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Head Shave Help

Discussion in 'Shaving Help' started by Boybunny, Sunday April 15, 2018.

  1. Afternoon all so I have had a grade one on the bonce for the last 12 months but now I'm looking to start shaving it and as I miss all my shaving paraphernalia since I grew my beard 4 years ago I thought it was a good excuse to get back into it. Does anyone wet shave thier heads here as I'm after some advice on a decent razor for the job that will get me back into the collecting hobby again and won't cut my head to bits.
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  2. I do mine after a hot shower, get out of the shower but don’t dry my bonce. Then I lather up the head, found an Astra SP in a Gillette Tech is just the job
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  3. I have a really annoying fold of skin/flesh on my head just above the back of my neck which, no matter what DE or SE razor I use, I slice up. I've used a Mach 3 on my bonce for 15 years and TBH, will probably continue so as I get superb results without any issues. However, a cart rips my face and throat apart so I use 'proper' razors to shave everywhere else. As far as I'm concerned, it's using the best tool to complete the job in hand.
  4. Supermangs


    I have stopped shaving my head, but I found it was best done with something fairly forgiving. You're not after a BBS on your head. Both suggestions above (R89 or a Tech) are good options.

    I went through a phase of doing multiple passes, but ended up just giving it the once over, then squeezed the brush onto my hand, rubbing it over my head and making show I hadn't missed any spots. Not worth worrying about super smooth.
  5. I like the RazoRock Hawk for shaving my head. It's mild, cheap, and I find the extra width helpful (it takes Artist Club-style blades).
  6. DeeCee


    I use the Headblade to shave my head..... I wouldn't use anything else. Blades are still expensive (as most cartridges are), I use the Headblade sport and the HB6 blades. I can get a super smooth finish every time with no irritation (multiple passes). One thing I have just recently noticed is that the blades do get very clogged very quickly if using in conjunction with shaving soap, so stick to shaving cream if possible.
  7. jmudrick


    I use the same DE snd SE razors on my head as my beard, work great. Don't over think it, watch a couple videos, learn the pattern of your hair growth and have at it. Nobody has your head so don't rely too much on others' specific recommendations for razors and blades.

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  8. This. I do one pass WTG plus touch-ups if I've missed anywhere.
  9. Absolutely. Best thing to do is try something out for yourself, if it works stick with it, if it doesn't then don't worry about it.
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