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Discussion in 'General Shaving' started by Sezer74, Monday November 11, 2013.

  1. MdC has finished this week. I'll get some more but I've really got to use up some others first.
  2. Wazzer3



    Adieu Shaver Heaven, great soap hopefully will re-emerge in the future.
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  3. Tabac soap.

    It's finally happened, the Tabac is gone. I've been using almost solidly for the past few weeks to finish it off. Great soap, top performance and unique scent. I've actually got bored with the scent now using it so much (I usually change my soaps daily).

    Main question: Would I buy it again? Hell yes! However I'm going to wait until I've reduced my soap stash somewhat. I've even had a custom-made wooden lid for it so it's an honorary soap for me.

  4. In about 2 1/2 yrs of using a brush, ignoring sampes -

    Creams used up: 1 tub TOBS avocado, 2 tubes Ingram, 1 tube Erasmic (new), 1 tube WARS
    Soaps used up - 1 Palmolive stick.

    Finished a Monsavon puck and another Palmolive stick since the above post. Rotation now down to 3 soaps.

    And since then have finished a puck of Kent soap, another tube of Ingram and a bottle of Mennen Green Tonic.
  5. ckeskin


  6. C'mon more info. Was it anymuch good? Would you buy it again?
  7. Louis


    Just finished one of those large tubes of Bulldog face wash. Kept me going for nearly two years and a great performer. Got a bit tired of the 'scent' so won't be replacing it. Sainsbury's Tea Tree cleansing bar has stepped up to the plate and it looks promising...
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  8. Finished ! But I have another. I cannot see myself shaving without this product. A small dab rubbed in after the shave cures any redness or soreness I have never found a balm to rival it. It's odourless too so it doesn't interfere with any scent to finish with.
  9. Lab Series balm all gone.Would get again but not at the price it is
  10. Marvis Licorice Toothpaste bought around Xmas.

    Not really shaving related but it's lived in the same bathroom manbinet and was bought from an online shaving shop (Shave Lounge).
    Really great flavour; so much better than boring old mint you one ever seem to get. Would I buy it again? Yes - and try another flavour (cinnamon sounds nice) when I next put an order in.

  11. flip-68


    finished my tube of Sir Irisch Moos cream - bought it for a tenner about 4 years ago. they now sell for 30 quid if you can find them. very nice scent but i got a bit bored after 3 months of it! hitting my Tobs shaving cream now. not overly loving the cinnamon smell but it goes well with bayrum and should be finished by mid May
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  12. Barbershop Bay Rum made by our own Steve of this parish quite a few years ago.

    Verdict: the best Bay Rum scent I've ever experienced.
    Would I buy it again? Dang right! but sadly Steve isn't making it anymore.
    Replacements: Captain's Choice, Pinaud Clubman, Benjamin's; but nowhere near Steve's. I have Krampert's which is the best I have currently.

  13. Tub of Wickham Spice Trade, which has been in my rotation for quite some time.

    I will say the last few shaves out of the tub weren't the best. It had lost some of the slickness, and didn't lather as well as it used to. This is probably due to it being opened much longer than the 18 month PAO on the tub. But on the positive, the scent remained as good from day one until the end. A top notch product.
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  14. Lovely toothpaste, cinnamon is nice too. Euthymol ? That's a cinnamon taste too, bit cheaper than Marvis.
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  15. Nanny's Warm Spice shaving soap. Got this 4 years ago - used in a vast rotation.
    I has a really warm scent, not overpowering just right. I'd say Nanny's take on bay rum. Weirdly it lathers much better with a synthetic brush; more so than my other soaps.
    Would I buy it again? Yep, the scent is very relaxing but I'd have to reduce the number of my soaps before I increase them.

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  16. If you remember the old Dentyne chewing gum, its a very similar taste to the Marvis Cinnamon.
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  17. My last Astra Keramik Platinum blade. :(

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  18. Wazzer3


    If drink was posted the number would at least quadruple!
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  19. captain_hx


    I have finished one Haslinger soap, one Proraso aftershave and many bottles of booze since starting wetshaving 2 year ago :)

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