February 2018 Acquisitions

These two fragrances from Caron and Guerlain have been on the hit list for a while - the 200ml bottle of Caron was only an extra $15 over the 125ml bottle, so why not?
I have another Caron on the way - really like the edge and fearlessness of their fragrances, be it vintage or modern.
A shoutout to @Barry Giddens for his opinions - fear not, Bazza, I dig the Caron ;).

Phew! Good news Tom. That bottle should last you a while too. The Guerlain Vetiver is gorgeous, but I know it divides opinion a little.
Speedy, if you keep buying crap the Australian Gov't is going to ask you to move to the interior for fear the island will tip!! :D ;)
Australian Gov't need to kiss my bare hairy butt hole first before they start asking for trouble against the Freemason because ;) the Mason can see far more crap in the Government Politician for more than 200 or 300 years... For another words K.M.A. :p:D
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Living in Scotland my summer can be cooler than your winter at times! I am going to Mallorca in July, I hope it is hot but not as hot as 40°C. I have only been to Madrid in March and the temperature was great, by my standards at least. I will definitely be going back to Madrid again, but not in the height of summer.

I think I will look into the Acqua di Agrumi (Acqua di Genoa).:)
Oh, no, no 40ºC in Mallorca! Madrid is on a plain, no sea around and such... lol!

Yes, I think I can imagine what's a summer like in Scotland...

Madrid is nice in spring/autumn, yes. Let me know if you need anything in case you drop here.