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Aftershave to use after using Taylor's Sandalwood Shaving Cream?

Discussion in 'After Shave / Cologne' started by Carlo La Duca, Thursday April 17, 2014.

  1. Hello all,

    After shaving with Taylor's sandalwood cream, I currently use Trumper's lime skin food, and I very much like this combination.

    I would like to try something new as an aftershave, with no alcohol, something that would go well with the sandalwood cream but that wouldn't be too strong and overpowering.

    Maybe something with sandalwood, which kind of makes sense after using a sandalwood cream.

    Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  2. joe mcclaine

    joe mcclaine Guest

    Er, how about Trumper's Sandalwood Skinfood?
  3. Thank you, I wasn't aware they did the skin food in sandalwood.
  4. Tony31


    I have just received samples of the Trumper's coral, lemon and sandalwood.
    Sandalwood is maybe my prefered one, delightful
  5. The obvious choice would be Taylor's Sandalwood AS. It's spot-on to the shaving cream scent.
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  6. I concur! :)
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  7. Rufus


    I agree, but he wants something alcohol-free.
  8. JayGee


  9. Wishbone


    I have the standard TOBS Sandalwood AS ........ Absolutely gorgeous scent with superb longevity for an aftershave, as Jay says .........
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  10. Rufus


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  11. I've got the alcohol free AS and can confirm that it's also good. Leaves your skin nicely moisturised and the scent hangs around for a while.
  12. I, too, have the alcohol-free version and it's my favourite AS. As testified, scent lasts for hours.
  13. Bogeyman


    If only it lasted as long as the D.R. Harris version......:(
  14. I'd concur with the opinions above. I think it would be a challenge to make a suggestion if you used the lime skin food. I have a lime shaving soap for when I need to shave and am not using anatural aftershave or cologne as I don't know what to match it with easily. More lime seems like overkill. Just my opinion though, what do others think?
  15. I haven't found a lime cream/soap that didn't burn like hell. YMMV.
  16. Good point steve.

    Perhaps that's why it's at the back of the an emergency (like I'm ever going to run out).

    What's YMMV?
  17. YMMV = 'Your milage may vary'; another way of saying what works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. One of the many anagrams you'll have to ferret out on the forum.

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