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Masters begins today

Discussion in 'Sports and Pastimes' started by Boab, Thursday April 6, 2017.

  1. Boab

    Boab Administrator Staff Member

    First golf major of the year at Augusta today, looking forward to it as always.
    I like to stick a few quid on as each way bets will pay down to 6 or 8th place (depending who you bet with)
    I took, Rory, Rose, Matsuyama, Hatton, Casey. All each way.
  2. Rufus


    I'm very pleased to see Justin and Sergio are tied for first going into the final round. Either would be a worthy winner especially Sergio who has yet to win a Major. I'd also like to see Lee Westwood win, but I think he's not well positioned at this late point.
  3. Love to see Sergio win it just to shove it up Faldo's fith wife's ass.

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