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I Think I Need Therapy

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum' started by Aussie, Thursday October 12, 2017.

  1. Aussie


    Just three weeks ago I decided to fish out the safety razor I bought a couple of years ago, but for some reason hadn’t persisted with. I picked up a packet of Wilkinson Sword blades at the supermarket for an exorbitant price, and got to work. I didn’t know I was using a Mercur Futur until I looked it up on line. I had a great shave and even enjoyed it for the first time in my life.

    Looking on line was a big mistake though. Identifying my razor led me to masses of information about DE shaving and also about the miriad of magical implements available. One thing led to another and I ordered a Maggard razor and then a beautiful Viking’s Blade Chieftain. But the vintage offerings also beckoned, and I thought I should check a couple of the local antique stores here in Tasmania. In one of them was (as I later discovered) a very nice Gillette flat bottomed Tech from the 1940s. It was beautifully made and gave a superb shave. I was hooked.

    To cut a long story short, I now have a total of seven DE razors on the way. I dare not tell my friends or family - they’d think I’d gone mad. Apart from the Maggard and the Chieftain (please don’t tell me it’s just a re-badged Baili), just today I ordered a nice Fat Boy, and two Super Speeds. One of the SS is a superb mint-condition example which I probably won’t use. The other two purchases are cheap ones that caught my eye.

    To think that only a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t have told the difference between a Gillette and a Gem (although I’m still no expert that’s for sure). Is there a razorholics anonymous? I think I need professional help
  2. Welcome to the rabbit hole :)
    Only seven razors on the way! Yes you need help.....finding more razors, a good start though, keep it up. :) P.
    Last edited: Friday October 13, 2017
  3. 10 months and many, many hundreds of £££££s later, I have discovered that there has been no improvement in SE shaving in a century and DE shaving for the last 60-odd years.
    The best shaving razors cost less than £20, the improvements have been made in the software and blade technology.
    Luckily I've managed to recoup my costs by selling on most of my "recommended mistakes".
    Spend whatever you want on what your heart desires, but what you really need for a great shave costs peanuts,..relatively speaking.

    PS,...The invoice is in the post.
  4. Like what he said! The journey to that discovery is fun though.
  5. AC bladed SE razors, well there's one improvement to SE razors albeit it's the blade that's shaving you but you still need the new razors to hold those new and improved blades. :)
  6. irish1759


    Hi Aussie, my name is Aidan and I have been a razorholic for 3 years. The razors are just the beginning ( a gateway drug into shaving). Next comes the soaps,creams, brushes, aftershaves, balms, and of course more razors.
    Just as my addiction was under control, I fell off the wagon and found the dark world of straight razors..And the process starts all over again.
    And I love it :p
  7. Your Padawan prostrates himself before you,.......What, in the name of The Force, an "AC-bladed SE razor"?,....
  8. Benz3ne


    The likes of the RazoRock Hawk, Cobra, Mongoose, General, ATT SE1... the list goes, on does, mmm.
  9. Thank you Ben, yes all of the above and many more......yes the Gem blade is a fantastic blade, however it can not do what my General fitted out with a Feather AC pro super does , the combination of the razor and that blade is just fantastic. I have used the Pro Super blade in other AC type razors and did not get the same results so my earlier comment about needing the razor to hold the blade was not quite correct, it is a combination of a great blade and an equaly great razor that produce outstanding results. In any case I feel that the blade and the high tolerances that modern razors have are an improvement on razors and blades of 100 years ago.
    I rest my case........:) P.
  10. Bizzyberry


  11. Boru62


    Whether it's an improvement is debatable but it's definitely a change from the traditional SE razors.
    Edit: Sorry, hello and welcome to TSR @Aussie :oops:
  12. newbie


  13. thegallus1


    A welcome to TSR from the Highlands of Scotland.

  14. Welcome. Don't forget that you also need a Fatip Piccolo and at least one stainless steel razor. ;)
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  15. invicta


    Welcome to TSR. The Fatboy will be a nice razor and great to experiment with.
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