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Fantastic customer service

Discussion in 'Nanny's Silly Soap' started by Daz., Friday June 30, 2017.

  1. Daz.


    just had to post this, not connected to NSS other than a very satisfied customer.
    Fancied a lavender and also rose soap, email sent explaining I like tallow soaps.
    Reply saying not any in stock but if I could hang on she would make a batch of traditional in those scents. I was only after a sample but it was not to much trouble for Sharon.
    With service like that I ordered 3 full size soaps and they arrived very swiftly.
    Really impressed with the service and scents not shaved with them yet.
    Thanks Sharon.
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  2. Sharon's original recipe lavender is one of my favourite soaps. Not tried the traditional yet.
  3. Sharon's a good'un :)

    my first proper soap was her soft lime soap - great stuff
  4. matteob


    Sharon's soaps will always have a place in my shave den!

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