert, Friday April 28, 2017.

  1. riverrun


    It took me two years to finish a stick of Arko. Or so I thought.
    Then I discovered that I had only grated half a stick into the bowl.
    At that rate a dozen Arko sticks will last me roughly 50 years.
    I'll invest in some more Tabac instead. 250g for the same price. :D:D

    P.S.: It took me two years, because I wouldn't be able to use it exclusively - unlike Tabac.
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  2. Cristobal


    Funnily enough, I've just bought a stick of Tabac one hour ago (£5.95 on Ebay UK shipped). A dozen of Arko sticks for a little more than a tenner is good, but (scent-wise) boring on the long run though.
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  3. Fair point. I couldn't use the same soap every day no matter what it was, I think that's part of the reason using carts and cans is so depressing varity, same thing day in day out. Give me a different soap , razor and aftershave/ EDT/ EDP every day and I'm as happy as a kid on a beach :)
  4. JohnnyO


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  5. @Fergiebilly absolutely loves Arko, and he would be truly delighted if you bought him a dozen sticks as a surprise gift.
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  6. donnie_arko


    Generally Arko is regarded for the following things
    - It produces a good lather without too much trouble irrespective of hard or soft water
    - Some observe it can smell like urinal pucks
    - Some can find it to be on the drying side of things

    The Palmolive stick
    - Cheap
    - Easy to lather
    - Somewhat unspectacular scent

    FWIW, I'd avoid getting a full box of Arko sticks it's scent really is a love or hate thing, I can just about tolerate it. I find the Palmolive stick to be much gentler for my skin but YMMW as always.

    For about the same price or a bit more you could get a 1000ml block of Vitos which is a superb performing soft soap.
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  7. I like both, but I think the post-shave feel of Palmolive gives it the edge over Arko, which can be a bit drying.
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  8. It's gotta be Palmolive for mine.

    It's just an incredible performer for its price. It's an incredible performer at 10x its price.

    I find I have to be in a particular mood to use it due to its scent. I find the scent most relevant when I am thinking about loves lost, the inevitability of death, the inexplicability of life's purpose. In those moments, it's just perfect.
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  9. Eagle


    Have tried and own both but the difference for me is clear: Arko gives me irritation it seems using the same benchmark software and hardware as per any other comparative shave.

    I should add that Arko's scent really isn't bad at all. Yes it's a synthetic and average lemon-cologne scent that you might get from a Turkish grocery store.

    But the edge has to go to the Palmolive. For me this is the optimum and benchmark soap. I can't be bothered with anything else these days (well maybe Wickhams Classic 24 if I really want a treat/to tempt myself). Palmolive is one of the few soaps that gives me irritation free shaves, leaves my skin looking great after about two weeks of regular use and yes it costs less than a bag of peanuts in the uk.

    The scent isn't that bad. It's green and soapy and rinses out well. Those of you who know me well, know that I'm mad about scents. But I prefer my scent to come from my EdT or EdP rather than a shaving soap. For me the soap should give me an irritation-free shave and protect my skin accordingly.

    Honesty, I feel almost obliged to buy it in case they withdraw it in future due to poor sales

    It pairs really well with Nivea Sensitive ASB and I use Feather blades.
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  10. donnie_arko


    The Palmolive stick was the first shaving soap I tried using, and I have tried about 10 or so others but seem to always to return to the Palmolive as it seems be the most gentle for my skin and I find it also works well with the Nivea.

    The somewhat utilitarian nature of the Palmolive stick for UK users at least, from my perception anyway makes it a little unexciting but it's a really decent performer.
  11. Eagle


    Quite right. We sometimes take the cheap things for granted. I've done a similar u-turn like you. Started with medium-range soaps and creams, worked up my way to higher end stuff (almost to a laughable point - and it was way more than just 10) and then came all the way back down to humble shave sticks like Palmolive.

    My Arko stick has been demoted to a hand soap until it used up. After going to so much trouble to find it, I'd feel bad to just throw it away.
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  12. For me, Palmolive is the clear winner for performance. Loved in so much I got a couple of sticks and shoved them into the bottom of a mason jar, moulding it slightly up the sides. Lots of lather generated in seconds. Works great with cold water. Leaves my skin feeling amazing. And cheaper than a pack of rizla. Can't grumble at all.

    I'm one of those whos skin is irritated after a couple of days using arko. I like the scent though. Reminds me of the barber shop I used to go to in Cyprus - great memories and the smell transports me instantly. BUT I can only use it once every few weeks at best. Sometimes I just lather it up for the smell though lol I imagine I will carry on using it to break brushes in and "perfecting" my lathering "skills".
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  13. Thalasos


    I've used both, Palmolive in Germany during a holidays and this set aside my Lea stick that I got use when travelling.
    When I bought Arko it's scent remained me Tide or Persil, all washing machine powder soap. Also noticed is a soft soap, much more soap than any other stick. Once used to test and then toss it.
    Now I use Tabac stick when in a trip, but because there's no Palmolive in Spain. Very good stick performer and very balanced ingredients if you make a comparison with what there is out there. Hope someday supermarkets bring the brand here.
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  14. My wife says "I don't like it when you talk like that" lol
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  15. SpeedyPC


    WOW!! :eek: First time using the European version Palmolive Classic shave stick grated into a plastic tub from Connaught Shaving in UK which I am very very please with this soap, so much cushions and very slick and the smell is a little strong to my nose so far I'm very please with the product ;)
  16. The scent...I love it. It is fresh and uncomplicated, and I don't really seek much more in a shave soap. But it's very evocative for me as well: it takes me back to the early 1960s when my Dad was still alive and had his Palmolive stick and Old Spice mug side by side in the bathroom. No matter how often I use it, I always get a momentary flashback when I smell it anew.
  17. I'm wondering if grating Arko and Palmolive together (Arkolive? Parko?) would work or not.
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  18. I like Arko, it's very reliable; however I find that post-shave to be a bit drying. I can certainly be happy with both but Palmolive probably beats Arko in that department. The scent is more agreeable too, which I think is a plus.
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  19. Palmolive for me. Buy Arko by the and PIF it away.

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  20. windows95


    I bought Arko recently, one of those what else can I add to my basket thats cheap thoughts, like the scent and good for the money. Looks like I will have to try the Palmolive too by the replies here.
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