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Notebook advice and recommendations...

Discussion in 'Stationery Corner' started by Blackmass, Thursday July 28, 2016.

  1. Blackmass


    I’ve just started DE shaving (literally two shaves so far) and looking for a note book. I’d like to keep track of what I’m using, razor blades, soaps etc. I’m not sure of the layout or size but I’m thinking of either grading numerically or writing a couple of words on the performance of each shave or item. Hopefully you get the idea of what I’m after.

    I’m looking for recommendations available in the UK please?

  2. I know this is an old thread, but I couldn't help recommending Moleskine notebooks. They sell special editions or plain covers and are available in lined, plain and graph paper. If you're looking for something a little cheaper, Field Notes sell great books and I carry one with me at all times.
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  3. Blackmass


    Cheers Matt, much appreciated.:) I'll check them out.
  4. Benz3ne


    I'm sure you can get them at Tesco. :) I'm 97% certain I've seen them there. Also, the black & red notebooks they sell tend to be relatively good for the money - I found them for £2.50 on offer a little while back and stocked up on them. :)

    Edit: Also well received are Rhodia notepads - they're usually in squared paper and I'd imagine they'd be good for writing up tables and suchlike, as well as being a good quality paper.
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  5. moleskins are abit pricey and if you're using fountainpen you might experience some feathering.

    Rhodia notepads are very nice. I use rhodia dot pad A5 for my notes.
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  6. Moleskines are a little pricey, but can be had on sale from time to time. I'm a big fan of the Rhodia books. They can sometimes be found on eBay for decent prices.
  7. DamianJ


    I use the red and black. Good quality paper that's fine with a fountain pen.
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  8. Reevers


    I use fountain pens daily and find red and black notebooks can suffer feathering and bleed-through.

    Oxford A5 Campus Notebooks have been my workhorse notebooks for the past 3 years. Gloriously smooth 90gsm, that really bring out the ink's shading qualities. I realise not everyone needs these qualities, but at £2.80 on the high street you can't go wrong.

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