Best badger brush for the money.

I just got a 26mm/50mm Maseto Silvertip, and after my No-name best badger 24mm/57mm it's huge. I'm not sure what to do with it. My No-name lathers better with MWF for a start. I tried the Maseto out with some GSCC cream and that went better. Maybe I didn't soak the brush long enough, and I had to carry on adding water so in the end the lather was too watery. The feel of a lot of hairs on the skin was quite pleasant. The lather did get up my nose and dripped down my chin. It's a very dense brush with a lot of hair - don't expect precision.
The best value I have in my accumulation of shaving brushes is my Simpson The Colonel X2L with a best badger knot. Of equal value is my shavemac with a 22mm finest knot. I use badger brushes primarily, but do intersperse them with boar brushes. The only time I use a synthetic is when I travel, because synthetic knots dry very quickly. I have yet to find a synthetic that can match the face-feel of a quality badger or boar; they whip up a good lather in no time flat, but their face-feel just doesn’t cut for me; they feel springy and well...synthetic.
I also have a Simpson The Colonel X2L that I've used a handful of times in 2 years, I don't know why I don't use it more often but the maseto, shavemac, Sterling, razorock synthetics are always ahead when I need to pick a brush.... I'll try it tomorrow for a change :)