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Jonjie Chinese razor - very aggressive

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Rubbish Triathlete, Thursday May 18, 2017.

  1. I bought the Jonjie razor for £2.69 (incl. postage). The item is described as "Men Steel Classic Safety Razor Double Edge Vintage With Blade" and was despatched promptly, in a bubble-wrap envelope, from the UK. Here's the ebay link:

    The razor comes in a retail cardboard and plastic blister pack. See photos. I've been looking for a razor with a "sharp veneer", obviously.

    The final image shows the blade gap side-by-side with an English Gillette Tech, which explains why this razor is definitely not a Tech clone.

    The razor is very cheaply made but has a decent weight, 51g, all of which comes from the handle, which is made from steel bar. The guard plate in particular is exceptionally thin and light. There is no weight in the head. The handle is rather nice, although you can see where the bar was sawn through at the bottom of the handle.

    The cap lacks the little tabs in the corner that ensure good blade alignment. I had to be very careful to get the blade aligned because it twisted out of alignment when I tightened it. This alone is a good reason for this not to be a beginner's razor, or anyone's who doesn't have keen eyesight.

    The razor has massive blade gap. It's aggressive. I shave very, very carefully and extremely rarely cut myself. I can only think of one or two occasions when I've ever cut myself, and I normally shave in a rush, at 5.30am. I almost didn't shave with it. It looks dangerous. The blade protrudes a long way beyond a line between the guard and the cap.

    Anyway, I shaved with it. I figured, what's the worst that can happen? I followed my usual regime but extremely carefully. I took ages with my soap to get a really good, slick, thick lather.

    I got a very close, clean shave, which is not perhaps all that surprising given the aggressive blade gap. I probably got a bit cocky and went for a third pass on the area under my chin, which I often find tricky, and cut myself a couple of times there (nicks, what I think some people call weepers). I had the angle wrong. I then chickened out of going for a very smooth shave on my neck. The alum block stung a lot, but it feels fine now - albeit very smooth.

    This razor is much the most aggressive razor I've shaved with, but that isn't saying much because the most aggressive razor I own is a RazoRock German 37 slant, and that isn't terribly aggressive. All the time it felt like the blade was completely naked. I haven't shaved with a shavette but this razor made me think I might like it.

    It's good, if you want a really aggressive razor for £2.69. Really, it's good.

    It is definitely not a beginners razor. It is not a Tech clone. Giving this to someone as part of a starter kit would likely put them off DE shaving forever. But for an experienced DE shaver with a heavy beard and a steady hand, it's pretty good.

    IMG_0011.JPG IMG_0012.JPG IMG_0013.JPG IMG_0014.JPG IMG_0015.JPG
    Last edited: Thursday May 18, 2017
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  2. YMMV


    Oh boy, the head geometry/blade exposure is downright scary :)
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  3. JayGee


    Your technique must be awesome to still have a face, blade gap is enormous.
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  4. That's what you call a sharp veneer. I can see that veneer might mean skin, but even then what would a sharp skin be? Baffling.
  5. Glen_Lee


    Did it fulfil its claims of giving you an extraordinary shave? :eek:
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  6. Definitely not at all ordinary. I went through the new boundary of shaving, and let the man feel better. Or at least relieved.
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