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It's taken me far too long..

Discussion in 'Nanny's Silly Soap' started by jds, Monday December 19, 2016.

  1. jds


    .. but just placed my first order at NSS. I don't really know why I have never ordered before, but I am now looking forward to receiving some great soaps. I have pledged to avoid being taken in by the exuberant and ostenatious packaging that our US cousins seem to specialise in at the expense off a quality product (Queen Charlotte Soaps is the only US artisan that I have felt is up there with the best). Anyway why would I not purchase soaps that are made less than 50 miles away and are exceptional to boot?
    Happy Christmas....
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  2. JohnnyO


    Can't imagine why you are, ' not looking forward to some great soaps ' jds, 'cause NSS soaps truly are GREATT ! ( unless of course you really meant ' now ' ) ?

    JohnnyO. o/
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  3. jds


    Exactly what I mean. Most definitely looking forward to NSS lather
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  4. I just noticed this thread. Hope you're enjoying them @jds

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