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Hot towel tips?

Discussion in 'Pre Shave' started by Canuck, Friday October 21, 2011.

  1. dodgy


    Hi fellow Yankee Doodler,

    Well, I stand at the sink with the towel on my face, thinking about petting bunnies. They are so soft and fluffy.

    I figured everyone did the same thing.
  2. Prius111


    This has always been part of my daily ritual:
    * Shower.
    * Fitjar black soap.
    * Castle Forbes pre-shave, sometimes Truefitt & Hill Coral Skin Food.
    * Always use, Irish 100% pure HuckaBack linen shaving towels. Size: 51cm x 36cm
    soaked in very hot water, leave for 3 min's.

    Note: after shaving use the towel too clean the sink surface up.

    Charles U.K
  3. Wow someone else; I thought i was unique and special with the bunny thing!

    I always use a hot flannel held until it begins to cool (x3). If I don't I always end up sore on my neck.
  4. Sam


    RE: Hot towel tips?

    I'm very new to DE shaving (2 shaves in) but I do use a hot towel, I didn't while using disposables however. I find a warm rinse then a hot towel then another warm rinse gets my face properly prepared, just using my hands and water doesn't feel like I get a properly moistened and warmed face.
  5. RE: Hot towel tips?

    I 'm a bit hooked on Vicks atm, smear a bit on the hot towel for that menthol blast.
  6. dodgy


    RE: Hot towel tips?

    Jeeez Tony, don't be putting images like that in my head,

    Isn't the main ingredient camphor? You actually huff that stuff eh? We are talking about Vapo Rub here....right?

    Because I like you, here's an actual warning from Wikipedia about Vicks being safe or not. Makes you think, since ferrets are so close to humans in every way. I hope this doesn't make you ascairt. Hey, maybe that's what's causing the wheezing during your shaves!!!!

    Here's the quote: Vicks VapoRub creates labored breathing in ferrets because it stimulates mucus production and airway inflammation, which can have severe effects on the breathing because of the small size of their airways.[2]
  7. RE: Hot towel tips?

    :) Thanks for the warning Mart, only 5% Camphor in Vaporub here unfortunately...we're allowed to smear it on kids as well as ferrets.
  8. RE: Hot towel tips?

    I use a cotton flannel soaked in hot water. That helps soften the beard then I apply my pre shave to a soaked face. I think it makes a big difference.
  9. Wish I could use a hot towel and have a hot, steamy shave but with my girly sensitive skin I only dare cold shave at the moment. Cold wash, cold lather and cold rinse. I don't like cold water but the resultant shave for me is excellent. Over time will my skin toughen up? Wouldn't mind but I'm nudging 50!
  10. RE: Hot towel tips?

    First go at this (got the idea from a thread on the site that remains nameless!):

    Brief warm water rinse
    Face lathered T&H 1805
    Rubbed lather in for 2 minutes with fingertips
    Damp hot towel covering the entire shave area for 3 minutes. Towel got lukewarm after a couple of minutes, so I re-warmed it & rung it out again
    Wiped off excess lather
    Re-lathered & did WTG/XTG/ATG passes using DE89 + Personna Platinum Chrome
    Proraso splash & Proraso AS lotion

    I have to say, the results are excellent. A very even, close, near BBS everywhere. Just as good if not better than usual. It did add at least another 5 minutes on to my usual method, but even so, very encouraging.
  11. DPTC


    RE: Hot towel tips?

    I usually wash my face with a face wash first, then put a hot flannel over for a minute or so. Then fill the sink with hot water and dunk my mug in it for another minute. Seems to work ok.
  12. Glen_Lee


    I'm going to add this to my shaving routine from today! :cool:
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  13. Bogeyman


    I am personally of the belief that if you cannot take a hot shower first and only have time to shave at the sink then that is the perfect moment for a pre-shave cream such as made by Proraso or 3P or perhaps some pre-shave oil. I have tried the wet towel/washcloth technique sans shower and for my tough wiry beard it just took too damn long to get good results. As a note, this is the only time I feel a pre-shave cream/oil treatment is necessary. YMMV.

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