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Cyril Salter Solid Shaving Soap (tallow)

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Norfolkdick, Thursday June 15, 2017.

  1. Greetings

    I spotted this soap on e-bay sold by Shave Lounge Outlet at the very reasonable price of £2.95 plus £1.95 postage, the advert stated the soap was a tallow based product.

    Being unreasonably mean when it comes to purchasing soaps this immediately caught my eye, when I researched the soap on the net I only found mediocre reviews and they all discussed a veggie product, the listing clearly stated the soap was tallow. I purchased the soap anyway and I am very glad I did.

    The soap comes in a puck/cake designed to fit a traditional wooden bowl weighing 100 grams it is wrapped in clear film with a label and another ingredients label, it feels fairly hard, I do not know if it is triple milled but it does not feel quite hard enough. I forced it into an old T.O.B.S. shaving cream tub.

    The soap lathers super easy. Arko easy in fact; initially a little bubbly but the bubbles soon disappear with further work with the brush. The lather is 100% stable showing no tendency to collapse it feels and is very slippery and it made for a really good totally problem free shave with the OCMM. The scent is listed as Lavender, I detect no Lavender at all, in fact I think the scent is Grapefruit, in any case it is light and pleasant and it is unlikely to offend anybody.

    I like it a lot.

    Now the interesting and confusing part, this soap is 100 grams and tallow and made in the UK Cyril Salter also lists a 99 gram veggie soap made in the EU with the same name and a 70 gram tallow soap like this one, it does call the tallow soap "New" so probably reformulation and a different maker is involved.

    It is hard to tell what soap some older reviews are discussing but I strongly suspect the veggie version.


    Here is the veggie version, which I have no experience of:-
    download (1).jpg
  2. longplay


    Still some gems out there to be found it seems. Never knew the did a hard soap, I thought it was all creams.
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  3. Paul


    Same soap as Taylor Traditional 57g/99g. Most stocks will be the EU version now.
  4. longplay


    There are certainly some good veggie soaps out there but they seem harder to get right, pretty much anything with tallow seems to work (although it could be their formulas have simply been around longer, therefore 'perfected').
  5. donnie_arko


    I used it today for the first time and I agree with all your observations, a very good soap all in all.

    I'm surprised why the new tallow formulation seems to be stocked by few retailers.
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  6. Greetings

    I am now unable to find any retailer who presently stocks it, it's all a bit strange really and obviously reformulation is playing a hand here. It is not possible to get directly into the Cyril Salter web site unless you have a trade account, it is obviously not for retail punters, you can get in via links posted on the net but you cannot navigate within the site.


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