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  1. Hi gents, I have read the comments with interest. Version 2 is a different beast from Version 1, the head on Version 2 is enclosed, it wraps around the base plate. Every one of the 50 we got in yesterday has been visually inspected and they are all good to go except 2 which have minor, cosmetic faults. Rather than send them back we will sell these as seconds for £35.00 or so when time allows. The machine tooled version has been a slow process, we took Edzell Engineering off the job (they promised everything - delivered very little) and asked Scottish Enterprise to help. They put us in touch with a firm of precision engineers who are based about 5 miles from us, they are an 'under the radar' firm, they don't even have a website yet they are making the jigs for Google and Facebook printed circuit boards to ridiculous tolerances. They have agreed to help us out. Hopefully we have this version ready for testing in around 3 weeks and go into production shortly thereafter.
    I have used the Investment Cast, Version 2 Claymore a few times and in my opinion it shaves just as well as Version 1. We have reduced the price of Version 2 by £5.00 to £69.50. Two passes and I'm good to go. The image below is a Version 2. Brian | Sales Director at Executive Shaving.
  2. Thank you Brian for the clarification.
    I'm sure it will be a hit with me as I like middle of the road aggressiveness which I can step up or reduce by the different blades.
    Looking at the picture more closely, I have no problem with the wrap around head plate. It is an innovation which should be respected and it will definitely hold the head tightly together. I do see the point of either you like it or you don't, but it is a good looking SE and made out of SS at a great price.
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  3. Fasa


    I think i d like to see a head only version...

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  4. Right now we are selling the complete razor - with handle. I'm happy to bring out a head only product once we get our next batch from Cheshire. Keep an eye on the website in about 2-3 weeks time. Brian
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  5. Fasa


    I already am ! Thanks for the info :)

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  6. nick_s

    nick_s mod·er·a·tor

    I'm waiting for the machine tooled version :) I've seen the pictures, it looks good, is a great price and it's supporting British businesses to boot. Worth the wait it will be.
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  7. Gem


    1..who is that Aussie guy?
    2..why does he start a sentence n not finish it his word gospel
    4..a bad tradesman always blames his tools
    5..the claymore rocks
  8. SpeedyPC


    @Executive Shaving this would be a great idea for those like myself who just want to buy the claymore head because I've got too many DE handles from varies length and weight, and really don't need another handle.
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  9. Paul K

    Paul K

    Agreed, I would be interested in the Head only as I have the V1 still being used to this day.
  10. Well gents, It arrived today and I already had my first shave with it on a feather pro.
    It is a hefty razor and will shave just on it own weight which I like in a razor. The blade alignment is perfect even if there is a little play in the head when not tight, but It holds the blade securely. This little head play is due to the round hole which the bottom plate goes through the top plate being a little wider than the post. Having said that, though, I'm sure Brian did this for a reason, presumably to assist for easier assembly.
    The shave is exceptional, 2 passes with a bit of correction and I got a BBs. It is however a bit more aggressive than I like with the pro and next shave I'll try the guard or the MG. With these blades I'm sure it will be perfect. One word of caution. The angle is not intuitive and has to be mastered.
    On the first stroke I used the same angle I use with the general and it was too aggressive. The moment I changed it to a shallower angle it began to sing to me.
    I neglected to mention that the built quality is also excellent and at this price a steal.
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  11. You're right Kypros, the blade will align perfectly when the top cap is secured to the base plate. I'm glad you enjoyed The Claymore Experience. Brian

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