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Introduction To Bart's Balm

Discussion in 'Bart's Balm' started by BartsBalm, Saturday March 3, 2018.

  1. Thanks Paul. I am really glad that you found the website user friendly.

    Took me a good while to get it all up and running!

  2. Thanks Paul.

    I am glad you found the website user friendly as it took me ages to get at all sort out!

  3. Str8_Shaver


    can't find ingredient list on website... always nice to know what's inside... just saying. ;)
  4. culcreuch


    I think they are in the 'About Us' descriptions
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  5. Yeah the lotion and Beard Oil ingredients are in the About Us page but it shouldn’t be a problem to add in the full ingredient list of all the products. Will try and get these on tonight, if not tomorrow.

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  6. Morning all

    Just to let you know that the full ingredients lists are now on the website.


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  7. Benz3ne


    Heads up Neil, there's perhaps a couple of typos in the ingredients list(s). I'm looking at the Amber and Jasmine one and two I've noted are 'frankincence' which should read 'frankincense' and 'hyrdroxy' which should read 'hydroxy'. I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know if there are any more :)
  8. Thanks Ben

    Must improve my typing skills :)

    I have had a quick look through them and have hopefully got all of the spelling mistakes now.

    Thanks again
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  9. Received the Rosemary and Sandalwood Balm this morning. Just used it and it is great - a really deep and fresh flavour and rubbed in nicely, smooth but not greasy.
  10. Thanks Keith.

    Really glad you are enjoying it.
  11. I ordered the Rosemary and Sandalwood balm and aftershave at the weekend, and they got here today, complete with a nice little thank you card. Verrrry impressed with the quick delivery, will be trying them with tomorrow's shave!
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  12. Had the first go of the balm and aftershave this morning and, suffice to say, I love it. My skin feels great, lovely and smooth and, as said above, not greasy. Will be buying more!
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  13. Nisse


    How much would shipping to Sweden be?
  14. Hi Nisse

    Shipping to Sweden would be £2.


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  15. Glad that it arrived nice and quickly. I know that I hate having to wait for items to arrive, so I always try and get things posted as soon as I can.

    Delighted you are enjoying your items and you are most definitely welcome to buy some more :)
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  16. Couldn't resist, small order went in yesterday!
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  17. Posted yours this afternoon John so should be with you on Thursday at the latest.
  18. Will post your out first thing tomorrow Darrin.

  19. I have to give it a go. Good luck with the business!

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  20. Thank you very much for your support.

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