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Oreos in the UK

Discussion in 'Food and Drink Talk' started by Bogeyman, Wednesday December 6, 2017.

  1. Bogeyman


    I see that Oreo brand cookies (biscuits) have been available in the UK for a few years and seem to be doing well. For me at least they are too damned sweet as they use a boatload of corn fructose sweetener. Like many older Americans I wept in silence for the original chocolate creme filled cookie that preceded Oreo by four years (1908): Hydrox. It was sold to another conglomerate years ago and then reintroduced in an inferior form and then was discontinued. Lo & behold an entrepreneur has brought it back and made it better!! Old recipe with cane sugar, no GMO BS & no artificial sweeteners!! I bought a bag the other day and fell upon it like a leopard on a limping gazelle. I couldn't stop eating them. I set some aside in a bag for friends and soon I was even eating those!! I felt like an alcoholic hired as night watchman at a brewery. The shame!! :oops:

    If you have a friend visiting the USA have them grab some to bring back for you. Of course, they will probably eat them on the plane. :p
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  2. I would eat a whole packet of these while dunking them into a nice cup of hot tea no problem. :)
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  3. I remember them, they were wonderful. You lucky dog, you. Enjoy!
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  4. I tried Oreos for the first time this year - utterly flavourless yet, as you say, awfully sweet. For me, a Bourbon is infinitely better.
  5. I used to see the ad's in the Marvel comics when I was a kid and dream of eating an Oreo one day. what a disappointment when that day came. give me a Chocolate hobnob any day.
  6. Benz3ne


    Hear, hear!
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  7. Benz3ne


    Or Jaffa Cakes!
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  8. Them too but a little too sweet after the first packet! :)
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  9. Takes all sorts, I suppose!:D:p
  10. Fig rolls keep you regular...The original dual purpose biscuit.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Rufus


    When I think of Oreos my teeth curl:eek:; they’re too damn sweet and tasteless. Each to his own.
  13. You are right, Oreos are dreadful. Wonder what the marketing geniuses were thinking when they thought Oreos would do well with grown-ups in Europe. They were typical included in a kid's school lunch box and not usually eaten by adults. Hydrox were a horse of a different color, however.

    It's funny that there are now people in the US who consider the Oreo European version the better of the two. It also seems odd to me that Europeans lust after Old Spice after shave lotion, which would probably not be the first choice for most Americas I knew.
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  14. Don't tell me the version you get in the US is worse than the ones I tried!:eek:
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  15. Right up there with the very worst, although I'm sure the those above 7 years old who include them as part of their milk and cookie regimen.
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  16. Natures broom.
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