French Bakelite DE - Anyone know anything about it?

Picked this razor up in a job lot a few months ago but only just got around to cleaning it. Anyone got any information on this razor?

It had two packs of blades in the box which look in pretty good condition, I may sum up the courage to try them one day. The razor I will definitely be trying soon.


It can take standard blades.
The top cup of the Wardonia is a bit different but the design is very close as far as I can see. Enjoy. I like the Wardonia design and how close it is shaving while keeping things very smooth.

I hope to get one that takes standard blades as I find its a bit of a pain in the arse to modify standard blades to fit in my Devon set.

I had my TOBS mixed with the GFT but it's Al YMMV on SOTD..