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Autotrader - private sellers

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Glen_Lee, Sunday April 16, 2017.

  1. Glen_Lee


    Good morning all,

    I know there a few car enthusiasts around these parts, & I'm after a bit of advice.

    In the market for a family car. Historically, always bought from a dealership or a garage that I know. Thought I would look at Autotrader, and noticed that some private sales are competitively priced. There's the old adage about if it's too good to be true etc etc.......

    Just wondered if there were any tips for approaching a private car seller & after sale rights?

    Regards, Richard
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  2. You have fewer after sale rights but if the car falls short of the discripion you may have some recourse, the thing to look for is full service history, if none....leave it alone. Full service history plus all the old MOT paperwork is offen a good start.
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  3. David68


    Totally agree with BM. Unless it has FSH and a full MOT history, I would walk away unless you really know what you are looking at. There are loads of good honest sellers out there, but there are more and more little toe rags who buy very cheap, do the minimum to make them run and then sell as though they are mint examples.

    I once went to London to look at a little car for my daughter. The price was good but I was wary when he asked to meet in a car park. I arrived, looked at the car and it was a complete heap of junk with a lake of water around the spare wheel and enough warning signs to make me walk away.

    When did a bit more research, this lad had a bit of a reputation for being a complete wide boy.
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  4. Burry


    Always meet up at the owners home address, and verify this. You might need to track down the seller again. It has been known for rogue sellers to 'borrow' a driveway to sell a car from and pass it off as their home address.
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  5. Private Seller Means its a Business..My Advice..Stay Away from Private Sellers..As a Rule of Thumb..They are Usually Vamped Up to Hide their Sins..:)

  6. Looney12345


    Not at all Billy. I bought my car from a private seller, he was selling because his dad had passed down his own car as he was unable to drive any more. The seller had only had the car for a year, he was a genuine seller and I got a very good deal. Over 1.5k less than the same model and mileage from any dealership. There are genuine sellers out there, you just need to do your research, know what you want and make sure you take the necessary precautions!
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  7. One tip is to phone up and ask is THE car still for sale, if he says which car, put the phone down....he's a trader!

    # this happened to me once and set the alarm bells ringing!
    Last edited: Sunday April 16, 2017
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  8. David68


    Agree Looney. There are some genuine private sellers out there and doing your homework is essential! Sadly there are far too many dodgy people out there only too willing to rip other people off
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  9. Benz3ne


    The other option is to look at owners forums. I know this isn't necessarily the best approach for family cars but there might be some very good info about what to look out for. It helped me buying my most recent car :)
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  10. Taffy


    Be aware of any vehicle where the seller is desperate to sell as he needs funds urgently to pay for medical treatment or some similar sob story. If you get dragged in there will always be some plausible request for funds up front and you will get conned.
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  11. Looney12345


    This is very good advice and a tactic I also used when phoning a couple of potential purchases.
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  12. Bogeyman



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  13. Jel999


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  14. ....and what advisories the car has or had.

    Try ebay too, private sellers and traders can also be found there.
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